Sunday, October 31, 2010

Truly Disgusted

I have been so disgusted by what I am seeing out there in this election it has been hard for me to write on this blog. To go from such hope and clarity 2 years ago to once again watch the American voter being successfully manipulated with lies, sound bites, and billions of dollars from corporations foreign and domestic and the most disgusting person of all an Australian billionaire Rupert Murdoch who uses a television network to spread the misinformation calling it news while dumping millions into political campaigns.

When the Supreme Court allowed Corporations to spend unlimited money I wrote then that perhaps it was the end of our Democracy. When the RepubLIEcans prevented a law requiring transparency behind who donates to campaigns they drove the nail in the coffin.

Just look what is happening today. Candidates that range from completely ignorant to extreme to plain nuts were nominated by the Republican Party and some will be elected to be United States Congressmen and Senators. How the great leaders of our history will turn over in their graves when they see some of these stand in the well and spout their total uninformed ignorance and do the damage to our nation they will clearly do.

But lets look at the supposed "main stream" candidates just in Ohio. A man who was the Budget Director of the Bush Administration, Rob Portman was personally responsible for turning our Federal Budget from a surplus to a deficit, is about to be elected on a platform of cutting spending.

John Kasich a man who made millions in bonuses working for a Wall Street Firm that was THE firm that failed which was the first shot that lead our country on the slide almost into depression is very possibly going to be elected Governor. He has not even hidden his desire to give the wealth back to these people in bonuses that would not be limited and actually turn the keys of Ohio Government over to such men.

Then there is Josh Mandel who has ran deceptive false adds that border on racism, who every newspaper in the state has called out for doing so, may actually win election over a very capable proven State Treasurer.

Then there is John Husted a man who says, he is the law, he can change the law anytime he wants, may actually be elected Secretary of State, who will control our elections. Remember the fraud the embarrassment the clear stealing of our elections by Ken Blackwell the last such criminal to hold that office?

With their money and conduits like Fox News these people have convinced to many Americans that competence, intelligence and leadership is a bad thing and should be replaced with buffoons who repeat the same sound bites "lower taxes, failed stimulus, and jobs."

The reality is, the stimulus did not fail, it prevented depression it kept the auto industry alive, how much a disaster would that have been, and when it comes to taxes that very same stimulus not only gave each and every American a tax cut federally it prevented states and localities from having to raise their taxes as much. And then there is jobs, under these Republicans we were losing 700,000 jobs a month for a total of 8 million lost. That slide has been abated and slowly but surely jobs are once again growing. They destroyed the economy it cannot be restored over night and it surely will never be if our economy is once again turned over to the greed and self preserving fat cats and special interests of the Republican Party.

So when you go the the voting booth, think very seriously before you vote for each office, your vote does matter and with that vote think about what you are doing to your country.


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