Sunday, June 28, 2009

OH 07: Austria earns his paycheck from Big Oil

As expected Steve Austria congressman from the 7th district in Ohio, walked in lock step with his fellow RepubOILcans and voted against the Energy Bill on Friday. He put the interests of Big Oil fat cats that contribute to his campaigns such as Marathon, ConocoPhillips, Ashland Oil, and American Gas Association above the interests of both his constituents and the world.

He voted no to take steps to fight climate change that could be the most cataclysmic event in the worlds future if nothing is done. He voted no to strengthening our national security by lessening our dependency on foreign Oil. He voted no to creating thousands of new green jobs to help the economy of Ohio.

As expected Steve Austria is not about the betterment of the citizens of his district, our country, the world or its citizens. Steve Austria is about politics and keeping his big oil backers happy.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

To the GOP: Parole Denied!

The "Right" is screaming and yelling about spending. They use scare statements like "mortgaging your children's future," "It's socialism," "High Taxes!" After 8 years of Republicans controlling our nations spending that's like Paris Hilton criticizing Sarah Palin's clothing allowance.

Don't get me wrong, spending is a concern. But what is most important is how it's spent. Since the years of Reagan almost all the economic policies of our government and resources have gone to increasing the wealth of the wealthy. Starting wars, paying off campaign contributors like pharmaceutical companies, and the oil companies with spending. Giving government contracts to personal cronies like Haliburton, spending money on charter schools many of which are contracted to friends of the politicians that are more about profit then education.

Meanwhile, education has suffered, health care has worsened, more and more of our services are contracted out to companies full of fraud and abuse, and the wars on which we have spent money have destroyed our reputation around the world. Under Republican policies our country declined in strength, economically and militarily, our quality of life has suffered and even the wealth that was created for the few turned out to be false.

The house of our economy has a roof that is damaged from all the storms caused by Republican leadership. It is leaking badly and the longer that roof is left to leak the more damage is being done to the structure.

Thus that roof must be fixed and fixed now. It will cost money. That is what our President is doing. Then once it is fixed, we must find a way to pay for it. That can be done with investing taxpayer money in projects that have long term gain for the country as a whole not just the rich. That improves the economy, brings jobs, improves education and health care. That increases the quality of life for all.

These high spending Republicans that took this country from a surplus under Bill Clinton, to the largest deficit in history are like the Criminal that suddenly finds religion until he gets parole. But the voters are the parole board and we do not forget that quickly. These Republicans remain a danger to society and should not be allowed to repeat their crimes. Parole denied.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Wisdom of Obama

After seeing the irresponsible comments made by the GOP Senators and Congressmen regarding Iran, I thank God for the Wisdom of our President. He used restraint and wisdom in his statements about the situation in Iran to avoid giving the "Supreme Leader" any credibility when blaming the United States for the unrest.

The President and in fact even the resolutions passed by the Congress and the Senate state support for the demonstrators rights, free elections and the abhorrence of violence. Yet wisely he did not take sides in the election dispute itself or appear in any way trying to manipulate the situation.

The GOP on the other hand rather then using wisdom in their statements that have as their motive to make things better for the world, for prospects of peace, and for the prospects of change in Iran, they instead want to use George Bush cowboy terms and puff out their chests and saber rattle. This approach would do great harm to the resistance movement in Iran and thus strengthening the existing government, stoke anti American sentiments and make the middle east and the world even less safe.

It is quite clear that the GOP leaders are interested in one thing, criticizing Obama. To that end they put safety, peace and even their country's interests last.

Yesterday we saw supporters of the government in Iran shouting as usual, "Death to America". Today we see people in the streets now shouting "Death to Khamenei." That would not have happened if the anti-American fears of the Iranian people had been stoked by chest pounding by our President.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Message to Sarah: Shut the hell up

Sarah Palin your playing the victim is ridiculous. Stretching a joke out for days with fake outrage makes you look more like the fool then you already do. It was a joke, yes it was over the line. That is why that for perhaps the first time in late night comedy, he apologized.

But can you leave it at that? No of course not you want to milk it to extend your 15 minutes of fame that you have done nothing to deserve, to twist the joke into something much more. In fact you don't even have the intelligence to even have the facts of the joke correct.

Finally to imply that its a "left wing media conspiracy" is laughable. Every national figure that is such an easy target as you are indeed the butt of jokes. Do you recall the endless Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky jokes?

You are a joke because of what you are. A intellectually challenged former beauty queen that is nothing more then a prop. Who can't even say her lines provided by others correctly. One that has to plagiarize others speeches to hide her own lack of substance. You are the Alaskan version of Paris Hilton, nothing more. Though that may be an insult to Paris Hilton.

The Democrats can only hope you are the future of the republican party, because that will assure that the GOP will continue to lose more and more support, votes and elections.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Desperate and Dangerous

Today another incident has occurred that is clear evidence that the right wing radicals have become more desperate and dangerous. This shooting at the Holocaust Memorial Museum is another in a series of hate incidents involving such a radical in the United States since the historic election of Barack Obama.

In April three Police officers lost their lives in Pittsburgh when they were killed by a member of a right wing white supremacist group.

A couple weeks ago Dr George Tiller was murdered by a radical anti abortion activist.

Today, at least one security guard has been killed by a gunman who was another anti government anti Semitic radical.

These are the incidents most publicized so far but is a clear indication that the desperation of these radicals is leading them to violent action. The danger is inflamed by those that continue to dispel hate producing words and statements. Those that continue to spread false rumors about the President's religion, his birth certificate and even accusations he may be the anti-Christ. Words like socialism, baby killer, murder and used to inflame fear and this desperation. It is bad enough that such sentiments are promoted by groups that normally have a hate agenda, but the constant reinforcement of these things by right wing talk radio, and Fox News Channel as well as some Republican elected officials are beyond irresponsible and becoming close to liable.

How dare these people wrap themselves in the flag and then encourage the hate, fear, desperation and the falsehoods that inspire these people to violence. These people do not love their country, they hate period. Their desperation has grown to a peak because they can now see the majority of the country has moved on beyond hate and lies and have overwhelmingly elected a man like Barack Obama President.

A few months ago Janet Napolitano was blasted by the right for her true and clearly accurate comments about the Department of Homeland Security's real concern about these radicals. The fact is she was trying to protect America. Whereas those that promote hate put their idealogical hate agenda above their country and the safety of its citizens.

It is time for this to stop. It is time to stop supporting these hate mongers in any way. It is no longer funny or entertainment to laugh at the ignorance of people like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly. These people are inspiring people to violence and it must stop.

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