Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Joe Scarborough Clueless about Race

For two days now white southern boy Joe Scarborough has been spouting of about how racist Harry Reid's remarks from 2 years ago were. He continued to compare them to things that Trent Lott and Don Imus said. The irony here is the more Joe talks the more clear it is that it is him that has a racial issue not Harry Reid. Scarborough who by his own admission this morning received an F rating from the NAACP on his votes while he is in congress is clueless to realise that a statement by Reid about facts on why Obama had some traits that made him more viable a candidate with white Americans, is a fact understood more by black Americans then even southern white boys like him.

Trent Lott said that America would be better off had we stayed with a Segregationists agenda, Imus called African American athletes nappy headed ho's. Any comparison to what Reid said is just ignorant.

But Scarborough along with his other old white boy cohorts Pat Buchanan and Mike Barnacle dig a deeper and deeper hole for themselves by trying to claim some anti Republican bias as if there is no difference in the remarks. His biggest argument to justify his point are unprovable hypothetical, "what would happen" if it was a Republican that said it.

I find it amazing that in a effort to politically destroy Harry Reid by claiming racism, Scarborough is showing clearly how totally clueless about race he is.

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