Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Fear of Obama's Success

After 8 years of a Presidency full of failures, we have President who has lead our country through success after success. In all areas, the economy, education, taxes, foreign policy, the war on terrorism, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Nuclear proliferation, and Health Care, President Obama has shown something Americans haven't seen in some time, competence.

It is quite clear this scares the right to no end. It is impossible for them to debate the actual facts as they will lose. So they have no choice but to resort to falsehoods, fear, misinformation and flat out lies. They cannot debate the success on the economy so they have tea partys not about taxes, because their taxes have actually gone down. But instead they talk about spending, which they forget it was Republicans that took our nation from a surplus to a deficit. It was Republicans policies lead to the biggest economic meltdown since the depression, which lead Obama no choice but to spend to fix the holes in the roof. They scream about details on how trials for terrorists may be held despite the fact that its been 9 years since 9/11 and Bush didn't bother to have any trials, and it is Obama that has killed and captured more terrorists around the world in a year in a half in Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan then Bush did in 8.

They cannot debate foreign policy as Bush isolated the United States from most of the world with his aggressive and failed policies telling lies to start a war of choice. While Obama, manages to get a Start Treaty signed 9 years after the last expired, have gotten China and Russia to be more cooperative on North Korea and Iran. Bush had to be snuck into meetings in foreign countries at night, Obama arrives to cheering crowds.

The right cannot use facts about taxes, health care reform, abortion or even gun control to attack Obama because he has lowered taxes, the vast majority of Americans like what is actually in the Health Care Reform Bill, he has implemented no pro abortion policies or laws, nor has he changed or supported a single change in gun laws.

So what do they do instead? They try to claim he is Nazi like, unamerican, not born here and question his religion. They spread fear over things they say, he might do, regardless of the fact he has never done or even expressed desire to do anything of the sort. They send out viral emails with so called "experts" who claim everything that Obama is everything from Hitler to the Anti-Christ. They claim they want to restore the constitution while they advocate violence and try to de-legitmize an election.

One thing is clear, President Obama is a successful President. His policies are making our country and the world better. This why Obama will be reelected in 2012 by a larger margin then he won in 2008. What will the tea baggers, the false email forwarding, Fox News watching fools say then?

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Blogger GB said...

Couldn't agree more. I find it hysterical that these rabid anti-Obama protesters were silent as Bush and Cheney spent eight years trampling all over the Constitution and digging our country into a financial hole. But Bush and Cheney never pushed domestic programs aimed at helping society's disadvantaged, so the right had no reason to protest until now. Makes perfect sense...

Obama is a great President who truly wants what is best for this country. His administration may not be perfect thus far but it is well intentioned and, once all the kinks are ironed out, will go down in history as one of the greatest.

Check out my blog Young Politics for more discussion of stuff like this.

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