Monday, August 13, 2012

Does this Sound Like America?

There is a Country where laws are being passed that makes is harder for the elderly, minorities, and students to vote. They are requiring them to obtain government issued identification which many don’t have. To obtain that identification they must obtain legal papers at their expense and sometimes traveling significant distances. In some cases those papers cannot be obtained in time to register to vote. They have passed laws making it harder to register to vote. Limiting the places you can go do so. They have passed laws to limit early voting in many places. In one part of this country they have allowed extended voting hours in areas that traditionally vote for one party and have a low percentage of minorities while limiting voting hours in areas that lean toward the other party or have significant minorities. The chief voting official in one territory of this country, has personally voted for early voting in areas leaning to his party and against in the other areas. They claim they are trying to fight voter fraud with these measures taking away the votes of 10’s of thousands. But here is the thing, there have been less then 1 case of voter fraud per state in last 10 years and very few of those would be prevented by any of these new measures. Their real motivation behind these laws is clear it is to cheat, rig, manipulate the voting to ensure their own political party wins. The only fraud is the fraud this party is pulling on the citizens of their country. What country does this sound like? The Soviet Union? China? North Korea? The sad reality this is happening in the United States of America. It is being done in Ohio and other states. Done by Republicans who wrap themselves in the flag and claim they stand for the constitution when in fact they are trying to purposely destroy our democracy as we know it. What is even sadder is today this is all happening on the 40th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act. How different things were then.


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