Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Big Win for America and The President

Today President Obama signed Financial reform into law despite the attempt by all but a few Republicans for political reasons to block it. This is another in a series of effective legislation by the Obama Administration and Democrats to not only solve the real issues that have remained stalled for decades, but to come through on his campaign promises.

This financial reform bill includes the biggest consumer protection features since the Great Depression. It ends too big to fail. It prevents taxpayer bailouts to irresponsible organizations. It increased transparency on bank investments, mortgages and bank fees.

This is just another in a series of major successes of President Obama and the Democratic led Congress, even though the Republicans have made it clear they want Obama to fail therefore America to fail on each and every piece of legislation.

This along with the stimulus package that stopped the slide toward depression and the losses of 700,000 jobs a month and the health care reform bill that has been attempted for 40 years makes this the most effective Presidency and Congress since the days of Franklin Roosevelt.

There is so much left to do, and for it to be done the contrasts between Democrats and Republicans being in power is quite clear. Democrats take of the hard problems with real solutions that help 90% of Americans while Republicans make false promises while helping only the rich and the greed of major corporations.

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