Thursday, July 08, 2010

Is the Right Sabotaging the Economy for Political Gain?

From the beginning of the Obama Administration the Republicans have made one thing clear, they want the President to fail. They have said so publicly on numerous occasions, not only right wing talkers but Congressmen and Senators as well. They have constantly spouted false facts showing every action taken by the Obama administration has been a failure.

Republicans cannot run on their record on the record of the previous administration because of their utter and obvious failures in the economy, foreign policy, the wars, and doing anything to move this country forward. So their only play is to make things appear worse, to make the Obama administration appear to be a bigger failure then they are.

One problem, Obama has been one of the most successful Presidents in living memory. He has taken an economy on the brink of depression and propped it up, stopped the slide and began the turn around. One by one he has either succeeded or is on the path to success on almost every campaign promise he made. Ending the war in Iraq, taking Afghanistan seriously, Health Care, Finance Reform, Don't ask, don't tell, increasing resources and having increased success securing the borders, stopping the hemorrhaging of jobs and soon energy policy.

So how do the Republicans run against such success? Lie. Constantly claim the stimulus was a failure which by now it is clear it wasn't, make sure that nothing happens ongoing to help the economy, stall any more stimulus, let a quarter of a million teachers get laid off, damaging the employment numbers, refusing to extend unemployment benefits that causes damage to the economy well beyond the unemployed workers, attempt to stop the remaining stimulus money already approved from doing the good it was meant for. Just to name a few things they have done or are doing.

It is sad,that Republicans have put their own political futures above the well being of the United States and the economic situation of its citizens. All for what, to go back to the polices that made the rich, richer, allowed the oil companies unregulated access to put our environment at risk, and the cause such economic destruction that put half a million workers out of work a month. Stagnation on improvement of energy policies, health care, and foreign policy. Not to mention endless wars and the loss of trust and prestige throughout the world putting our nation more at risk.

So their slogan should be: Say No to a better future, Vote Republican.

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