Monday, January 18, 2010

Are Massachusetts Voters Going to Say No to America?

If you believe the media, RepubLIEcan Scott Brown has momentum in tomorrow's special election for the Senate Seat in Massachusetts. Though I'm not sure that any momentum he has isn't because the Press has made a self fulfilling prophecy.

Regardless, Brown is running against health care, telling the same lies about the health care bill that RepubLIEcans have been repeating all over the country. Like its going to cover abortions, hurt seniors and will raise middle class taxes. All lies but still believed by too many.

Here is the kicker, Massachusetts already has a very similar government health care plan, and guess who voted for it as a State Senator? Yep you got it, flashy Liar Scott Brown himself.

So are the voters in Massachusetts going to fall for this deception. Are they going to say to the other 49 states we can have universal health care but you can't? Is the media going to convince the voters in Massachusetts that he has momentum so therefore its inevitable, why vote?

I hope not, I surely hope that RepubLIEcan misinformation and distortions don't win again like they did through 8 years of hell during the Bush Administration.

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