Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Faux News Caught Race Baiting Again

In its never ending disgusting attempt to cause racial divide in this country, Fox News jumped all over another story by discredited liar Andrew Brietbart. This scum is the one that used creative editing to paint ACORN falsely as a unscrupulous organization. Despite the fact that later Breitbart's videos have been proven to be doctored and ACORN proven innocent by numerous investigations.

Yesterday they repeated another edited Breitbart Video, to paint a USDA official as a black racist. The target Shirley Sherrod, was shown telling a story last march at an NAACP meeting about how 24 years ago was tempted not to help a white farmer that was "acting superior." What was edited out of the video was a wonderful anti racist story of understanding and realization that its about being poor, not race.

As usual Fox News in its ever obvious attempt to race bait, showed the edited version and jumped all over this story, which resulted in Ms. Sherrod's firing from the USDA.

It is about time that someone makes Andrew Brietbart and Fox News pay for their irresponsible false accusations and slander against African Americans. Lawsuits should be filed, FCC complaints issued, Cable Companies pressured, and Advertisers boycotted.

America showed by the election of Barack Obama we wish to move beyond race in our country. It is a shame that there are Neanderthals like Breitbart and those at Fox News that just don't get it.

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