Friday, July 16, 2010

John Boehner Is Their Leader?

Ohio Republican Congressman and Minority Leader John Boehner reminds Americans every time he opens his mouth why they should not vote for Republicans in Congress and Senate. This week alone he has shown his total ignorance taunting the President, with the words "where are the jobs?" in response to the President speaking at a ground breaking of a new factory creating new jobs. A factory by the way made possible by the very stimulus package that Boehner continues to call a failure despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Then yesterday, the long awaited Financial Reform act passed, a bill widely popular among voters. A bill that will prevent the greed and misdeeds by big banks and wall street to throw our economy into a tail spin once again. John Boehner response, he wants a moratorium on all new federal regulations.

Is this man totally clueless to the needs of our nation? Lack of regulation created the economic disaster and the Bush recession. Lack of regulation caused millions of Americans to lose their homes. Lack of regulation created the need for millions of tax payer money to be used to bail out banks and other companies. Lack of regulation cost citizens 8 million jobs under Republican leadership. And now lack of regulation has caused the biggest environmental and one of the biggest economic disasters in the Gulf of Mexico in our nations history.

John Boehner and the Republicans want one thing, the rich to get richer, to hell with the consequences to everyone else. He is not alone, this has been the clear motivation of Republicans for decades. Tax cuts for the rich, let corporations take over our elections, let the oil companies run roughshod while putting our nation at risk, economically, environmentally and national security wise.

It sickens me that John Boehner represents my very own state, and it makes me no less disgusted that the only time we ever seen my own Congressman Steve Austria on Cspan, is usually him standing behind Beohner bobbing his head up and down like a bobble head doll.

The bottom line is this, Republicans caused the damage, they caused the recession, they are responsible for the oil spill, the took our country from surplus to deficit, they cost Americans 8 million jobs, the killed the middle class, while they gave tax breaks to the rich and corporations.

President Obama is being very successful in leading our nation into economic recovery, stopping the hemorrhaging of jobs, creating hundreds and thousands of jobs, saving the auto industry, helping middle class Americans with a tax cut and helping them get more affordable health insurance.

But the damage by the Republicans is deep. It cannot all be corrected over night. Especially when every step of the way, they put roadblocks in front of every positive action this President attempts to take.

It is clear Americans want action, they want improvement. One party and its President is clearly working hard in the right direction. The other is simply the Party of NO and are more interested in political rhetoric then actually doing anything to solve our nations problems.

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