Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It is time to stand up for ACORN

Today James O’Keefe the Right wing Criminal and Faux News Contributor that framed ACORN was caught trying to wire tap a Senators Office In New Orleans. This after numerous investigations into ACORN all of which cleared them and in fact showed that James O’Keefe had doctored the videos that FAUX news showed repeatedly as news on its airwaves.

What is sad is the criminal conspiracy of O’Keefe and Faux News led to congress taking unprecedented and unconstitutional action against ACORN preventing any Funding of projects they were involved in legally. Among those that fell for this fraud were Senator Sherrod Brown and Zack Space.

I demand that every Senator and Congressman that voted for this measure to publicly apologize to ACORN and that the measure they passed be overturned with new legislative action immediately. This McCarthy style political gotcha game should never have been allowed to happen. How little so many recall history.

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