Saturday, December 12, 2009

Acorn Vindicated. Constitution Restored

Despite the briefly successful attempts by Faux News, Republicans with some Democrats to trash the Constitution of the United States with an illegal and immoral witch hunt of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, known as ACORN, An independent prosecutor has completed his investigation and found no illegal activity by the organization or its employees. In fact it found that the widely distributed videos are edited and fudged to make things appear much worse then they were. This fraudulent attempt by Faux News in itself is criminal and at the least immoral. Once again it is proven that Faux news has no interest in fact and is not a news organization at all but rather an advocacy group that will say anything and do anything to push their agenda.

Full Report of Independent Investigation

In addition the McCarthy like action by Congress in an uniformed knee jerk reaction to this false reporting by Faux News has been enjoined by Judge Nina Gershon of the U.S District Court in Brooklyn New York. She found the action by Congress to be very likely an unconstitutional act and has granted a preliminary injection until the case can be fully heard.

It is quite clear the attacks on ACORN are false and motivated by the right and Fox News to stop an organization that has been a helpful factor in helping the urban poor and minorities maintain their rights to vote and own property. This is just as disgusting as the racially motivated attempts to keep minorities from voting that occurred prior to the civil rights act and the voting rights act not only in the south but throughout the country.

I expect this kind of behavior from Faux News and the Republicans but for Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and Congressman Zack Space to go along and vote with them on this unconstitutional act is disappointing at best.

The Judges Ruling

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