Friday, July 23, 2010

A Great Week for America

Thanks to President Obama and the Democrats in Congress this has been a great week for our country, despite Republicans and the Right. After years of the utter destruction of all regulations that protect Americans and our Economy from reckless banking and investment practices leading to a near depression, the President and the Democrats in Congress passed sweeping financial reform regulation to actually solve the problems.

While millions of Americans remain unemployed from the Bush recession, Democrats passed and the President signed a bill restoring unemployment benefits. This not only helps the unemployed but immediately puts more money actively into the economy to continue the Obama recovery.

Also last weekend the oil gushing into the gulf that was caused by lack of any enforcement of regulation during the Big Oil Presidency of the last 8 years, was with the oversight of the President's Man Admiral Than Allen finally brought to a stop.

Meanwhile what have the Republicans and the right been doing? They have clearly with malice and forethought attempted to block any legislation that will help our economy and prevent future economic disasters. Why? Because the worse the economy stays by November, the more votes they think they will get.

They have blocked helping millions of American families keep their unemployment benefits, while making statements blaming these middle class families for their own fate, calling them lazy, dead beats and worse. They claim they only wanted to pay for these benefits, yet they never said a word when they gave tax breaks to the rich that weren't paid for a big part of what lead us into the deficit slide.

In addition they criticized the President's Moratorium on deep water oil drilling as "job killing." Yet clearly the job's killed by the clearly unsafe, unprepared practices of the oil companies in this one incident have killed thousands of jobs not to mention the environment of the area. The Obama Administration has as its responsibility to protect America. Any thing less then attempting to prevent another similar disaster would be negligence.

So yes a very successful week for America, Democrats and President Obama. A week which reminds people why they voted for them. Competence, action, hope, and change. How has the right wing attempted to distract from such success. By trying to divide the country by race baiting, creating white fear, and fanning fires of racism.

Never has it been so clear, who is for action, solutions and change, and who is for greed, political games, and dividing America.

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