Thursday, January 28, 2010

Republicans:The sky is red.

Despite one of the most clear, honest, effective State of the Union Speeches ever given by a President as expected, RepubLIEcans have come out clearly still as the party of NO, putting politics above the needs of the country. President Obama clearly laid out the facts on taxation, the deficit, the needs for job creation, health care reform and most of all political reform. He mentioned the clear damage the party of NO is doing to our nation by opposing every single bill proposed by the Democrats and the President, He pointed out the danger of turning our election process over to corporations and special interests by the recent Supreme court decision. Once again he offered to work with Republicans for the good of the country.

How have they responded. One Republican called the speech Obama's flop. Sarah Palin who in a question could not state one single important Supreme Court Decision, today on her facebook criticizes Obama's take on the Corporate takeover of politics in the Court Decision. (like she has a clue what that decision even was.)

Today the talking heads of the RepubLIEcans are out there lying about how they have tried to work with the President and have been rebuffed. Frankly that is bull dung, NO American believes that.

My only concern is their continuing strategy of lies, distortion and cynicism may work. It has the last year. They have continued to convince the American people the sky is red and half of Americans believe it in the polls. They claim Obama is a tax and spend President when in reality he has lowered taxes for more Americans then any President in Decades. They claim Americans are against Health Care Reform when in reality Americans are actually for most the items that are actually in the Health Care Reform bill, its the lies the RepublIEcans have told claiming are in the bill they are against.

Our President is a great communicator. Our President is a great Leader. But he cannot succeed unless the rest of us work hard to help him spread the truth and call out Republican Lies. Every lie, every day, in the media, in viral emails, in tweets and in blogs. We cannot lose another single fight because one side lied and we remained silent.

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