Monday, May 03, 2010

The ignorance on the right

The blog Conservative Culture just proves any idiot can have a blog regardless of actual grasp of any facts. In a post today entitled "Rise of Jihad two new attacks on American Soil. The writer claims that the attempted bombing in Times Square and an obscure suspicious package this weekend at the Pittsburgh Marathon, shows the rise of Jihad and blames Obama's weak stance on terrorism.

First problem: There is at this point no evidence that the attempt in New York City was tied to any terrorist group at all let alone a foreign Islamic group. The writer uses as evidence the claim by the Pakistan Taliban of credit. Problem with that is, those idiots claim credit for everything including a number of incidents proven not to be tied to them. If they could, they would claim credit for the tornadoes in the south this weekend.

Then the writer brings up as his second incident an obscure suspicious package that was basically a microwave oven with something in it that was near the site of the Pittsburgh Marathon. One problem, a quick google of this incident shows little reporting on it, why? Because it was quickly determined this was not an explosive device.

Meanwhile Obama's "weakness" on terrorism has resulted in more captures and deaths of Terrorists in his first year and a half in office then in 8 years of the Bush administration. There has been more preemptive work against terrorism as well including action against the Yemen wing of Al qaeda before, not after their involvement in the failed underwear bombing.

All this leads to one conclusion, the writer of Conservative Culture, deserves and gets no credibility on anything he posts. As the famous Daniel Patrick Monyhan quote goes, everyone has the right to their own opnion, just not their own facts.

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Anonymous Conservative Culture said...

It seems as if your post was a bit hasty. Especially in connection to the NYC attack. Don't suppose a retraction on your blog would be inorder... but that may be more than can be expected.

10:57 PM  
Blogger Joe R said...

There is nothing to retract. At the point that blog was posted there was no evidence known publically as to the identity of the suspect.

The difference between my blog post and yours was you made assumptions based on no facts available at the time whatsoever. Unless of course you have sources in the NYPD or Homeland Security which I doubt seriously,

I did not assume anything, as to who was responsible or not.

10:09 AM  

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