Monday, July 19, 2010

Billboards to Beat Boehner

Are you like me tired of that nonsense partisan mouth of George Hamilton wannbe John Boehner? Does the thought of 2 more years of his eyewatering shouts of NO to every positive action that is taken by President Obama, make you turn redder then he is orange? Do you want to see him retired to 365 days on the golf course instead of his current 119 days a year? Then do something about it.

Go to: BeatBoehner Billboard and donate to help place billboards throughout Beohner's district in southwest Ohio. If you act now The People for the American Way Action Alliance and the AFL-CIO will both match your donation. So every 10 dollars donated by us results in a $30 donation total.

Hat Tip to downwithtryanny on Daily Kos



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