Tuesday, October 31, 2006

7 days to go OH:18th

On the 7th day before the election my endorsement is to be: Zack Space in Ohio’s 18th!

In the Congressional District currently represented by Admitted Criminal Bob Ney, it is imperative that the citizens chart a new course in Leadership. Zack Space is the man.

Consider the Republican Joy Padgett, for years part of the Republican Crony machine with strong ties to Taft, Ney, Blackwell and others. Padgett is a woman that will do anything say anything to get elected. Whether it is by taking a photo out of context to accuse man who personally had been held as a hostage by terrorists, as being weak on terror. Or to incite Fear and hate of gays and Latinos in her current commercials.

This woman actually blamed her bankruptcy at first on her own husband, then changed it to the economy, though now she campaigns that the economy is great under the republicans. What comes out of her mouth depends on the time of day, the day of the week, and whatever one of the Bob’s tell her to say.

She is not a leader, she a horrible candidate for congress.

Zack Space is much different. The son of an immigrant, Educated at the University of Michigan (I’ll forgive him for that). An accomplished attorney and Elected City attorney. He is independent and represents the beliefs of the district well. He is for change in the plan for Iraq, and in a district where hunting and gun ownership is very much part of the culture, Zack is even a member of the NRA. He will represent the wishes of the district not follow a party line. He will do what he feels is right.

Zack Space is a Leader. Padgett is not.
Support Zack in the 18th District of Ohio.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Catching up on Endorsements

Ok I got behind on a busy weekend here are my next 3.

On the 10th day before the election my endorsement is to be, Yes On Issue 4.

Issue 5 trying to improve our dining experience as well as reduce health problems doesn’t go far enough by eliminating smoking. If that’s their goal they should ban all children from restaurants.

I mean seriously nothing will ruin a nice quite dinner at your favorite steak house then a screaming baby at the next table, or worse a bratty 2-year-old running up and down the aisles yelling NO NO NO.

Plus anyone that works in schools or has school age children know, your way more likely to catch a cold or the flu from a child then other adults. They wipe their nose on anything and never cover their mouths when they sneeze.

Save us from these ruined unhealthy dining experiences and ban the children from all restaurants.

Ok before you blast me with comments, please note the words above are full of sarcasm. I don’t believe the government should ban any thing from restaurants, not children not trans fats and not cigarettes.

The opponents of issue 4 are making a big deal out of the fact that the tobacco companies are funding the issue. DUH, yea no kidding, so what? The fact is Issue 4 is common sense; it leaves it up the owners and the customers of businesses to decide for themselves. That’s the American way.

Yes on 4, NO on 5.

On the 9th day before the election my endorsement is to be, TED!!!!

This one is a no brainer. Blackwell has clearly manipulated elections in this state as Secretary of State. Blackwell is clearly part of this corrupt Republican administration. Blackwell’s activities as an elected official are clearly suspicious dishonest and perhaps even criminal. This man should be investigated not elected.

Strickland has the experience, the background the vision and the integrity to be a Governor we can be proud of. When was the last time that happened in this state? Ohioans have seen this, he will win Election Day if and only if we all get out and vote. Do not take this election for granted. Get the vote out for Ted.

On the 8th day before the Election my Endorsement is to be: Bill Conner for Congress!

In the 7th congressional district David Hobson has been the republican holding that seat for too long. He takes the voters for granted and acts like a congressman only right before an election. Just the absolute need for a democratic congress is enough to vote for Conner. We must have investigations and oversight over the Bush crime family. Hobson is not going to vote to do that.

Conner is a citizen candidate, little money, and little party support. But he is one of us and a democrat.

Vote Bill Conner for Congress in the 7th District.

Whew, I think I ‘m caught up.

One Hundred

Over the weekend the 100th American Serviceman was killed this month in Iraq.

This is the 100th Post on Fundamental Truths

What does one have to do with the other very little, yet those deaths this month and the other some 2700 deaths in this war is one of the reasons this blog exists.

Each post on my little blog is of little significance in and of it self. Yet some draw much interest in numbers and others seem to catch the eye of Congressman and Senators.

Each and every death in Iraq is of great significance. Another life, another human, a father, son, brother, wife, sister, daughter. Each death is another flag draped coffin our government doesn’t want us to see.

I put great effort to make sure my posts are factual and my opinions are based on the truth. Do I owe that to readers, perhaps, but most of all I owe that to myself.

There is little factual this President and the Administration has told us about this war. Why we are there. What the plan is. What the prognosis is. What is it at all, a civil war, a police action, nation building?

When I look at the numbers on my blog, I have learned I can never predict which items I write will draw attention and which won’t. Sometimes I’m frustrated by the lack of interest, and other times shocked by a jump in interest on a particular post. In any case I write often for me, not for who may read it.

When I talk to people on the street, when I listen to right wing pun dents, when I listen to the elected leaders, I also get frustrated by the lack of outrage at this war, how we got into it and each and every death that occurs. How people can take to the streets over gay marriage or flag burning, as another and another serviceman dies every day, just amazes me.

