Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Message to the Right Wing: The TARP worked

Apparently while the right wingers were busy trying to prove Barack Obama was either from Kenya or Muslim, or a Nazi, they didn't notice a few things. First of all Taxes for 95% of Americans went down. Yes down,,that's less then last year, that's right, no reason to protest higher taxes cause, they are L O W E R.

Their next biggest shout out is protesting the bailouts, or TARP as commonly called. I mean of course they were outraged, Obama, that evil socialist...oh wait, hold up, TARP was in October 2008, Obama wasn't President until January 2009. Bush that Socialist err I mean what was he, oh yes he was the "decider" according to him, George W Bush put through the TARP. So of course Republicans should be...wait, he was Republican, oh so Democrats should be outrag....wait.. I'm so confused.

Anyways that 700 billion dollar bailout is breaking our economy, exploding the deficit, and was a total failure...... OK wait again...I just saw a Bank of America Commercial, wait, weren't they going to fail? Citicorp surely was, pardon? they still exist too? Well the American Auto Industry was doomed and TARP money was used .....GM sales are up? Chrysler is rehiring 1900 workers?

OK well so it worked but was it worth it after all it cost the Taxpayers 700 billion dollars that my grandchildren are going to have to pay......630 billion has been paid back? OK well then 70 billion is a lot of money.......that is expected to be paid back within 5 years?,,,wait with interest?

OK so the TARP saved our banking system, the auto industry and our economy overall and in the end its going to cost the taxpayers, nothing. Yes Clearly another Bush failure...I'm so confused.

Oh wait now the tea baggers and the right wing want to blame Obama for the TARP. hmm OK, works for me!

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Blogger mRed said...

Take out all of your ad hominens of conservatives and you have left your statement that TARP worked. It didn't work for Bush. It isn't working for Obama.

TARP was a typically large government solution that cannot possibly work. Government cannot create real jobs, only tax them.

Bush started TARP. He was wrong. If you think we conservatives didn't point this out when Bush proposed it, you're not really observant.

Obama has taken the worst ideas of the Bush administration, which have been pointed out by conservatives, and made them worse.

TARP saved nothing. It made things worse. Bush did it. We called him on it. Now you wish to use that to defend your side. You're wrong and you'd applaud Obama as he does the same thing as Bush.

TARP cost jobs. TARP cost money. TARP didn't work. It failed.

Look at our economy. TARP brought us here.

Obama from Kenya? You have no knowledge of Africa or of Obama which should be generally embarrassing to you.

8:14 PM  
Blogger Joe R said...

I just had to approve the above comment as it is priceless. The birther comment at the end was the cherry on the cake.

9:48 AM  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

So mRed says TARP cost jobs?

Apparently facts don't get in the way of mRed's fantasies.

Take a look at the chart, mRed. Notice anything about job creation?

And all we need to know about Mr. Obama, the state of Hawaii, and its Republican governor, have confirmed. He was born there.

10:31 PM  

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