Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Romney-Ryan Lie of the Day

“Obamacare took 700 billion out of Medicare” This lie is being told by basically every RepubLIEcan that gets near a microphone this week. It is featured in a new Romney add that he approved.

Here are the facts. The 700 billion was actually a subsidy to big insurance companies. This program did not work and was being spent by big insurance to pad their stock prices and CEO’s massive salaries. Remember the primary goal of big insurance is not to provide health care but to maximize their profits. This cut did not take one dime from Medicare recipients . In fact the Obama health plan saves Seniors money. Already they are benefiting from lower costs in prescriptions.

Contrast this with Ryan Budget which takes most of the Medicare money and gives it to the profit hungry insurance companies the rest goes for a tax cut to the rich.  In addition the Congressional budget office has calculated that the Ryan plan will cost seniors over $6000 more per year for the same coverage they have now.

Once again RepubLIEcans lie, because when they debate the facts, they lose.


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