I see hits on my blog from places all over the world. That always surprises me, what does someone in Spain, or Singapore or Australia care about an Ohio congressional race. Or American politics in particular.

I listen to the BBC and hear the death count of American’s every day. This War affects the world in so many ways. It is not just Bush’s war he has brought all of us and the world into the quagmire with him.

One Hundred

One Hundred young lives lost, perhaps the outrage is now growing. One Hundred posts, perhaps I learn more about our Country with each one..

Note: In my short time in the blog o sphere, those of you that have offered comments, support, advice and links to my blog, have been a happy surprise. I thank all of you for your kind words and help. I am proud to be part of something that I have learned very quickly does make a difference. Most of all lefty blogs you are an awesome resource and thanks to those that make it possible.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Deborah Pryce is a liar

Twisting facts and out of context is one thing but when a candidate flat out lies in a commercial it absolutely proves she is not fit for office.

Pryces new commercial that says Mary Jo Kilroy wants the government to do paperwork first before wire tapping is a flat out lie.

The law before the Bush "make his crimes legal bill" allowed the government to obtain a warrant up to 72 hours after the fact of a wire tapping. The law in no way whatsoever slowed down the ability to place the wire tap in the first place.

There are two reasons Pryce, Bush and the fascists that control our government changed this law, was first to prevent Bush from being impeached for breaking the law and second so he continue to wiretap people he knows no judge would approve even after the fact.

Wiretapping only terrorists, yea right!

Pryce is a liar, her commercial lies straight out and then she says the words "I am Deborah Pyrce and I approved this message"

She cannot be trusted she must be removed from office now.

Support Mary Jo Kilroy for Congress.

Friday, October 27, 2006

11 Endorsements to go, OH Issue 3

On the 11th day before the election my endorsement is to be.

Yes on Issue 3.

Everything can be done in excess and be harmful. Spending too much time blogging, eating a lot of fast food, sleeping all the time, and yes alcohol consumption. Gambling like anything can indeed be harmful to those that over do it. Yet many enjoy gambling now and then and doing it for fun without harm to themselves or anyone else.

The government has no more business regulating this activity then regulating the amount of Pepsi one drinks. People who enjoy gambling will find a way to do so, either out of state, through the many loopholes that already exist (charity, lottery, bingo etc.) or they will do it illegally.

Issue 3 will not create any more gambling addicts then already exist. It will just change how they do it.

Gambling is seen as immoral by some. Since when is it ok, especially with Democrats, that the Government legislate morality. I think lies are immoral lets make that illegal all the time.

All the arguments on whether the money will go to education and how much is a non-issue to me. The fact that any money goes to education or to the public good is a bonus. What other business is required to send a portion of their profits for public use beyond taxes?

Voting No on Issue 3 will assure the States of Indiana, West Virginia along with illegal operators of gambling establishment will get all of the profits from the Ohio gamblers that go there. Ohio gets nothing.

Gambling is a recreational business there should not be a restriction against it. Vote Yes on 3.

12th day Yes on 2
11th day Yes on 3

Taft comes gives his endorsements on issues 4 & 5

Bob Taft annouced his endorsments this morning on the smoking bans.

11% approval rating, convicted Govener Taft is giving us his opinion.

Lets take a poll of the prisons and jails, their opinion has just as much weight.

Who cares what Taft thinks.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The 12 days of endorsements: Issue 2

On the first day of endorsements I say Yes on Issue 2.

Issue 2 is a constitutional amendment raising the minimum wage in Ohio. And believe it or not there are people actually opposed to this measure.

Their first argument is that it will cost jobs. The facts show otherwise.

The Center for American Progress in a recent study found the following:
Employment in small business grew 9.4% in states with a higher minimum wage and 6.6% in states will lower ones.Where minimum wages was higher the number of small businesses grew 5.5%, where the wage was lower, 4.2%.Retail employment grew 12.3% in states with higher minimum wage, and only 6.4% in ones with lower like Ohio. There was similar growth in the number of restaurants, restaurants jobs and restaurants employment in states with Higher and lower.

Their other argument says Issue 2 will lead to identity theft. Umm Huh? This issue has nothing to do whatsoever with identity theft. This is clearly a red herring put out by those that have no facts to justify their position.

Ohio’s minimum wage is actually below the federal minimum wage at $5.15 an hour. That amount of money has less purchasing power then at any time in 50 years. $5.15 an hour translates to $10,712 a year with the Federal Poverty Line at $13, 200. It is estimated that 719,000 workers in Ohio make minimum wage.

The fundamental truth of the day is Issue 2 is good for business, good for the economy and good for the citizens of Ohio.

This is a slam dunk, vote Yes on Issue 2.

Progressive 1230 Removed

Progressive 1230 radio in Columbus has been removed from my links list and replaced with progressive radio in Boston. I have done this after months of frustration and annoyance with the poor management of the Columbus channel.

Their promos are rarely updated, and are stupid at best. Their website is racked with problems and many features do not work properly. They provide no contact information via email or telephone to complain. They provide no local content except a few traffic reports, no local news, and no local weather.

They pre-empt progressive talk for Cincinnati Reds games which this I understand but now they cover Bowling Green Football??

