Saturday, August 30, 2008

OH 07: Neuhardt reacts to McCain's Pick

From the Neuhardt Campaign:

SPRINGFIELD, OH: Sharen Neuhardt, Democratic Candidate for Ohio's 7th Congressional District, today issued the following statement in response to Senator John McCain's vice presidential nominee:

"I congratulate Governor Sarah Palin on being the first woman selected as the GOP's vice presidential candidate. But it's sad that Republicans took more than 20 years to follow the Democratic lead. We selected our first woman candidate for vice president, Geraldine Ferraro, in 1984.

"Today's choice is pandering at its best. It's unfortunate that Governor Palin is being used to shore up the right-wing base. Governor Palin lacks the experience that Senator McCain says a president needs. This pick had nothing to do with being qualified to step into the presidency. It had everything to do with the dim political outlook for John McCain's campaign.

"This is not the change we need. It's more of the same."

Sharen Neuhardt is the Democratic nominee for the open seat in Ohio's 7th Congressional District. She is an attorney, business, and community leader who will work to solve tough problems in Ohio's 7th District, and bring the right kind of change to the people of Ohio. Sharen lives with her husband and family on their farm in Greene County's Miami Township. For more information, on Sharen and Ohio's 7th District, visit

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Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain doesn't get it

John McCain in his first executive choice picks a totally inexperienced former mayor of a small city in Alaska who has served as Governor for 1 year and a half. McCain, a man who is 72 years old with a history of cancer chooses a completely unqualified person to be his Vice President.

Why would he do this, one reason because of his ignorant condescending belief that choosing a female that he will get the Hillary voters. Women should be outraged.

The first and most important quality in choosing a Vice President is are they qualified to be Commander in Chief, clearly McCain has not done that.

This is once again another in a litany of examples of the fact that John McCain is clueless.

Obama chooses an accomplished leader like Joe Biden and McCain picks the former runner up to Miss Alaska. What a difference.

***update** The McCain campaign per NBC news has said they picked Palin not because she was ready to step in as Commander in Chief if necessary but that she will get more media coverage.


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Thursday, August 28, 2008

RepubOILcans Childishness Evident

Since the Democratic Party has nominated an inspiring accomplished intelligent man and the all the RepubOILcans have is McCain, they have tried cynicism, distortion, lies and now have gone the route of total childishness.

While the Democrats have shown their history, character, vision on the issues all week, the other side has responded with snide attacks that frankly are not being received well by many voters I have talked to both independents and traditional Republican voters. The RepubOILcans are in total fear of the impact of tonight's speech and have no idea how to offset it. They have actually gone to attacking the set around the stage to try to make fun of what will be a historic moment in American History.

Voters are not children nor are they stupid. They will see the incredible difference tonight between a true leader like Barack Obama and the silly, negative cynicism that the RepubOILcans offer. They want real solutions to the issues and they don't care what backdrop is behind the speaker. This isn't a game this is about peoples paychecks, jobs, healthcare, security and our respect around the world.

Oh and for you few tools that think pillars have some hidden evil symbolism, look at the backdrop behind Bush in 2004's RepubOILcan convention.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ayers, James Rhodes and the 60's

Since they cannot win on the actual issues of this campaign the right wing once again are trying to smear Obama because he happens to know someone. The latest target is Bill Ayers.

But who is Bill Ayers. He was in fact the founder of a radical group called the Weather Underground that did some horrendous violent acts in the 60's to protest the Vietnam War. I don't for a minute excuse what Ayers and his group did. But though I was a child in the 60's I know it was a very different violent time in our country. Atrocities occurred on both sides, not the least of which was that the Governor of the Ohio James A. Rhodes sent National Guard Troops to Kent State who then fired on unarmed students resulting in the deaths of 4. The only time outside the civil war and the atrocities against native Americans, that American Troops have fired on American citizens.

40 years later how are the two men perceived. Ayers is being used by the right wing to attack Obama for knowing him. Despite the fact that Barrack Obama was a child at the time of the Weather Underground, regardless that since his radical youth Bill Ayers has been a respected educator, author and advocate for school reform and despite the fact that Ayers said in 2001, "I condemn all forms of terrorism--individual, group and official."

