Friday, July 23, 2010

A Great Week for America

Thanks to President Obama and the Democrats in Congress this has been a great week for our country, despite Republicans and the Right. After years of the utter destruction of all regulations that protect Americans and our Economy from reckless banking and investment practices leading to a near depression, the President and the Democrats in Congress passed sweeping financial reform regulation to actually solve the problems.

While millions of Americans remain unemployed from the Bush recession, Democrats passed and the President signed a bill restoring unemployment benefits. This not only helps the unemployed but immediately puts more money actively into the economy to continue the Obama recovery.

Also last weekend the oil gushing into the gulf that was caused by lack of any enforcement of regulation during the Big Oil Presidency of the last 8 years, was with the oversight of the President's Man Admiral Than Allen finally brought to a stop.

Meanwhile what have the Republicans and the right been doing? They have clearly with malice and forethought attempted to block any legislation that will help our economy and prevent future economic disasters. Why? Because the worse the economy stays by November, the more votes they think they will get.

They have blocked helping millions of American families keep their unemployment benefits, while making statements blaming these middle class families for their own fate, calling them lazy, dead beats and worse. They claim they only wanted to pay for these benefits, yet they never said a word when they gave tax breaks to the rich that weren't paid for a big part of what lead us into the deficit slide.

In addition they criticized the President's Moratorium on deep water oil drilling as "job killing." Yet clearly the job's killed by the clearly unsafe, unprepared practices of the oil companies in this one incident have killed thousands of jobs not to mention the environment of the area. The Obama Administration has as its responsibility to protect America. Any thing less then attempting to prevent another similar disaster would be negligence.

So yes a very successful week for America, Democrats and President Obama. A week which reminds people why they voted for them. Competence, action, hope, and change. How has the right wing attempted to distract from such success. By trying to divide the country by race baiting, creating white fear, and fanning fires of racism.

Never has it been so clear, who is for action, solutions and change, and who is for greed, political games, and dividing America.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Big Win for America and The President

Today President Obama signed Financial reform into law despite the attempt by all but a few Republicans for political reasons to block it. This is another in a series of effective legislation by the Obama Administration and Democrats to not only solve the real issues that have remained stalled for decades, but to come through on his campaign promises.

This financial reform bill includes the biggest consumer protection features since the Great Depression. It ends too big to fail. It prevents taxpayer bailouts to irresponsible organizations. It increased transparency on bank investments, mortgages and bank fees.

This is just another in a series of major successes of President Obama and the Democratic led Congress, even though the Republicans have made it clear they want Obama to fail therefore America to fail on each and every piece of legislation.

This along with the stimulus package that stopped the slide toward depression and the losses of 700,000 jobs a month and the health care reform bill that has been attempted for 40 years makes this the most effective Presidency and Congress since the days of Franklin Roosevelt.

There is so much left to do, and for it to be done the contrasts between Democrats and Republicans being in power is quite clear. Democrats take of the hard problems with real solutions that help 90% of Americans while Republicans make false promises while helping only the rich and the greed of major corporations.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Faux News Caught Race Baiting Again

In its never ending disgusting attempt to cause racial divide in this country, Fox News jumped all over another story by discredited liar Andrew Brietbart. This scum is the one that used creative editing to paint ACORN falsely as a unscrupulous organization. Despite the fact that later Breitbart's videos have been proven to be doctored and ACORN proven innocent by numerous investigations.

Yesterday they repeated another edited Breitbart Video, to paint a USDA official as a black racist. The target Shirley Sherrod, was shown telling a story last march at an NAACP meeting about how 24 years ago was tempted not to help a white farmer that was "acting superior." What was edited out of the video was a wonderful anti racist story of understanding and realization that its about being poor, not race.

As usual Fox News in its ever obvious attempt to race bait, showed the edited version and jumped all over this story, which resulted in Ms. Sherrod's firing from the USDA.

It is about time that someone makes Andrew Brietbart and Fox News pay for their irresponsible false accusations and slander against African Americans. Lawsuits should be filed, FCC complaints issued, Cable Companies pressured, and Advertisers boycotted.

America showed by the election of Barack Obama we wish to move beyond race in our country. It is a shame that there are Neanderthals like Breitbart and those at Fox News that just don't get it.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Billboards to Beat Boehner

Are you like me tired of that nonsense partisan mouth of George Hamilton wannbe John Boehner? Does the thought of 2 more years of his eyewatering shouts of NO to every positive action that is taken by President Obama, make you turn redder then he is orange? Do you want to see him retired to 365 days on the golf course instead of his current 119 days a year? Then do something about it.