The final straw is they are participating in a Jones Radio Network contest. They jumped on board late, announced the rules, then changed the rules. When after much research I found an actual phone number for them to complain, I was told Jones Network set the rules. I contacted Jones network and also checked with other participating stations. It seems I was lied to.

The name of this blog is Fundamental Truths. I don't put up with being lied to.

Thus I have replaced progressive 1230 with stations in Boston. They are well managed. They have live stream all the time and they also link to Fundamental Truths and have for months, when the local station ignored such requests.

Is funny they are all Clear Channel Stations, just apparently is a local management matter.

In any case I'm done with them.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Secretary of State Race Huge.

Greg Hartman has successfully taken the debate in the Secretary of States Race away from the relevant issues and off into distortion land. It's time to get back to the facts.

Fact: There is a massive amount of evidence that the current Secretary of State is complicit in election fraud in 2004, giving the presidency to Bush.

Fact: The current Secretary of State has been successful at preventing reform in the election system in Ohio by actively preventing issues 1-4 in 2003 which would have changed Ohio’s election system to a bi partisan fair system, not able to be manipulated by one man, in the Secretary of States office.

Fact: The current secretary of State has worked hard to reduce the number of eligible voters especially ones likely to vote for Democrats. It is the Secretary of States Job to increase citizen participation not limit it.

Fact: Every time the Secretary of States office has to make a ruling, the citizens of Ohio collectively hold their breaths, knowing he cannot be trusted.

Fact: the courts have overturned a number of the Secretary of States rulings.

Fact: With all the evidence, with all the law suits, with all the court actions, it is clear the current secretary of state has lead a planned, determined, purposeful continuing attempt to manipulate the elections in Ohio to his party’s favor.

Fact: He cannot be trusted as Governor; the Republicans cannot be trusted having one of their lackeys in the position of Secretary of State.

Fact: Jennifer Brunner is highly qualified, with experience as an assistant secretary of state, on county board of elections, as an election law attorney and as a judge. Hartman was a clerk of courts with no applicable experience for this job.

Fact: Hartman knowing he does not have either the background or experience tries to distort the election to make it about court cases taken out of context without all the evidence and with very little of the truth behind his accusations.

Fact: It is imperative for the voters of the State of Ohio that we have a Secretary of State that is qualified and most of all can be trusted. Hartman doesn’t fit either.

Fact: Jennifer Brunner is the clear choice for Secretary of State.


Speak out for Jennifer Brunner and send whatever you can to her campaign. We cannot let the corruption continue in the office of Secretary of State.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

OH 07:Hobson in a safe district?

For such a supposedly safe republican district, Hobson sure is suddenly spending a ton of money on commercials and flyers in the Columbus Market. In fact for the first time in 5 years he actually responded to a letter I wrote him on the Detainee bill. I wonder if he knows something we don't know.

Or perhaps he just acts like a real congressman for a month prior to elections.

Lets shock the establisment vote for change, vote Bill Conner for congress.

OH 18:Padgett plays the prejudice card

Joy Padgett the woman that accused former hostage Terry Anderson as being weak on terrorism has sunk into the smelly bowels of prejudice this election. Her new ad "she is one of us" seems a safe enough line, but then in between repeating this line she mentions the marriage amendment and immigration. Yes Joy we get it, your one of us means white, non-Hispanic gay hater. I'm half surprised there isn’t a confederate flag or a burning cross somewhere in the commercial.

Bad news Joy, your not one of us, your an unethical, say anything do anything to get elected joke of a candidate.

I say it once again. Joy Padgett is the worse candidate for congress in Ohio, yes that includes Jean Schmidt. (But she is a close second.)

Zack Space is the clear choice here. Leadership vs. Prejudice. Easy decision.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

WBNS 10 TV Fearmongering Television

Though part of the Dispatch Group and controlled by the strongly Republican Wolfe Family, WBNS 10 TV of Columbus usually shows professionalism in its news broadcasts. This morning not so much.

On the morning broadcast they kept running a tease line saying Ted Strickland may not be on the ballot in Ohio. This went on for an hour before finally reporting the story, which was the bogus claim in Columbiana County about an address issue.

Their second tag line all morning was the "high alert" at NFL stadiums for a potential terrorist attack. First of all there is no increase alert level by homeland security. Second of all every expert including the department of homeland security claims this threat is not credible, yet, it is reported 2 weeks before the election as there has been a fear mongering bogus terror alert of some kind a couple weeks before every election.

WBNS is either being manipulated to spread these desperate republican attempts to affect this election or they are knowingly participating. Either way, I have lost all respect for them as a news organization

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Man Who Cried Wolf

There was once a man who fancied himself a shepherd, not because he was particular adept at herding sheep or anything else he attempted in life, but his father was a shepherd so he figured he could pull it off. Lets call this man George

So he was given a pasture, the number of sheep that were his to tend remained a topic of dispute for some time, but he took his place. George had many tasks in his daily routine; one important one was to keep any wolves away from the herd. Though the shepherd that worked that pasture in the past, left instructions and warnings about a particular wolf, George just shrugged and enjoyed the sunshine.

