Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Romney Playing Victim Now?

Aww poor Mitt. Having unlimited funds from Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers running smear ads based on no fact whatsoever apparently isn’t enough. The RNC running a “welfare” ad that has been called blatantly false by every independent fact check organization there is, not enough. Romney himself running ad after ad not one yet that doesn’t have at least one glaring lie and they all end with the words “I am Mitt Romney and I approved this message,” not enough.

Now he wants to be poor Mitt. The President is desperate he says, he is being mean, whine on Mitt whine on. After all the lies, the distortions, the veiled racist attacks and the complete disrespect shown to the President of the United States by Republicans, Tea Parties and the supporters of Romney. Along with the Birthers, those questioning the Presidents religion and more. Has the President ever once whined, or complained or given even seemed to give any attention to these attacks?

Romney I have news for you, the President of the United States Barack Obama is a man of principle he stands by his beliefs and he recognizes the morals of his convictions. He doesn’t have to whine when he is attacked no matter how false the attacks are.

Yes Romney cry all you want that Vice President Biden used the word chains instead of the word shackles your man used. The more you do, the more it shows the American People who the desperate one really is.


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