Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney's Choice for VP confirms what we knew all along.

Romney's entire career has been about lining his pockets and the pockets of the rich on the backs of everyone else. His choice of Paul Ryan, the author of the "Ryan Budget" is absolute confirmation of this. The choice we have is a man, President Obama who has fought the RepubLIEcans every step of the way to get affordable health care for all, invest in the middle class, saving jobs like the auto industry, and making a college education affordable for all versus Romney/Ryan that want to take away health care from the segment of the population that has health care now, make college more unaffordable, and cut jobs in infrastructure spending all to pay for tax cuts for the rich. If you know your history things like Medicare, education and investing in infrastructure is how FDR got this country out of the depression. Ryan and Romeny want to do the oppisite. This video makes it clear even for those with the IQ of the typical FAUX News watchers.


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