Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dick Cheney continues to root for Terrorists

In Cheney's most recent anti American rant he has shown his clear disappointment the attempt by the Nigerian terrorist failed. He once again used it to bash the Obama administration with some dribble that they don't see terrorism a war. But did he condem the attack itself? No.

Cheney says they don't see it as a war, oh really?

Who was it that has finally made the decision to send enough troops to do the job in Afghanistan? Yes that was Obama.

Who was it that ordered drone attacks on Yemen on terrorist bases that killed leaders on November 3, Indeed Obama again.

Under who's administration did a smilier attack get thwarted a month ago in Somalia Yes that too was the the Obama administration.

On the other hand who released from Guantanamo two leaders of al qaeda in Yemen that are taking credit for this attack and may have ties to the Fort Hood shooting. Wait that was the Bush Administration.

Hmm is almost like they not only hope for a terrorist attack for political reasons but assisted. Naw, couldnt be.

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