Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Fact Free Election

Former President Bill Clinton said it all the other day when he said this has been the most fact free election he had ever seen. Once again, sound bites, misinformation, lies and unlimited spending by corporations won the day

But just how much damage will be done by this election.

In Ohio a great deal. Expect college tuitions to once again skyrocket, expect the loss of police, firefighters, and teachers. Expect property taxes to rise, schools to close, the quality of education overall reduced. Expect roads to deteriorate. Expect elections in Ohio to once again be manipulated, through massive gerrymandering of districts to assure Republicans have an advantage in the State House and Congress for the next decade. Expect state funds to go to private companies to enrich the big donors of the Republicans under the guise of privatization and charter schools. Yes Ohio you turned the keys over once again to those that have burnt you again and again. Good job.

It never amazes me how people continue to vote against their own interests and line the pockets of the rich. They don't take the time to really listen and find out what is actually going on, what is actually being said, listening for substance not empty sound bites. Not calling out people who lie to them again and again.

The only bright side is that Ohioans once again after the damage is deep they will swing back and elect Democrats to fix the messes and corruption that is inevitably brought in by Republicans. Its a shame we have to go through this cycle over and over.



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