Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Government by the Rich and for the Rich

That is the steady successful path RepubLIEcans are systematically leading our country down. Back in 2000 Karl Rove the leading repubLIEcan strategist spoke of a "permanent republican majority." They used control of elections and election machines and a systematic take over of the media by right wing activists like Rupert Murdoch and blind loyalty by religious groups that support a brand of republicanism that is anything but Christ-like in its attitudes to the poor, guns, capital punishment and health care.

But something happened they could not control. Not only have the demographics of the country changed racially, but Barack Obama got not only non whites to vote in record numbers but the youth who actually want to know the truth about issues sought it out and voted.

So for two years the right wallowed in pity and anger. How could their plans go so wrong. How could they lose control like this. But they regrouped and developed plans. They involved two major pillars, fear and destruction of the organizations of the left.

The fear of terrorism worked so well for them in the last decade, they used it to cause our country to attack a nation that didn't attack us for the first time in History. It lead to spending our country from a huge surplus into debt not just to pay for the military, but even more so to enrich defense contractors. Tasks like mess halls that were run by the military and staffed by soldiers in the past were now being outsourced to private Republican donor companies paying each man triple or more what soldiers were paid to do the same task.

But in 2000 it was clear the American people finally had enough of war, they needed a new fear. It became the deficit. Spending!!,,Bankruptcy!!,,Our grandchildren will have to pay!! All fear mongering lines we have heard again and again. When the reality is our deficit as a percent of GNP is not even close to the highest it has ever been. The reality is once the economy gets back into full growth once again, a great deal of the deficit will be reduced simply by more revenue created by more people working

But as it always is with RepubLIEcans facts rarely matter. They just use their Rupert Murdoch FauX news channel and Fall Street Journal to spill lie after lie. They get people out in the streets protesting taxes that in reality went down not up. So fear pillar one worked clearly in 2010.

So now what do the repubLIEcans do about 2012. The fact is if traditional minority groups vote in large percentages and fact based educated youth vote in large percentages, there is no way a RepubLIEcan can win the White House. So how do they prevent this? By destroying the organizing ability of the left. First it was ACORN. They used faked videos to do a false sting operation on a group that has since been proven to have done nothing illegal or improper in any way. Yet this very effective organizing group for the poor was regardless of its innocence destroyed.

Now comes the organizing the middle class voters,,Unions. It is clear the attack has begun. RepubLIEcans are using the deficit as the "fear" word in trying to abolish unions. How do workers having an organization that works for fair pay and fair benefits have anything to do with the deficit. Of course nothing. In most states like Wisconsin tax breaks for the rich caused the deficit, on a Federal level it was tax breaks for the rich and unpaid for wars. Yet somehow they have tried to convince American voters that its the middle class workers that are at fault.

It is No longer acceptable to put your head in the sand as the RepubLIEcans destroy our democracy to enrich their corporate donors. It is our nation and our future that is being destroyed step by step. Soon American will more resemble feudal society of medieval times with the Lords owning and controlling all the wealth and power while everyone else is at their mercy and whim.

The facts are out there, open your eyes and see them.

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