Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Making political hay out of tragedy.

Did Democrats use 9/11 against Bush?

Did Democrats attack Reagan for the 200 Marines killed in Lebanon?

The answer is of course a resounding No!

But Republicans are not like Democrats they will use any tragedy and twist it to criticize, accuse, and try to make political gain.

FACT: What happened in Benghazi is a tragedy. Fact: 4 Americans were killed. Fact: It happened on a very confusing day where demonstrations were taking place all over the world over a video. Fact: The President did call it a Terrorist attack the next day. Fact: Unlike wannabe Presidents the actual Commander in Chief has to base decisions and take action based on the facts, not emotion, not what is politically easier or what sounds good.

Fact: This President has a record that is unmatched by ANY President when it comes to bringing terrorists to justice. This President has in fact sought out, captured and or killed more Terrorist leaders in 3 years than any other President did in 8.

Fact: the world trusts America again under President Obama’s leadership. Fact: While other Presidents pounded their chest and threatened, with no results. Dictatorships decades old have fallen under this President’s watch.

Fact: People cheer this President and America in places they used to burn our flag.

Fact: President Obama ended a war that the world was lied to by President Bush to start.

Fact: President Obama is ending the longest war in our History.

Fact: This man is truly the leader of the Free World. Others are bad arm chair coaches.

Republicans should start acting like Americans again and stand by our President to help bring the culprits to justice instead of your sniveling over how and when the word “terrorist” was used.


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