Thursday, August 09, 2012

There you go again Mitt

Why can't this man do just one ad that is actually based in fact. Apparently he, his campaign and his pacs are not capable of actually discussing issues without lieing. The latest is the welfare reform commercial. This ad claims that President Obama changed the rules to eliminate the work requirment for welfare. The actual truth is the Federal Government at the request of Republican Governors gave more power to the states on how to distrubute welfare. More power to the states? Yes Republicans you would think would be all for that, but no. But wait, which republican governors actually signed a letter asking for this? Ones like Huckabee, Jindal, Pawlenty. Barbour, Perry and more. Here is the most hipocritical aspect of all this. When welfare reform was first enacted another Republican Govenor wrote then President Bill Clinton asking for this very same thing. His name: Mitt Romney. The next time you see a Romney add with statements in it that your gut tells you are not true, listen to the words carefully at the end. "I am Mitt Romney and I approved this message." Then hold him accountable. Why can't repubLIEcans stay with facts? Because with the truth, they will lose.


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