Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Who will they attack next

The corporate right wing attack machine has systematically been going after Americans group by group, blaming them, vilifying them, and marginalizing them. First it was the poor. They used doctored video tapes to attack an organization that worked to help the poor get control of their finances, to gain homes, to register to vote. But few listened to the facts of innocence, and few showed concern because after all they are poor they must be deadbeats correct?

Then there is the constant attack on immigrants. Making claims of them getting benefits and welfare and somehow taking away from you and me. When the reality is most of them are hard working, and appreciate this country more then many born here. Most pay taxes and contribute to our society and do the hard jobs many of us think we are too good to do.

Then they went after the homeowners who were attacked for simply having the dream of owning their own home. Who got into the only mortgages that were available to them, expecting like many do that property values would rise as they always have. But instead greed and lack of any regulation over wall street and the bankers caused a crash that changed all that. Those on wall street who were truly responsible for the crash got bonuses, the home owners were tossed into the street.

Now its public employees they are going after. I was disgusted yesterday as I listened to "hate radio" 610 WTVN and John Corby state ridiculous falsehoods, like that public employees make more then private on the average. Statements by him and others basically calling the people that teach our children, keep our streets safe, fight the fires, drive the snow plows so we can get to work, deadbeats, and freeloaders. All Ohio should be disgusted by the rights attack on our hard working neighbors, family members and friends whose livelihood is being threatened in the guise of budget cuts.

Who is next? The deadbeats that dare to send their kids to public schools that taxpayers pay for. How about those freeloaders that dare to take social security or medicare in their old age. How about the disabled, the mentally ill, students that dare to take low interest loans to pursue an education. Are they the next "dead beats" the repubLIEcans will go after?

Perhaps you are not poor, didnt lose your house, don't work as a teacher or a police officer. But you know people who do. You know they aren't wealthy, you know they are hard working. Yet you say nothing as this happens? What about when it is you they go after? Because clearly one way or another something you depend on, need, or expect will be in their sights sooner rather then later.

This is class warfare. This is redistrubution of wealth. It is the upper 1% taking and stealing from the rest of us. The rich get richer and the rest of us struggle just to maintain. The battle line right now is over SB5 and the rights of public workers. Yes it is your responsiblity to stand up for them, call your state representative or state Senator. The teachers, firefighters, police and state workers do need your support, as soon enough you will need theirs.

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