One day something horrible happened, the wolf attacked. Sheep were lost and the pasture was never to be the same. Other shepherds from neighboring pastures offered assistance in hunting down the wolf. The sheep listened to Georges calls better then ever before.

As the hunt for the wolf began, George was continually annoyed by the barking of a junkyard dog that was on the land nearby. The dog annoying as he was, was well behind the fences of the junkyard and was relatively harmless to the sheep and others. But that didn’t matter to George; his annoyance with this dog was obvious. So one day, George tossed some wool into the junkyard, pointed it out and yelled WOLF! And though many were a bit confused as this didn’t look like a wolf or sound like a wolf, George said wolf so, they went along.

Soon the junkyard dog was gone, and George tried to take over the junkyard, where he still spends most of his time, as you see, the rats in the junkyard run wild and are very hard for George to control.

Days and days go buy as George ignores the sheep and chases the rats in circles, but every now and then he notices in the distance his sheep looking over to the pasture with the blue skies nearby. And just as the sheep begin to move closer and closer to that new pasture, George at the last minute always yells, “Wolf!”

The sheep go scrambling back into familiar pasture and watch for the wolf that hides somewhere, where George apparently can’t find him. This continued for some time, then something new happened, the sheep started to break up into smaller groups. They begin to ignore the warnings and the shepherd’s calls more and more. They no longer believed him or trusted him.

George was panicked, he was going to loose his entire flock. He thought and thought, and then he got an idea. Since the sheep felt safe in their own little shelters, he would scream out that a whole pack of wolves were going to attack them on there day of rest and relaxation right in their shelters.

Knowing they may not listen to him George had some rats friendly to him, run around and whisper the warning to the sheep. The sheep listened, pondered, looked at George, shook their heads and went back to their restful days.

Seems George the Shepard lost his sheep without the wolf ever leaving his den again.

It is rumored that the wolf spends his days watching George and just snickering, realizing George does more damage to the herd, then he the wolf could have ever dreamed of doing himself.

Culture of Life

Bush used to like to use the term "culture of life" to describe the goals of his administration. A more accurate term would have been "culture of death".

Today 11 more American Soldiers died in Iraq.

So far in October 70 American Soldiers died in Bush's war.

The Associated Press reports that Iraqi's are now dying at a rate of 45 per day. That would be so far in October 810 lives.

All together in this month 880 human beings lost, sons, daughters, wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers.

We are accomplishing what Mr. Bush? Are the people of Iraq safer? Are the people of the United States safer? Is the world safer? Has this stopped or even slowed down the plans of terrorists? What has this war done for anyone with the exception of Halliburton?

Stay the course is the plan this President and the Republicans offer us. At the current rate of deaths, by the time a new President is inaugurated in January of 2009, which will be 1925 more American soldiers and 22275 human lives over all. Will that be enough?

Enough for what is the real question?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Montgomery rewriting history

I have noticed something the last week or so, there is a definite organized attempt to respond to blogs by Montgomery supporters. Though their responses seem feeble considering the overwhelming facts.

She is part of the Taft Republican Corruption Machine; She has played musical chairs with state offices where ever the party allowed her to. She was as auditor the person who was supposed to watch the purse strings of the State of Ohio. Not only did she fail, but also she took donations from the very person now she claims to be strongly helping to prosecute.

She did not do her job and catch Tom Noe, the Toledo Blade did. Only after local and federal prosecutions and only after the 2004 election was over and the illegal contributions had their effect, did Betty decide the auditor’s office should look into this.

Their response, she cooperated fully with the investigations, she gave the money from Noe back. Too late Betty, 50 million is missing. And your hand was caught in the cookie jar whether you snuck the cookie back or not.

We cannot allow Montgomery and the Republican spin machine to rewrite history. She was, and is right at the center of the corruption in our state and she must not be permitted to hold state office again.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Is 3000 just another number?

According to the U.S. Census bureau tomorrow the population of the United States will reach 300 million. Today the number of American soldiers to die in Iraq surpassed 3000. A small percentage perhaps, but each one of those 3000 has a name, a family was a human being, was a young American.

As horrible as this sounds a number of studies, including one by John Hopkins university sets the death toll of Iraqi’s at somewhere between 400,000 and 800,000 human lives. What percentage is this of Iraq’s population? Does it matter? Again each of these people had a name, a family and was a human being. How does the Bush administration respond, the claim the number is more like 30,000. No independent expert comes close to that low a number. Once again this administration will make up the facts, to deceive.

Most former U.S. Generals say the war plan is a disaster; the head of the British Army says his troops should be pulled out. Even some republican senators are saying "stay the course" is not a plan.

How many must die before the outrage over a war that was justified by, what most realize, were mistakes at best, lies at the worst. By a war that had nothing to do with terrorism. By a war that has damaged our trust, our influence and power around the world. A war that has created more defiant enemy nations in response it has created more terrorists, more nuclear countries and has made the United States and the world less safe.

How many must die. How many from your community have died since Bush stood in front of the Mission accomplished banner. How many of your neighbors, how many from your high school.

