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Top 10 Republican Lies of 2009

Though Republicans have used misinformation, distortion and lies to achieve their political motives for decades. To me 2009 seems like a banner year for such lies. So what follows is what in my opinion were the biggest lies of 2009. First let me say that since the creation of this blog I have always worked hard to find the truth and to call out those that lie. It seems in this era one even has to define what truth means. To me a truth is a fact. It is verifiable and objective. It is not open to opinion. The following list are in fact all lies, what is open to opinion is whether they were the biggest lies.

10. There is a liberal media bias. This lie is not new, it is what those like Fox and Rush Limbaugh use to justify their incredible bias. The reality is the true bias appears obviously on Fox News, Talk Radio and so called Christian Broadcasting and bias is far right. On the left there is Air America Radio and a few other smatterings of Liberal Talk like Stephanie Miller and Ed Schultz. But try to find it on your radio dial sometime. The right has been successful with their ownership in most radio networks and advertiser boycotts to keep it from being on any major radio stations. On television there is MSNBC, at least in the evenings. The rest of the main stream media is all owned and controlled by huge corporate interests, if anything their bias is to the right.

9. Americans don't want health reform. One reason Barack Obama was elected was his stance on health reform. In addition when Americans are polled on what is actually being put into legislation they are overwhelming for it. Yet with all the misinformation and lies put out by big insurance and the republicans for greed and political reasons, there is understandably confusion among the electorate.

8. Barack Obama is not a Citizen of the United States. Yes this lie is stupid, has been proven false again and again, and should be laughed at. Yet there are still those that promote this lie to this day. What is sad, it includes Congressmen, Senators and even Sarah Palin.

7. Obama is the most partisan President in History. The facts prove he is quite the opposite. Even with their clear announced intentions to fight every thing President Obama does, even with their attempts to block, stop and not give a single vote to any legislation that is being worked on on behalf of the American People, the President has compromised anyway much to the distress of the left. The Stimulus package was way smaller then most on the left wanted and the Health Care Reform bill does not have a public option in any form. This is compromise, this is bipartisan ship. He has done so even knowing not one Republican will vote on the legislation no matter what is in it.

6. The Health Care Bill was Rushed. This lie is laughable. It was 40 years ago Senator Edward Kennedy gave his first speech on the floor on the need for Health Care Reform. All we have heard about since last summer is Health Care Reform. It has dominated Congress, the news and many Americans lives. Republicans have successfully delayed it, stalled it, put obstructions in the way for months. This bill has not been rushed it has been dragged out way too long at the peril of the thousands of Americans that have died do to lack of insurance these past months.

5. The Stimulus was a failure. Really now? Did I miss the second great depression we were heading toward? Am I missing soup lines, food rationing, massive closures of retail stores? Am I missing thousands of boarded up banks and financial institutions? Is the auto industry gone? No of course not the stimulus, the TARP and other things implemented by President Obama and his economic team stopped the bleeding from the deep wounds left by the Republicans and George W. Bush. All with less then 1/2 the Stimulus money being actually spent to date. From here is all up.

4. Health Care Reform is going to pay for abortion with Tax dollars. No, it never was, it never will. From the very beginning the Hyde Amendment which prevents the use of federal funds being used for abortions was affirmed in the language of the Health Care bills. There was never any attempt to take that out. . This was a lie plain and simple to confuse and delay the bill, period.

3.Obama is raising your taxes. This is the easiest lie to verify yet the one most believe. Look at your damn paycheck for God's sakes. YOUR TAXES HAVE GONE DOWN! In fact the federal tax rate is at its lowest rate in 70 years. The only people even in danger of a tax hike are those that make over $250,000 a year that is less that 5% of the country. So Teabaggers protest all you want, but the facts are the facts, taxes have not gone up.

2.ACORN has committed illegal acts. This lie has been very successful by the right. It resulted in legislation voted on by many Democrats to cut funding for programs that were run and bid on in a fair process by ACORN. The fact is after numerous investigations and court hearings ACORN has been proven innocent. There was no election fraud, there was no mortgage fraud, there was no assistance in setting up illegal operations. In fact the only crime that has been committed was by those Con artists that created and falsified a slanderous movie.

1. Death Panels. Though most Americans do not believe this one, it was however perhaps the most sick, and most ignorant lie of the year. It was brought to America by that lovable brainless barbie doll, Sarah Palin. It wasn't long after it was picked up by the Tea baggers, The ignorant Palin wanna bees like Jeanette Moll and unfortunately some people that have actually been elected to Congress. This lie was horrible because it scared many elder Americans for no reason whatsoever.

Ok that's my list, feel free to add more in the comments I may have missed.

I know I left out some obvious ones like, Fox is a news organization and Sarah Palin has an IQ above 10, but had to stop it somewhere.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

10. The media does have a liberal bias. Take a look at the major 3 networks. It is laughable that you would suggest that since you believe them to be owned by big corporations, that they must be republican. You shouldn't automatically assume that because someone is rich, or because it is a large company that it is conservative leaning. Take NBC and their CEO, Jeff Zucker. Hardly a conservative. How about CBS? Leslie Moonves a conservative. Hardly! Then there's ABC. Can you say Disney. These are all liberal establishments. As for talk radio. You again show your ignorance. Air America went bankrupt, not because of advertising boycotts which did not exist per your claims, but rather they didn't have an audience. You see there's a thing called ratings, and your liberal talking point shows had really bad ones.

