Tuesday, May 04, 2010

One Word "Competence"

The amazing speed and careful accuracy of law enforcement and government officials in the Time Square investigation should not go unnoticed. Within 72 hours a man in a city of 4 million people leaves a potential car bomb on the street. Officials managed to stop the initial smoking and potential fire, clear citizens from the area for safety, follow leads and forensics and make an arrest. It appears that communication and cooperation between local, state and Federal agencies was effective and fast. Citizen involvement was imperative and the key to it all.

A big good job to all involved including the vendor who initially reported the incident, the seller of the car who's cooperation helped lead to the arrest, The New York City, and Bridgeport Police Departments, The Joint Terrorism Task Forces in New York and New Haven, The FBI, the CIA, The Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security.

A lot of work remains in this investigation, determining motive and finding out if others were involved. This will of course involve not only the agencies listed above, but the State Department and foreign sources including the Pakistani Government.

Update: Now less then 100 hours after bombing attempt 5 suspects under arrest in Pakistan. Amazing international cooperation, swiftness and yes competence.

Though the ability to stop each and every potential violent attack in advance may be impossible, the continuing competence by law enforcement and swift consequences to those who have attempted such acts may, just may deter at least a few from trying in the future.

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