Go to: BeatBoehner Billboard and donate to help place billboards throughout Beohner's district in southwest Ohio. If you act now The People for the American Way Action Alliance and the AFL-CIO will both match your donation. So every 10 dollars donated by us results in a $30 donation total.

Hat Tip to downwithtryanny on Daily Kos


Friday, July 16, 2010

John Boehner Is Their Leader?

Ohio Republican Congressman and Minority Leader John Boehner reminds Americans every time he opens his mouth why they should not vote for Republicans in Congress and Senate. This week alone he has shown his total ignorance taunting the President, with the words "where are the jobs?" in response to the President speaking at a ground breaking of a new factory creating new jobs. A factory by the way made possible by the very stimulus package that Boehner continues to call a failure despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Then yesterday, the long awaited Financial Reform act passed, a bill widely popular among voters. A bill that will prevent the greed and misdeeds by big banks and wall street to throw our economy into a tail spin once again. John Boehner response, he wants a moratorium on all new federal regulations.

Is this man totally clueless to the needs of our nation? Lack of regulation created the economic disaster and the Bush recession. Lack of regulation caused millions of Americans to lose their homes. Lack of regulation created the need for millions of tax payer money to be used to bail out banks and other companies. Lack of regulation cost citizens 8 million jobs under Republican leadership. And now lack of regulation has caused the biggest environmental and one of the biggest economic disasters in the Gulf of Mexico in our nations history.

John Boehner and the Republicans want one thing, the rich to get richer, to hell with the consequences to everyone else. He is not alone, this has been the clear motivation of Republicans for decades. Tax cuts for the rich, let corporations take over our elections, let the oil companies run roughshod while putting our nation at risk, economically, environmentally and national security wise.

It sickens me that John Boehner represents my very own state, and it makes me no less disgusted that the only time we ever seen my own Congressman Steve Austria on Cspan, is usually him standing behind Beohner bobbing his head up and down like a bobble head doll.

The bottom line is this, Republicans caused the damage, they caused the recession, they are responsible for the oil spill, the took our country from surplus to deficit, they cost Americans 8 million jobs, the killed the middle class, while they gave tax breaks to the rich and corporations.

President Obama is being very successful in leading our nation into economic recovery, stopping the hemorrhaging of jobs, creating hundreds and thousands of jobs, saving the auto industry, helping middle class Americans with a tax cut and helping them get more affordable health insurance.

But the damage by the Republicans is deep. It cannot all be corrected over night. Especially when every step of the way, they put roadblocks in front of every positive action this President attempts to take.

It is clear Americans want action, they want improvement. One party and its President is clearly working hard in the right direction. The other is simply the Party of NO and are more interested in political rhetoric then actually doing anything to solve our nations problems.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Worst America has to Offer :Republicans

In November of 2008 America had one of its proudest moments, after centuries of racial divide, decades of corporate control of our elections, the people rose above it all and elected Barack Obama President of the United States. Since then the worst of America has rared its ugly head and its called the Republican Party.

It is truly a shame what the Republican Party has become. Jonathon Alter on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show said it well, "The GOP has been compromised by whack jobs" Senators and Congressmen who are elected to represent their districts and govern, have been reduced to hoping the country fails for political reasons. They have stood in the well of the Congress and told flat out lies about death panels. One screamed during a State of the Union speech, "you lie!" to the elected President of the United States. A Republican Governor of Texas threatens succession. A Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann says the President is turning us into a "nation of slaves."

The Tea Party movement which is a collection of misinformed clueless citizens who are manipulated by conservative PACs like freedomworks and television networks like Fox News Channel, fills up the airways with obvious racist undertones in signage and speeches. They rail against new taxes when there have been no tax increases but rather a tax cut. The scream about taking America back, back from who? A black President? The majority of Americans who elected him in a clear election with no questions about tampered voting machines, or sinister recounts?
The scream that the Constitution is in danger. It is? This President ended torture of prisoners, wire tapping of citizens without warrants, just to name two unconstitutional acts by the last administration. They still scream despite all evidence to the contrary that the President wasn't born in America or question his religion.

