Friday, December 08, 2006

Health Nazi's trip over constitution

Yesterday in an effort to prevent possible court action to completly throw out the smoking ban on constitutional reasons, the State Attorney General's office reached an agreement with the association that represents liquor liscence owners, to suspend enforcement of the ban until the General Assembly can actually pass laws, procedures and punishments rather then allowing non governmental entities such as smoke free ohio to make and interpret law. This will likely not be until sometime this spring.

Since this issue passed the continued confusion and ramifications of it have continued to cause great concerns and annoyance among business owners, smokers and non smokers. This issue was not well thought out and poorly researched and written. The groups behind the bill have attempted to define what it means with no authority of the legislature. Such ridiculous applications as applying it to truckers that drive though Ohio in a company owned vehicle, defining conflicting determinations of what a private club is, how far away from an entrance is reasonable, among others.

Though I believe the smugness of those anti smoking proponents will continue to impress their will on others and pass another such ballot issue, it is likely this will return to the ballot in May once again. Perhaps next time voters will look at the actual truths and ramifications, constitutionaly and economically rather then knee jerk vote against anything that tobacco companies may support. And use their because "I don't like it you can't do it", definition of freedom.

So for now smoke em if you got em. But in the future, don't count on that, and prepare to say good bye to donuts, french fries, soda, talking on cell phones in public, butter on popcorn at the theatre and whatever else the health nazis want to force us to stop doing.

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