How many must die before we scream out against this President. Point out his lies, Point out his misuse of the fear of terrorism, his misuse of our trust, and his misuse of his power.
How many must die, 3000, 30,000, 300,000? How many?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hastert didnt kill anyone?

"I know the speaker didn't go over a bridge and leave a young person in the water, and then have a press conference the next day,"

This was spoken by Republican Congressmen Christopher Shays today in defense of Dennis Hastert's lack of action on the Foley matter.

Bringing up Chappaquiddick? What does an incident in 1969 have anything to do with the Foley matter?


Everytime I think I can't be amazed by the depth of the idiocy of these Republicans in Congress, they managed to sink even deeper.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

OH 18: Padgett Mailer nothing but Lies.

I recently got a copy of a mailer sent out by Joy Padgett in the 18th district. She doesn’t even attempt to tell the truth as she asks for even more money to run more negative advertisements.

Padgett Lie: “While I want to protect our borders and send illegal aliens back to where they came from, my opponent wants to let them stay here while they collect Social Security and Welfare Dollars.”

The Truth: If their illegal how exactly is it they register and get welfare and social security? She wants to round up 12 million people and ship them back, hmm ok, better buy one hell of a lot of busses. Oh and by the way, her statement on Space’s position is a total and complete LIE. From his web site: “First, we must do whatever it takes to secure our borders.” And later he says: “I oppose amnesty for illegal aliens.”

Padgett Lie: She implies that Space is for gun control by claiming one of his donors is a gun control organization.

Truth: Zack Space is not only a gun owner but also a member of the NRA. He is a strong supporter of 2nd Amendment rights.

Padgett Lie: “I know that my family and I will be attacked on TV, radio and mailboxes throughout the district”

Truth: The only one that has said one word about her family in this campaign is Padgett herself when she attempted to blame her bankruptcy on her Husband.

Padget Lie: That Zack Space is a tax and spend Liberal

Truth: Zack Space has a solid background as an Attorney, City official, successful business owner, coach and leadership in community charitable organizations. Nowhere in his background is there anything to define him as a tax and spend liberal.

Padgett Lie: Space is funded by personal injury lawyers and out of state interests groups.

Truth: Speaking of out of state, the National Republican Congressional Campaign is spending over $1 million dollars on Padgett’s campaign. With the Republican track history of money coming from the likes of Tom Delay who resigned in disgrace, Bob Ney soon to have a prisoner number of his own, Foley (need I say more), Tom Noe: on trial as we speak. For her to imply it is locals vs. out of state evil liberals is yes, another lie.

Padgett Lie: She claims Space is out of touch with mainstream values.

Truth: It is Padgett and the Republican cronies that are out of touch with the values of the voters of the 18th district. Values like telling the truth, being opposed to corruption and bribery, and yes even opposition to covering up an Internet sexual predator for political reasons.

Again I’ll say it: Padgett is the worst candidate for Congress in the State of Ohio.

Support Zack Space in Ohio 18th Congressional District.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Talk of the Nation: Bravo Marcy Kaptur

I was lucky enough to hear a good portion of the "swing state" broadcast of National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation today. The difference between the parties was so evident today as two of the guests were, Republican Jo Anne Davidson and Democratic Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur.

Ms. Davidson as usual, with representatives of her party, continued to repeat old dry and unbelievable republican talking points. She actually claimed the Gay Marriage amendment had nothing to do with the results of the 2004 election and implied that Ohioans don’t want fair redistricting because we voted against it and the only problem with campaign financing is the liberal 527 PACS, naming George Soros as an example.

Kaptur presented fresh ideas and a bi-partisan solution to many issues such as campaign financing and redistricting. Kaptur drew applause after many of her statements. In one case when Ms. Davidson touted the fairness of the House Ethics Investigation, actually drew boos and laughs that were audible over the radio.

Kaptur represented her party well today, those of you in northwest Ohio that have her as your congresswoman should be proud to vote for her on November 7th.

Monday, October 09, 2006

OH-07:taxpayers financing Hobson's campaign

I happen to live in the 7th District and have received a pamphlet printed and paid for at taxpayer expense, "introducing" him as my Congressman. I to my knowledge have never contacted Hobson, so it appears he is skirting the law as he can with a number of voters.

This pamphlet did not mention the election in any way but the timing sure is convienent.

From Bill Conner: " It appears that Hobson has generated letters to everyone who has corresponded with him in the past. This is obviously the use of his Congressional printing and postal privileges for political purposes.
Could you cover this in your blog and ask others who have received such letters to mail me copies and indicate when the matter involved was closed? My address is Bill Conner, 3193 Kingfisher Pl, Beavercreek, OH 45431 "


Bush foreign policy fails again

Consider the following scenario. A leader of a country names us along with two other countries as its biggest enemy, calling us evil. Then they attack one of the other countries. What would be our response?

That is exactly the point of view of Iran and North Korea. Bush called Iraq, Iran and North Korea the axis of evil. Then in short order we used false information to attack Iraq. It is no wonder Iran and North Korea feel a need to protect themselves from our President’s threats.

