Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Ohio Liberty Council Crashes and Burns

The Ohio Liberty Council a far right wing group that is known for playing loose with the facts to promote their agenda, put up an all out assault against Ohio State Issue 1 the Third Frontier Program. Besides their blog, viral emails were being sent all over the state trying to defeat this measure that was a continuation of a very successful program in Ohio that has in the past brought over 55,000 jobs to the state. The measure was widely supported by both parties. Yet the Liberty Council decided to fight new jobs in Ohio by opposing this measure which by that way did not involve any tax money going to pay for it.

But this time their misinformation campaign failed miserably as Ohio Voters were not fooled and approved State Issue 1 with 62% of the vote.

In addition the Ohio Liberty Council was trying to promote tea party wanna be candidates like Jeanette Moll in the 18th Congressional District. Though the race between current Republican Party promoted candidate Bob Gibbs and last elections loser Fred Dailey is too close to call. Moll finished in a dismal 3rd place.

Hopefully this is a sign for the future and there will be similar results in November when the Liberty Council tries to deprive Ohio citizens of quality affordable health care in our state.

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