Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grandstanding State Attorney Generals File Lawsuits

In the continuing inability for sore loser Republicans to realize they have lost, 13 Attorney Generals are grandstanding with frivolous lawsuit trying to challenge the constitutionality of the new Health Care Reform Law. Republicans who constantly whine about tort reform and such lawsuits once again show what hypocrites they are in their need to play political games.

First of all their argument is as laughable as all their other distortions and lies throughout this process. They claim that never before has the federal government required its citizens to purchase something.

Oh Really? Do we have choice in purchasing Unemployment insurance? Can I opt out of investing in the retirement plan called Social Security? Of course we don't. The only difference here is the Republicans prevented the best solution to health care, which would be single payer like the rest of the civilized world has which would have been taken out of our paychecks exactly like SSN and Unemployment, instead we had to continue to leave the profit making insurance companies in the mix so the money must be paid to them.

Whether the money comes out of our checks or we pay it to insurance companies the result is the same, there is a mandate for social security, unemployment and yes now health insurance.

So grandstand all you want, it is you that will look the fool when the courts reject this quietly and with no fan fare years after your real reason for doing this, your elections are over.

Americans elected Barack Obama President, Americans chose the have a Democratic Majority in Congress, by our constitution that Congress and that President have made Health Care Reform the law of the land. Any attempt to overturn this will of the people shows who really wishes to defy our Constitution.

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