As the right vilifies Ayers and labels him for life for the things he did in his youth, how do they treat James Rhodes who was responsible for the murders of 4 students at Kent State?

They erected a statue.

Does the right really want America to judge the candidates based on who they associate with?

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

McCain's talking point

Seeing McCain on Jay Leno last night it became once again quite clear to me that McCain seems to be stuck on one talking point. Below is what I envision his talking point notes say:

How many houses do you own? McCain: Well I was a POW and didn't have a house

How do you wish to deal with food prices? McCain: Well I was a POW and we didn't get to eat much.

What will you do about gas prices? Well I was a POW and back then we would have loved to have a vehicle to put gas in to escape.

How do you expect to make health care available to more Americans? McCain: Well when I was a POW we would have been glad to pay any amount of money for an aspirin.

Tell us about your beliefs on Women's Issues? McCain: Well when I was a POW we would have been thrilled to have some women around.

Explain your votes against so many bills on veterans benefits. McCain: Well I was a POW and so I love veterans, how dare you ask me that.

You voted to allow torture of detainees after you yourself were tortured, please explain that? McCain: I was a POW and was tortured so I am absolutely against well I was against....umm umm these are really bad guys and our torture isn't that bad.

Tell us about the importance of faith in your life? McCain: Well when I was a POW this guy drew a cross in the sand and umm umm oh wait I read that in a book.

OK OK we get it you were a POW. We know the story, we know about your bravery and what you went through, we get it and we respect you for that. What we don't get is what qualifies you to be President.


A First Lady That Would Make America Proud

Despite the lies, deceit and distortions the right spreads about this woman, it was clear last night that this incredible, impressive woman will be a First Lady that all Americans will be proud of.

Part 1

Part 2

The cynics will try to smear them as they will, but that is a true American family

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

OH 07:Neuhardt visits Pickerington Obama Office

Today at the grand opening for Barack Obama's Ohio Campaign for Change headquarters in Pickerington,Sharen Neuhardt stopped by to meet the staff and volunteers and to speak.

Was great to meet Sharen face to face and listen to her experiences with Congress Woman Stephanie Tubbs Jones at a Cleveland Fundraiser last Monday night. She expressed the need to change and the possiblities of winning the 7th District.

Sharen is one of us and not a career politican. She is a accomplished attorney and lives on a farm in Green County. We need people like her in Congress to truly represent the people of her district rather then the corporate and right wing special interests that are bankrolling her opponets campaign.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

900+ in Ohio are "Fired Up and Ready to Go"

Today on the campus of The Ohio State University 900 plus campaign leaders from all areas of Ohio spent the day at an organizing convention put on by Barack Obama's Ohio Campaign for Change. These were paid staffers, Volunteer Neighborhood Team Leaders and Coordinators in attendance. This event is unprecedented in Ohio Political history for so many campaign leaders to spend their entire day to travel to Columbus from every county in this state not to attend a rally but to have a nuts and bolts organization and training meeting.

Governor Ted Strickland addressed the group with his exciting brand of motivation, but articulated clearly the importance of this campaign especially in Ohio. The rest of the day was nuts and bolts planning, organizing and idea sharing.

What was most remarkable was the wide range of demographics of the leaders that will be hitting the streets and organizing their neighborhoods. The included many religions, all races, ages from young teens to in their 60's and older. Union members, business owners, veterans, teachers, students and stay at home mothers.

The size and motivation of this core group is a clear indication that this campaign will be different in Ohio. Every county, every neighborhood, city, rural, traditionally blue or red will have organized teams knocking on doors.

One topic that hit me personally was the need for us "Internet" supporters, those that email and blog furiously expressing our opinions and ranting on various issues, to get off the net, and to get our shoes on the ground in our neighborhoods.

I am not discounting the value of blogging by any means. But I am also quite aware that blogs don't register voters, nor do they get people to the polls on election day. Most that read political blogs are already politically aware and active, its the ones that don't that will make or break this election.

So I urge all of you, blog away, continue your good work on the net. But put on those comfy shoes, put on your Obama button, get to some events and start talking to your neighbors. There are over 50 Obama campaign offices in Ohio, if you haven't been to one yet, get your feets moving and get to one.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

McCain, Women and Character

I was raised in a family of a lot of women. My mother, 5 sisters and at one time even an aunt lived with us when I was young. Perhaps more importantly my father taught me with his example on how the true measure of a man was how he treated the women in his life. Respect, care and understanding was always taught, along with chivalry and of course the absolute standard about never raising a hand to a woman.