Now the impudent Bush administration whines as North Korea does a nuclear test. And since we no longer are respected around the world, since we no longer have moral authority and since we have damaged and weekend our military in this prolonged illegal war in Iraq, whining is all we can do.

The Republicans try to convince the voters we are safer because of his policies. Today’s nuclear test by North Korea, Iran’s defiance with their continuing nuclear program, prove that is clearly not the case.

Bush has endangered us and the entire world with his cowboy diplomacy. Our only hope is the U.N. and the rest of the world unite, despite the idiocy of United States administration and is able to contain North Korea and Iran.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Can the GOP do anything Honestly?

Remember back in the olden days when public officials avoided even the appearance if impropriety? That day is long gone with this republican congress.

Today, the members of the House Ethics Subcommittee that will be investigating the Foley scandal and the possible cover-up were announced. This committee will be charged as part of their duties whether Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was involved in any illegal or unethical way.

The Subcommittee is made up of two republicans and two democrats. So far so good right? The Democrats are Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Ohio, and Howard L. Berman of California. The Republican’s are Doc Hastings of Washington and Judy Biggert of Illinois.

Hold UP!!

Hastings and Biggert both recipients of hefty campaign donations from……..drum roll please…..you got it Dennis Hastert!

If you haven’t already, wake up and smell the coffee. That stench you smell isn’t bad cream. Vote Democrat for Congress!!

GOP Ethics Committee calls Democrats

Yesterday Dennis Hastert finally after a week of ridiculous blame pointing and deflecting apologized and took responsibility, as a Leader should for the missteps involving Foley. He promised a deep a clear investigation into the matter, including one by the House Ethics Committee.

So how does the House Ethics Committee begin? They called House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi, D-California, Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Illinois.

Republicans controlled the house, Republicans Controlled the page program; A Republican was Speaker of the House. The Democrats had absolutely no control or authority in this matter. If those in power did their jobs, the timing of Foley's resignation would have been of no consequence. Last I checked Howard Dean isn't even in the Congress.

Unbelievable blame deflection once again. Clearly Dennis Hastert's accepting responsibility yesterday was just another republican lie and had no truth behind it. When are these corrupt irresponsible children going to learn that honorable people accept responsibility for their mistakes? Apparently never.

Its time to bring ethics back to Congress. Vote for: Kilroy, Conner, Space and Shamansky
source: CNN

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Betty Montgomery and Noe, the facts.

Much to my surprise I heard Betty Montgomery’s radio spot this morning on Progressive 1230 in Columbus. First of all thanks to her campaign for supporting progressive radio with your advertising dollars.

Second I find it interesting that spot claims Marc Dann “falsely accuses Betty Montgomery of being involved in the Tom Noe ethics scandal.”

Let's look at the facts shall we.

Event: A 2004 Audit of the BWC raised concerns about the rare coin investment.

Auditor Montgomery’s response: She did nothing

November 2004 Bush wins presidential election, after thousands in campaign contributions from Tom Noe directly and illegally.

Auditor Montgomery’s response: She received $8100 in campaign contributions from Noe as well.

April 3, 2005 Toledo Blade Runs a story detailing concerns about BWC investments with Tom Noe’s rare coin business.

Auditor Montgomery’s Response: She did nothing

April 7, 2005 the state's inspector general says he will review Ohio's investment of millions of dollars in rare coins. Gov. Bob Taft defends the deal, saying Noe is making money for the state

Auditor Montgomery’s Response: She did nothing

April 27, 2005 Noe's attorney confirms that federal investigators are looking into whether Noe tried to bypass election donation limits by giving others money that they contributed to President Bush's re-election campaign.

Auditor Montgomery’s Response: She did nothing

May 10, 2005 -Noe resigns from Ohio Board of Regents and the Ohio Turnpike Commission. The Ohio Ethics Commission later says he did not file required disclosures that he was doing business with the state while on the commissions.

Auditor Montgomery’s Response: She did nothing

May 11, 2005 The Toledo Blade asks the Ohio Supreme Court to order the state Bureau of Worker's Compensation to release uncensored records of the bureau's $50 million investment with Noe.

Auditor Montgomery’s Response: She did nothing

May 12, 2005 -The Blade reports that Brian Hicks, Taft's former chief of staff, rented Noe's Florida vacation home at below-market rates.

Auditor Montgomery’s Response: She did nothing

May 18, 2005 Five of Ohio's seven Supreme Court justices recuse themselves from any public records cases that involve Noe and the coin investment. The five are all received campaign contributions from Noe.

May 16, 2005 The story now being picked up by every media outlet in the state along with a number of national media outlets. Investigations are underway by the inspector general, Lucas County Prosecutor and Federal Prosecutors. It has been a year since the initial audit showing concerns with the BWC investments landed on her desk and over a month since the fraud was reported by the Toledo Blade.

The State Auditor Betty Montgomery whose job is according to the constitution of the of Ohio is: “The auditor of state shall audit all public offices as provided in this chapter. The auditor of state also may audit the accounts of private institutions, associations, boards, and corporations receiving public money for their use and may require of them annual reports in such form as the auditor of state prescribes.”

Yes finally on May 16th, 2005, the State Auditor begins an investigation.

