Friday, August 24, 2012

Why I Care About Politics.

Often I hear things like, “I don’t follow politics”….”I ignore all the political posts”,.. “all politicians are the same” “It doesn’t matter” … In short “I don’t care. “

But I do care.

I care because I love my country. The country that exists now, the country as it was in the past and the country that will exist in the future.

I care because I believe in truth, honesty, commitment and leadership.

I care because I cannot stand by while others lie, distort and just make things up for political gain.

I care because I listen to the words of Jesus Christ, "'Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.'"

I care because I believe our country is greatest when its not controlled by greed.

I care because I believe the richest country on earth should have equal opportunity for all.

I care because in that wealthiest of countries I believe that health care is in fact a right rather then a method to enrich people while others choose between food and medicine.

I care because I have seen what happens when all the wealth goes to the few and 99% are left out.

I care because I have seen a war based on lies told by a President and his administration, leading to the deaths of over 4000 young American Men and women and 10’s of thousands of Iraqi’s

I care because I have seen that cowboy diplomacy of the past leads to our country being less safe, building up more hate and mistrust around the world.

I care because I have seen the world celebrate strong leadership by American Presidents such as FDR, JFK and yes Barack Obama. That leads to a better world not only for American’s but the world.

I care because I don’t think our elections should be up for sale to the highest corporate bidder who can spend millions in secret spreading lies and mistruths and we allow them to do so.

I care because I don’t think our elected leaders should do things to prevent citizens from voting thus helping one side win.

I care because ignorance, hate and racisim must not prevail.

I care because I believe in the United States of America, Liberty and Justice for all and the Constitution.

So yes I am passionate. Yes I will annoy people with my frequent posts. No I do not believe that masses will suddenly wake up and change their vote. But if one person understands the facts that they didn’t before, If one person votes that wouldn’t have before, if one person even takes the time to listen and find the facts rather then ignoring all sides, then it has all been worth it to me.


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