This upbringing has served me well throughout my life. I have had relationships with many women both romantic and friendships. I have had women as customers, collegues and bosses and their gender was rarely a factor in how I interected with them. It is understandable then why I often form my opinion of other Men based on how they treat the women in their lives.

One of the things I have noticed about Barack Obama is the incredible respect he shows for his grandmother, his mother and his wife. The opinions he has of them, the way he looks at Michele tell me much about the man. One very subtle thing I noticed at a rally where he and Michele appeared together. She came up on the stage with him prior to his speech, did the waves and smiles as usual. But what stood out to me was that as Michele went down the stairs to her seat, he despite the large crowd behind him, turned and stood there watching that she got to her seat safely. Now with dozens of Seceret Service around of course she would, yet it was this natural care and respect only a man of true character shows his wife.

Contrast that with John McCain. He jokes about his womanizing in Florida after graduating from the Naval Academy. After he returned from Vietnam and found his wife was disabled from a car accident he began dating a rich blonde heiress 17 years younger then him, 9 months of that dating while he still lived with his wife.

More recently he called his current wife Cindy the c-word in front of reporters and staff. Finally in recent weeks he joked about how she should participate in a topless bikers beauty pagent.

If a female friend was considering dating a man like this, most of us would advise her to stay away him, yet people want this man to be President?

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

McCain for restoring the Draft

The man who never met a country he didn't want to attack has figured out he needs to draft our young people to fight all his wars. This is judgement? Young people in general are energized for this election and those that are not should be.

Being cynical or claiming that you are not interested in politics isn't going to fly this election. Not only are you affected each and every day by the cost of education, health care, food, and gas by the policies McCain supports but now you or your loved ones may be drafted against their will to go to war.

Now we know why he opposed the GI Bill and so many other Veterans benifits. The cost will be astronomical since he intends to make all young people veterans.

Paying attention now?

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America has lost a great leader

We have lost Stephanie Tubbs Jones tonight. She was both a strong advocate for the voters in her district in NorthEast Ohio but for voters over all. The thing about her that has always impressed me the most was her fortitude. She always stood strong for the people and issues she believed in regardless of pressure or criticism or political disavantage that it may have caused her.

She stood strong with her support for Hillary Clinton despite termendous pressure in the African-American Community. The most impressive action to me was her standing up and challenging the certification of the electors from Ohio after the 2004 Presidential Elections. Despite everyone throwing in the towel, including John Kerry himself, Ms. Tubbs Jones stood up and challenged the certification in Congress something that had only occured once before in the history of the United States.
She showed she stood for the voters of Ohio and America that day in a way no one else has.

She was a great leader for Ohio and America and she will be sorely missed.

My prayers and thanks go out to her friends and family.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

McCain's "Cross in Sand" story moving, but not his

At the Faith Forum John McCain in one of his endless grandpa stories he told one about a prison guard in Vietnam loosening his binds and then drawing a cross in the dirt. Though the story had little to do with the question actually asked, it was moving and touched the hearts of many who watched it, frankly including myself.

One problem, it didn't happen. The story was clearly stolen from Solzenitzen'S Gulag Archipelago

"Laying his shovel on the ground, he slowly walked to a crude work-site bench and sat down. He knew that at any moment a guard would order him to stand up, and when he failed to respond, the guard would beat him to death, probably with his own shovel. He had seen it happen to many other prisoners.

As he waited, head down, he felt a presence. Slowly, he lifted his eyes and saw a skinny, old prisoner squat down next to him. The man said nothing. Instead, he drew a stick through the ground at Solzhenitsyn’s feet, tracing the sign of the Cross. The man then got back up and returned to his work.

As Solzhenitsyn stared at the sign of the Cross, his entire perspective changed. He knew that he was only one man against the all-powerful Soviet empire. Yet in that moment, he knew that there was something greater than the evil that he saw in the prison, something greater than the Soviet Union. He knew that the hope of all mankind was represented in that simple Cross. And through the power of the Cross, anything was possible.

