Thursday, December 10, 2009

I am full of Pride in Our President Today

Never have I felt more pride in the leader of our country then I am today. His speech accepting the Nobel Peace Prize is one that spoke great truth and vision to the world. Our President expressed the deepest moral basis for foriegn policy that most of us deep down believe. He talked about not only America's role in making the world better and more peaceful, but our ongoing responsibility as well.

He spoke of the the existence of evil and the unfortunate need that does exists for force. Yet he spoke of the hope and work that must be done by all nations to move to lessen the violence and evil between peoples both between and inside nations.

He spoke of a future where the threat of nuclear weapons are reduced, where religious wars were not tolerated. Where religion can be used for its fundamental moral purpose rather then to be distorted to spread hate and violence.

This speech was a momentous event that will often be read throughout world history. It saddens me that there will be those who's cynicism and petty partisanship will cause them to miss this moment and miss feeling the incredible pride that every American should have today in Our President.

The Text of the Speech

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