Thursday, December 31, 2009

Signs of the Obama Recovery More Clear Every Day

Despite the continued drum beat of RepubLIEcans that the stimulus package has failed, saying it over and over again doesn't make it true. Though less then 50% of the stimulus funds have yet to be spent its clear positive effect on the economy is becoming very clear.

Housing Values are recovering every month.

2009 will be the best year on Wall Street since 2003 with 20% gains.

Gas prices remain significantly lower then previous highs during the last administration.

The Federal tax rate is at its lowest point in 70 years, with 95% of Americans receiving a tax cut in 2009.

And the most lagging indicator is beginning to show signs of recovery. New jobless claims numbers show the lowest amount since 2000, and continuing jobless claims have dropped to the level at the beginning of the year. Finally a survey of employers shows a significant percentage plan to increase their hiring in 2010.

So despite the RepubLIEcans trying to do everything to obstruct and deny the real solutions put in place by the Democrats and the Obama administration, the hard work by our leaders have shown clear positive results.

It may be hard for some to realize real solutions have taken time, as opposed to short term false band aids typical of Republican administrations. So they can try to continue their lies and false claims of higher taxes and economic failure, when it will soon be clear to all Americans that it was Republican leadership and policies that brought our country to the brink of economic disaster and it was democrats who fixed their mess.

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