Thursday, August 16, 2012

Romney:We did everything required by law

Mitt just doesn't get it.  No one is saying he did anything illegal.  We know for example the following:

Releasing only 2 years of tax returns is legal.

Him paying less then 15%  in taxes when most Americans pay over 30% is legal.

Hiding funds in Cayman islands and Swiss Bank accounts is legal.

Billionaire oil barons dumping millions into campaign ads for him, legal.

Changing laws to make it easier for Republicans to vote and harder for Democrats. legal. (for now)

Taking over companies closing them, tossing workers on the unemployment line and him getting rich in the process

Not only are all these things legal but he feels he is entitled to them.

Most Americans are sick and tired of the deck being stacked against them, in favor of people like Mitt Romney. They are tired of politicians like him who want to stack the deck even more.

He wants to give more tax breaks to the top 1%. He wants to take away the few regulations that the RepubLIEcan congress allowed through to prevent the banks from gambling with Americans savings, mortgages and retirement.  He wants to reduce regulations on business that provide safety, clean air, water to the rest of us. All because he and his rich cronies are entitled?

And his running mate Ryan, he is worse. He wants to take away funding for students, the poor, the disabled. the elderly to give more tax breaks to the entitled rich.

It is clear who these men represent and its not you or me.


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