Solzhenitsyn slowly got up, picked up his shovel, and went back to work. Nothing outward had changed, but inside, he received hope."

So the question this raises, is McCain purposely plagiarizing stories to make himself look good thus is a liar or has he lost the ability to recall what events actually occurred in his life versus what he read in a book.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saddleback:Simplistic Fantasies vs Intelligent Reality.

The real contrasts between Barack Obama and John McCain were clear tonight in the forum at the Saddleback Church in Orange County California. Question after question Barack Obama had a conversation with the Pastor and the American People. He gave real answers to many difficult questions. He not only showed that he heard the question in the first place but gave answers based on an actual understanding of those issues. It was clear he was intelligent, thoughtful and sincere throughout the evening.

Then came McCain who went off on endless stories that reminded me of my Grandpa's stories of the olden days that sometimes had little to do with the question asked. When he did give answers he stated simplistic short responses based on what he thought the audience wanted to hear, despite the fact they were completely unrealistic. When he did give longer answers they were partisen rants we have heard over and over again the last 8 years.

When it came to a question on defining "rich." Obama game a real answer on taxation and fairness and how tax policy and tax cuts should be done. McCain basically made the dream world answer that he wasn't going to tax anyone. On a question on evil, McCain said a simple we must defeat it. Obama said that it must be confronted strongly knowing of course true evil will always exist and there will always be a battle to fight it and how we must work with the world to do so. On a question on Supreme Court justices, Obama gave an answer speaking of choosing Justices based on their qualifications, McCain gave an answer saying he wouldn't support the entire list of "liberal" justices which, by the way all of which he actually voted for.

The pun dents tonight are assuming the American people are stupid, believing that McCain's stump speech simplistic uninformed answers will be better received than Obama's answers based in true and realistic intellectual understandings.

I have more faith in the American people than the pun dents. I believe they will see McCain for what he is, a partisan who will say anything he thinks you want to hear vs. Obama an intelligent thoughtful leader that has the ablity and understanding to actually solve problems.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Bush and McCain Really Said This?

Today George W. Bush said: "bullying and intimidation are not acceptable ways to conduct foreign policy in the 21st century."

Yesterday McCain said: "in the 21st century nations don't invade other nations"

The families of 10's of thousands of dead Iraqis wish these two hypocrites thought of this 6 years ago.

If you wondering why the world has lost all respect for the leaders (and I use that word loosely) of the United States, these two statements pretty much say it all.

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Pickerington for Obama Office Opens

Tonight the Pickerington for Obama Campaign Headquarters opened in the northwest Fairfield County suburb near Columbus. An enthusiastic group of local supporters helped Shawn from the Obama staff opened the doors and started getting the place ready for the next few months of intense work in this area.

The "every state, every county, every community" strategy is evident not only by the opening of this office but the incredible organization and plans for the campaign ahead.

The office is located at 155 E Columbus, Suite 190 in olde towne Pickerington. It will have signage up soon. All Obama supporters are welcome to stop in, say hello, meet Shawn and the volunteers in the area and find out how to get involved.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hypocrite McCain Strikes Again

Today John McCain had this to say about the Russia/Georgia situation:"in the 21st century nations don't invade other nations."

Oh? 2003 would definitely be in the 21st Century and Iraq is definitely a nation, yet McCain voted for and continues to support this invasion?

Moral authority at its best.

Voters have a choice this November between the continued Hypocrisy of Bush and McCain or an actual Leader in Barack Obama. Seems quite a simple choice.

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McCain makes idle theats, Obama proposes solutions

In typical Bush cowboy diplomacy style, McCain has responded to the Russian attack on Georgia by rattling a non existent saber. It is not only laughable to the Kremlin when McCain spouts idle threats, considering our military is stretched thin because of Bush's war, but it makes not only John McCain but our country look incredibly weak.

Why did Russia do this now? It's simple, because of the foreign policy, economic and energy policies of Bush and McCain, we have increased Russia's strength in the world and seriously weakened anything the United States can do about it.