Your right Betty Montgomery, you don’t appear to be involved in the Tom Noe Coin Scandal. Unforntunatly for Ohio, it was your job to be involved.

Now Betty wants to play Attorney General again, the taxpayers of Ohio can’t afford that.

Sources: http://www.blogforohio.com/, Ohio Citizen Action, NBC24-Toledo, Progressive 1230-Columbus

OH Senate: Sherrod Brown Responds

Sherrod Brown has responded to my concerns http://fundamental-truths.blogspot.com/2006/09/sherrod-brown-votes-for-totrure.html posted September 28th about The Detainee Bill via email. Agree or disagree I almost always pass on comments and I have done so here.

"Thank you for contacting me to express your opinion about the Military Commission Act, H.R. 6166.

This week, I voted for H.R. 6166, a bill to create a legal system for trying enemy combatants held by the government since September 11, 2001.

This bill creates a basic legal framework to provide a system for bringing detainees to justice. Many of those detained have been in U.S. custody for more than 5 years with no opportunity to prove their guilt or innocence. I believe that it has taken far too long for a legal framework to be developed. Under the framework established in the bill, the innocent can be freed, the guilty can be punished, and our homeland can be secured.

This is not a perfect bill, but I voted to give those detained by our military a long-overdue day in court. I voted to allow Democrats to offer amendments striking the bill's limitation on habeas corpus appeals and improve its appeals system. I also voted to subject the bill's military tribunals system to expedited judicial review and sunset the entire program for congressional review after 2009. If the bill is enacted, I will continue to push for vigorous oversight of military tribunals and work to make the program more accountable.

US policy has prohibited the cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment of detainees for years, and when it was revealed that the Bush Administration had violated this prohibition, I voted to adopt the McCain Amendment, which clearly prohibits the torture of any detainee held by our military anywhere in the world. This bill prohibits specific types of interrogation techniques that are deemed to be in violation of Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions.

This compromise bill is different from President Bush's plan in two important ways. It prohibits the degrading treatment of detainees, and it allows combatants to receive an edited version of classified evidence being used against them so they can respond without putting national security at risk.

I believe that this system, though by no means perfect, is necessary.

Thank you again.


Sherrod BrownMember of Congress"

I continue to be totally opposed to this "compromise” It still puts the power of defining what is and what isn’t torture in the hands of the President. This is clearly a constitutional violation of the separation of powers. It also for the first time in our history suspends the right of Habeas Corpus. Though all the dark days and threats to our nations over the last 200 years it was not necessary to do this before, it is not now.

This was a bad bill Congressman, but I do thank you for your explanation and response.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Padgett getting desperate:

Update: October 6th Padgett has cancelled the fundraiser with Hastert, according to the Padgett campaign Hasterts travel plans have chainged. (Gee I wonder why) George Voinivich will be speaking instead at the event.

With the Zogby poll now showing Zack Space with a 10-point lead, her campaign's desperation is clearly showing.

Today they released a statement claiming Space has been dodging debates, and then lists a local candidate’s night in an opera house in Morgan County and a Chamber of Commerce reception in Ross County. These were not debates, they were local partisan "meet the candidate" events that would have been about as balanced as Steak night at a PETA convention.

Oh yes, I’m quite sure Jurist Doctorate, Attorney and City Law Director Zack Space shivers in fear of Padgett’s debating skills. (Rolls his eyes)

I also found it quite interesting that Padgett’s Home Page bears these words:
“Responsible government is a very serious business. My commitment is to deliver honest, straightforward, hardworking representation now that will establish a secure future for ourselves and our children.”

With the Foley Cover-up another in a series of dishonest, unethical representation by this republican congress, and the fact she mentions the future of our children, you would think it would be a no-brainer that Padgett would be at the very least distancing herself from Hastert. But apparently she doesn’t have much of a brain as she is bringing Hastert here for a fundraising event on Oct 9. You too can have your picture taken with the soon to be EX Speaker of the House for a mere $500. (I wonder if she will still have him come if he is forced to resign before Monday? Ney’s treatment should be over perhaps he is available.)

Well it could get worse, she could always try to set up a photo op with Zack Space and former Hostage Terry Anderson and then accuse Space of being weak on terrorists too.

Padgett is the worst candidate for Congress in Ohio that I can remember in my 31 years as a voter.

Zack Space is clearly the only Leader and the clear choice in the 18th district.

Frist: Give Taliban Power in Afgahnistan

This is widely reported from yesterday, this is from abcnews.com.

QALAT, Afghanistan Oct 2, 2006 (AP)— U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said Monday that the Afghan war against Taliban guerrillas can never be won militarily and urged support for efforts to bring "people who call themselves Taliban" and their allies into the government.
The Tennessee Republican said he learned from briefings that Taliban fighters were too numerous and had too much popular support to be defeated on the battlefield.
"You need to bring them into a more transparent type of government," Frist said during a brief visit to a U.S. and Romanian military base in the southern Taliban stronghold of Qalat. "And if that's accomplished, we'll be successful."

