Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Demonization of ACORN

In a country where corporate interests spend millions to buy our government to protect their profits and influence, one organization has been very successful to represent and assist those of little influence, low income African American and Latino Voters. That organization is ACORN.

These corporate interests including News Corp has spent a unbelievable amount of resources and time attacking this organization which is simply a group of Community Service Organizations.

What is this groups sin to these people? They help minorities. They do so in many ways, helping them get jobs, find housing, prevent foreclosures, provide free tax assistance, and register them to vote.

The racist undertow in these attacks is quite obvious, these people simply do not want minorities to vote or to have any power. They remain angry that an African American was elected President.

So they continue to set up sting after sting until they can find one out of the thousands of ACORN volunteers or employees making a mistake. They edit and distort the video to make the mistake much worse then it is. For example Faux News and Terrorist agitator Glenn Beck have used such a video to convert a tax question about prostitution into implications of a sex slavery ring.

There has not been such racist demonization of minority activists since the death of Martin Luther King Jr. It is a shame that there are still those people and organizations like Faux News that wish to eliminate decades of improvements in race relations in our nation.

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Blogger Alo Konsen said...

What would ACORN have to do for you to stop defending them?

12:24 AM  
Blogger Joe R said...

It is not what Acorn would have to do its what they would have to stop doing. If they did not fire employees that were breaking the rules, if they did not point out the suspsicious registrations to the authorities.

For such a large orginization with so many thousands of low paid short term employees they have done a remarkable job in finding and weeding out those that were doing things wrong.

9:37 AM  

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