Just step back and take a look at all the damage now caused by Bush's illegal war that McCain supports and wishes to continue indefinitely. First there is the war on terror that has been neglected. Osama Bin Laden continues to live and plan all safe and cozy somewhere on the Afghanistan border. The Taliban have made a resurgence in Afghanistan itself. The world is on the brink of economic crises due to the effect the Iraq war has had on oil prices. The United States has even lost any moral authority to lead a coalition of countries to take even diplomatic action to solve this crises since we are seen by the world as an aggressor country that attacks sovereign nations without justification as well. And now Russia is clearly in the process of restoring the Soviet Union as tanks now roll through the streets of Georgia.

Now republicans are trying to spin this as proof we need a commander in chief like McCain. It is mind boggling they are even attempting this line of crap. The entire world and hopefully American voters can clearly see this crisis was made possible bythe Bush/McCain style of governing.

How weak is the United States seen around the world? This is from the German Magazine Spiegel: "The West urgently needs to get tough to contain Russia's new-found imperialism in the wake of its military action in Georgia, write German media commentators. The problem is that the EU, as usual, lacks the required unity while the US has a lame duck president whose invasion of Iraq robbed him of authority. "

It reminds me of bullies in high school. Whenever they know they don't have the intelligence to actually deal with an issue, they threaten to beat someone up. The only problem is, usually bullies actually can, McCain just looks weak.

Rather then making weak idle threats, Barack Obama has spoken out clearly about finding diplomatic ways to actually find real solutions to solve this crises. If we needed any more proof this country needs Obama as President, this is it.

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Ohio Barn for Obama

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Bush loses “The Game of Risk”

Ok I may be dating myself but when I was in college one of our past times was a board game called “The Game of Risk.” For those not familiar it was a strategy game about world dominance that involved placing your armies and making alliances in order to not only defend your territory but to gain strength and eventually dominate the world.

I cannot help but see the correlation between that game and what is currently happening in the Republic of Georgia. Bush has so damaged and overused the resources of the United States that we are now impudent while Russia takes what appear to be steps to restore the Soviet Empire.

While Bush has put all the cubes the United States has into Iraq not only have we lost control of Afghanistan, but also to our flank the Russians are clearly taking steps to overrun Georgia to restore the old Soviet Empire.

What cubes does Bush have to play to prevent it? Well he tried expressing outrage about Russia creating an excuse to invade a sovereign nation. But um since we did exactly that in invading Iraq we no longer have the moral authority to rally the world to do anything about it.

Do we have the military force cube? Well let’s see we don’t have enough military to cover Afghanistan, the real war on terrorism so I’m guessing Russia is pretty safe.

The economic pressure cube? Hmm well since Europe and we are so dependent on Russian oil, I’m guessing, nope.

So while the Bush McCain foreign, energy, and economic policies are all tied up elsewhere, Russia is moving through at will just like in the “Game of Risk” where a player flies through the flank of a player left open and takes over the world.

What damage has Bush done, how much more damage can be done with 4 more years of the same policies? Well I’m guessing our time as the only super power is about over.

Unfortunatly this isn't a game. The cold war has returned. Way to go Bush.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

RepubOILcan desperate

After spending the last several weeks blocking or delaying every single attempt made by the Democrats in Congress to pass real solutions on energy, the RepubOILcans and McCain are showing their desperation by pulling silly stunts to try to distract Americans from the failed policies that lead our country into this economic crisis.

Knowing a blood bath is approaching in the upcoming elections where even Big oils money won't save their seats, the RepubOILcans latest stunt is to demand Congress come back into session right as the conventions approach. This is laughable since Democrats in congress put a number of bills up for consideration and the RepubOILcans filibustered and delayed and stalled on every single bill.

Real solutions on rampant speculation, forcing Big Oil to actually produce oil on the 68,000,000 acres they now are able to use, assistance for low income homeowners were all stalled or blocked because they didnt include provisions that would allow Big Oil to pad their balance sheets even further by adding more leases to drill that they would likely not use.

Voters must be made aware that the reason nothing was accomplished this summer was that the RepubOILcans and their Big Oil backers prevented it. Why? So they could pull these stunts and hope the American people are not paying attention.

We have had 8 years of Big oil being in control of government and Congress. We have had 8 years of rising gas prices, a declining economy and record profits of Big Oil.
Americans know it is the RepubOILcans that have created this situation, and thus will throw the bums out to increase the Democratic Majority so real solutions can be implemented.

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