Yes the Taliban, the people that gave Al-Quaida safe haven to plan and execute the attack on the United States on September 11, 2001. The Taliban that is still by most accounts hiding and protecting the actual man behind 9/11 Osama Bin Laden. The Taliban that grow 90% of the worlds poppies that lead to the production of herion that has killed more Americans then terrorists ever will. The Taliban that tortured and oppressed the people of Afgahnistan especially women.

There is only one explanation for Frist saying we should Cut and run in Afgahnistan and that is that protecting this country from the actual terrorists has never been and is not now the motive of the Republicans in office. It has simply been an excuse for their actual failed policies.

This is more proof that their words are nothing but lies and propoganda, and their real motives are known only to them.

Bush and his rubberstamping Congress must be stopped: Vote Democrat November 7th.

Lahood:The page program is flawed

Ray Lahood of Illinios blames the page program itself. "Its the page program that is flawed it should be ended."

I see, so we can't have a page program anymore because the congressmen can't be trusted not to have inappropriate contact with them?

It is NOT the page program that is flawed its the Congressmen. Their continued attempts to deflect blame away from where it belongs proves what kind of irresponsible, immoral and cowardly scum sit in leadership in this congress.

This Congress must go, toss them all out.

Vote Democrat Nov 7th.

source: CNN, Larry King Live

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hastert: It's the Democrats Fault

Apparently Dennis Hastert spent his day calling into conservative talk radio shows all day to explain that democrats caused the Foley scandal for political purposes.

Umm no Dennis

It was caused by a grown man contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

It was caused by the fact this man is a congressman that has been a vocal voice against the very act he was doing.

It was caused by the man not only continuing to serve in congress but in the same committees "protecting" minors after the GOP Leadership was made aware.

Republicans did not cause Clinton to Lie about Monica; Democrats didn’t make Foley have cybersex with boys.

This entire corrupt, blame deflecting, lying, above the law believing group of hypocrites must go.

Vote: Kilroy, Shamansky, Space, Conner or your local democratic candidate for congress.

My Thoughts and Prayers for the Amish

In the past I lived in an area of Southeastern Ohio that had a small but vibrant Amish community. Every day as I drove to work, I would often pass the children walking in single file along the road with their lunch pails as they smiled and waved at me. I would see into the fields and see the men struggling to get the plowing done with that one old horse, while across the road seeing the large farm equipment plow similar size fields in a day. No matter how hard they were working, they would still look up and wave as I passed. On weekends I would stop at their stand and buy bread and pies and sometimes other special items they had that week.

I admired these people. Their strength of conviction to have beliefs and to truly live them like no other religious group I knew. Also unlike most other groups they neither pressured me or anyone to convert to their beliefs nor were they judgmental about how I lived my life. They ask for only one thing from us the “English” as many Amish refer to us, and that is to leave them alone to live and worship how they choose.

For this man in Pennsylvania to commit the crime in an Amish schoolhouse makes an already sick crime even more unimaginable to me. It brings to me a thought from an old Law and Order episode of years past, that line being: “I am glad there is a God, because we don’t have a punishment harsh enough in this world.”

On earth all I can do is pray for the Amish in Pennsylvania and hope the media for once, respects their way of life and leave them alone in their grief.

Absolutely Sick

I haven’t posted for a few days for a few reasons, one of which is I am totally and utterly flabbergasted. My first reaction to the Foley resignation was not so much political but more a sadness that once again, one who seems to be a vocal crusader against some sexual related perversion is in fact a hypocrite. But this is not rare and really didn’t surprise me, what has followed has.

The Republican Spin Machine that has been successful at spinning so many things: Fox News is fair and balanced, 9/11=Iraq, vote GOP or ….the terrorists will get you, your taxes will go up, or you will go to Hell, its Clinton's fault for (fill in the blank), it’s the local and state governments fault for (fill in the blank), and many more. Now they have gotten so cocky they are attempting to spin away the acts of a man who preys on children via the Internet.

They have tried comparing it to other sexual embarrassments of the past involving consenting adults. Then the nutty attempt to try the “alcohol made him do it”. People like Matt Drudge was way worse by essentially blaming the 16 year old kids claiming the “beasts” drew in the kind old Senator. Then that leaves the most laughable of all to somehow making it the fault of gay people.

The hypocrisy here is seen by everyone, I mean everyone, liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, big city people and rural. Those that watch the news intently or the casual followers of news events, Christian fundamentalists and Athiests.

The facts are this; the man who was entrusted to lead the congress in laws against Internet sexual predators is in fact a sexual predator. In addition, this involved a minor, period, illegal, and no question. There is no justification or ignoring the crime here.

This man should have been tossed out on his ear the moment this came out, and everyone who knew and did nothing about it should be gone too. I would bet the house, (if I had one) that some of these very people trying to justify these things and the cover-up are people who came out vocally against the Catholic Church for its actions.

The one positive that will come from all of this is, that liars are caught when they keep lying as long as they get away with it. Then eventually the lie becomes so obtuse, not only is it not believed, nothing previously stated or spoken in future by the liar is rarely believed again. The GOP crossed the line here, their credibility is now gone with the even more voters then ever before.