9. We NEVER said we didn't want health care reform. We are just saying we don't want THIS reform. It will not reduce costs. It will not improve care. And 67% of Americans, according to Rasmussen, are apposed to this particular health care bill. It serves no purpose to blame Republicans for slowing anything down. They can do nothing to stop this. They do not have the numbers to prevent or slow down anything. The delays are because of infighting within the Democrat party.

8. Not sure what leading conservative has been claiming he is not an American citizen, but it certainly wasn't FOX news or conservative talk radio. They may report on it. But they are not claiming it. Big difference. But for the record, I believe President Obama is an American Citizen like you and I.

7. Most Partisan is up for interpretation. He is definitely partisan, but not sure he's the most. Can you provide me a bill that he has crossed the aisle to support?

6. Again, you don't need Republicans to pass this legislation. They can do nothing to stop this. But tell me something. If the Democrats are so compassionate, and conservative's are not, why in 2016 will 19 million Americans still be uninsured under this plan? Keep in mind that 77% of all Americans are happy with their current insurance, according to the NY Times. Keep in mind that these are the people that will be paying for all of this.

5. The Stimulus is a failure. 85% of it has yet to be spent. I ask one question of you... Where are the jobs? If the stimulus were successful, then why are we at 10% unemployment. We were told it wouldn't go above 8%, but only if the stimulus passed. The reality is that there was no looming crisis.

4. It's in there. Read the bill. I'll help you find it. Starts on line 7. page 118 -122 section 1303.

3. Let me educate a tiny bit on taxes. The fact that you getting less withheld from check each month does not mean that you received a tax cut. You need to check your tax tables to learn that information, and you will soon learn that your rate as well as mine will not be going down. Which means you'll be paying it back in the form of a smaller refund or if you're lucky you'll owe them. (no interest free loan to government that way)

2. It's not Repulicans accusing Acorn, it's about 11 states that are investigating Acorn. I will wait for the outcome of those investigations. If any of it turns out to be true, you should be outraged as a taxpayer. Why is it that you are upset that they are being investigated? Do you not feel that this is news?

1. Let's add 30 million people to the system. Let's cut 500 Billion from Medicare as the baby boomer generation is about to rely upon it. Let's reduce payments to hospitals and doctors, and expect them all to stay in business and in the profession. If it's such a great plan, why isn't your congressman/woman or senator signing up for it too?

8:22 PM  
Blogger Joe R said...

10: Repeating the liberal bias lie though effective doesn't make it true. The ONLY clear bias of any media is to the right.

9. 8 years of a Republican administration 6 years with a Republican Congress brought no health reform as the problem got bigger and bigger. Amerian's are not stupid it has been very clear the Republicans had one agenda to stop Health Reform. They made no attempt to be part of the solution. They made it clear their goal was simple. Delay, obstruct and prevent the Reform America needs.

8. Republican Birthers? Lets try, Sarah Palin, Numbers of Congresspeople including Victoria Fox and Michele Bachman and the number of times this has been reported on Faux News cannot be denied. Lou Dobbs got fired for it on CNN among other things.

7. He has reached out his hand to the Republicans again and again and each time they have spit in his hand.

6. Yet the vast majority of Americans want the features of Health care reform when they are asked about the specific facts. When they are given distored falsehoods they are against it. Who wouldn't be if any of that was true.

5. Again repeated the lie the stimulus is a failure doesn't make it true. The Economy has clear signs of turning around. We were brought from the brink of depression, next report even the job numbers are going to show improvement. I hope they keep trying this lie as soon Americans will see very clearly the truth in their own checkbooks.

4. What is there that the bill clearly states it doesn't change any federal laws regarding using public funds for abortion? I have read section 1303 of both House and Senate bills. Nothing changes the Hyde ammedment in this bill. It never has.


2. There have been numerous investigations of ACORN completed every single one has found they have done nothing whatsoever illegal. Faux news IS Republicans, the Congressmen that bring them up on the house floor every day are Republicans, Michael Steele the leader of the Republican Party offically, so to say it isn't repubublicans is frankly a lie.

1. The cuts to medicare were not benifits to any reciepient period another distortion. They were incentives to pad the profits of the insurance companies period. No benifits are being cut. As far as payments to Doctors and hospitals another lie. Since most doctors and hospitals support this plan its quite unlikely they will drop their profession because of it. In fact there are actually some increases to payments to profiders under this plan. One of my Senators is a big supporter of this plan, the other well he is a republican and leaving office this year thank goodness. My congressmen is Steve Austria a mindless republcan talking point repeater. If Boehner says vote this way he says,,yes Sir.

As the quote goes, everyone has the right to their own opinion just not your own facts.

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Victor3 said...

Those who forget history will be condemned to repeat it. See below, sound familiar? Replutocrats are the servants of evil, plain as day.

Excerpted unedited from Wikipedia:

Hitler's psychological profile:
His primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.

3:10 PM  

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