Thursday, January 07, 2010

Obama's stepped up war on Terror

Despite what the RepubLIEcans are saying the fact is President Obama in one year in office has done more to fight Al Qaeda then Bush did in his 8 years. First off there have been more drone hellfire missile attacks on Al Qaeda in Pakistan in one year then in the last 5 years of the Bush Administration resulting in a long list of Al Qaeda leaders being killed.

While for 7 years the Bush Administration used minimal effort to fight Al Qaeda in Afghanistan turning its attention to an unnecessary illegal war in Iraq, it is President Obama that is sending 30,000 troops to actually do the job not just provide lip service.

In addition instead of chest thumping and pushing away cooperation in the war on terror like Cowboy diplomat Bush, Obama has reached out to work with allies in effective ways to take action against terrorists.

When it comes to terror there is a no error policy, clearly the fact the Nigerian got as far as he did was an error. What is Obama doing? He is calling in all his national security advisers, gaining the facts, and taking action to find out what happened and how to prevent it again. Mean while Yemenis forces are sending out 10,000 troops going after Al Qaeda effectively killing and arresting those behind the attempt.

Unlike Bush Obama has been proactive in fighting terror, the first drone strikes in Yemen were in November almost 2 months before this attempt, why because under his leadership our national security forces acted on good intelligence and took action before an attempt not after.

For Republicans to accuse this President to be weak on terror is clearly hypocrisy and an insult to the intelligence of our citizens. To use terror as a political football and to lie about it, is disgusting at best, giving aid and comfort to the enemy at worst.

Fighting Al Qaeda is not a political game it is about the safety and security of our nation. It is time for the RepubLIEcans to work with this President on our nations security or shut the hell up.

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