Fox News routinely distorts or makes up facts in all its programing. They have brought back McCarthyism by using false edited video to an destroy organization whose only crime was to assist the poor and underrepresented in getting homes and voting. What was disgusting these false accusations lead to congressional action against this organization and the end of the organization itself. Yet every investigation has shown they organization did nothing wrong.

Now this network tries to fan racial fears with trumped up allegations against something called the "new black panthers" which was a insignificant very small group that the Bush Justice Department chose not to prosecute. But oh the fear it brings out.

They crown as their queen a woman that clearly has no qualifications and lacks any ability or intelligence to hold any public office as their great hope for the future. A woman that uses winks and cute little phrases and shows absolutely no grasp for the facts or interest in knowing any real facts.

America is now subjected to daily racial slurs and attacks on thousands of radio stations daily as a man like Rush Limbaugh has gained so much power in the party, no one dares stand up against him. A man that joked about lynching Michele Obama, called an incident of black on white violence on a school bus, "Obama's America", eulogized the death of George Stienbrenner by describing him sarcastically as a cracker that made a lot of black men rich.

Republicans on all levels attempt to daily rewrite history. Not only the tv talkers and congress people who want us to forget it was Republican policies. that led us from surplus to deficit, it was Republican policies that lead to no regulation that created the perfect storm for last years recession. They go back even further. Today I laughed when I heard a right wing talker refer to the Hoover/Roosevelt Depression. It was FDR and his policies that brought America out of depression, that is historical undisputed fact unless you read Republican text books. Oh yes, they are doing that too, rewriting school text books to take out references to slavery in regards to the civil war.

More recently Republicans have blamed unemployment on the unemployed, the recession not on wall street and those that made millions in bonuses and feed their greed but instead every day Americans that lost their homes. They apologize to BP for making them pay for the biggest environmental and economic disaster in American History. They are stalling legislation trying to prevent programs that will help the economy, the unemployed and the jobless rates. Why? by hurting America they think more will vote for them in November.

Speaking of November here in Ohio just look at who they put up as candidates. John Kasick a man who made millions on wall street and was directly involved in moving Ohio State Retiree's money to his company to his personal benefit and to the detriment of those retirees as Lehman Brothers went under. For Senator they put up Rob Portman who was Bush's budget director, the man who led this nation from surplus to deficit, while at the same time they are screaming about deficits.

Yes, the worst of America is truly visible in the Republican Party. Will America forget the pride and hope they felt the night Barack Obama was elected and return the reigns of Congress back to the hate, lies, distortions and pure incompetence of Republicans? The majority of American's are smarter then that, I hope.

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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Is the Right Sabotaging the Economy for Political Gain?

From the beginning of the Obama Administration the Republicans have made one thing clear, they want the President to fail. They have said so publicly on numerous occasions, not only right wing talkers but Congressmen and Senators as well. They have constantly spouted false facts showing every action taken by the Obama administration has been a failure.

Republicans cannot run on their record on the record of the previous administration because of their utter and obvious failures in the economy, foreign policy, the wars, and doing anything to move this country forward. So their only play is to make things appear worse, to make the Obama administration appear to be a bigger failure then they are.

One problem, Obama has been one of the most successful Presidents in living memory. He has taken an economy on the brink of depression and propped it up, stopped the slide and began the turn around. One by one he has either succeeded or is on the path to success on almost every campaign promise he made. Ending the war in Iraq, taking Afghanistan seriously, Health Care, Finance Reform, Don't ask, don't tell, increasing resources and having increased success securing the borders, stopping the hemorrhaging of jobs and soon energy policy.

So how do the Republicans run against such success? Lie. Constantly claim the stimulus was a failure which by now it is clear it wasn't, make sure that nothing happens ongoing to help the economy, stall any more stimulus, let a quarter of a million teachers get laid off, damaging the employment numbers, refusing to extend unemployment benefits that causes damage to the economy well beyond the unemployed workers, attempt to stop the remaining stimulus money already approved from doing the good it was meant for. Just to name a few things they have done or are doing.

It is sad,that Republicans have put their own political futures above the well being of the United States and the economic situation of its citizens. All for what, to go back to the polices that made the rich, richer, allowed the oil companies unregulated access to put our environment at risk, and the cause such economic destruction that put half a million workers out of work a month. Stagnation on improvement of energy policies, health care, and foreign policy. Not to mention endless wars and the loss of trust and prestige throughout the world putting our nation more at risk.

So their slogan should be: Say No to a better future, Vote Republican.

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