Saturday, May 31, 2008

Michigan and Florida Dems Get What They Asked For

Since I have not hesitated to express my views when I disagree with the actions of the party leaders, it is only fair that I express my agreement as well.

The DNC Rules and Bylaws committee met today with a very difficult emotionally charged task to decide what to do with the Florida and Michigan situation. What I found surprising is that both states parties came to the meeting with good solid compromise proposals. The DNC approved both. Both states delegates were seated with one-half votes. The Obama campaign was generous in not objecting to allocation of those delegates based on the primary results, despite the fact there was no campaign there. In the case of Michigan were the primary didn't even have Obama's name on the ballot, they chose an option that based on the best information available reflected the will of the voters of that state.

I applaud the committee for working through a very difficult situation. I also applaud especially the members of the committee that were Clinton supporters who also supported this compromise in the interest of fairness and unity.

I also express my disdain at the childish and rude behavior of the Clinton supporters in the audience along with the silly threat by Clinton lackey Howard Ickes. These folks are never going to be happy unless Hillary gets the nomination. That is not going to happen for many reasons, regardless of the outcome of the vote today.

It's time for the Clintonites to be adults and to start thinking about the good of the country, rather then Hillary's ambitions.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Could the Father Pfleger Video Hurt Hillary More then Obama?

Once again the main stream media picks up another non story from the Fox News Propaganda machine and repeats it, despite the obvious disdain for this by those such as Chris Matthews who made his opinion quite clear on Morning Joe from MSNBC. This particular attempt at creating a new "pastor gate" by fox may actually backfire.

My take is this, unlike Pastor Wrights comments, this Priests comments were first clearly an attempt at humor and most importantly a great deal of Americans actually agree with him. I mean polls show a number of Americans doubt her sincerity. Her campaign has clearly been run from the beginning like she was "owed" the nomination. The lack of results of her campaign are clear evidence she and her campaign were blindsided by Obama's success.

I have written as much here in the past and many many pundants have expressed similar opinions along the way. Yes perhaps not in such a mocking tone, but the opinions regardless are real. The only exception I have is his use of the word "white." With all her flaws I do not believe Hillary believed she deserved the nomination because she was white. Female perhaps, white no.

The more they show this video it doesn't really make Obama look bad instead it reinforces the widely held beliefs that already exist concerning Hillary.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Help Keep Progressive Radio on the Air in Columbus

If you like many of us get sick of only having the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to listen to on the radio, then you understand the importance of stations like WVKO1580 in Columbus.

It gives us shows from Air America, but also Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz and local progressive programming as well.

However it takes money to keep this station on the air and they need your help.

Below is a reprinted letter from the station to tell you how you can help.

WVKO-AM 1580 is Central Ohio's "Air America" station, broadcasting
Progressive Talk programs since December 2007.

There is good news and bad news about the station.

First the bad news:

Due to slow advertising sales, WVKO is currently having trouble
paying its bills. Good, progressive Salespeople are hard to find in
Central Ohio, especially for a startup mom-and-pop station like WVKO.
The station now finds itself with unpaid bills, and may have to shut
down if $50,000 is not raised within the next few weeks.

Now the good news:

Do you remember how it felt when Air America was pulled from the
airwaves a year and a half ago? Air America fans were told that there
was nothing they could do to help save that station. Well, this time
there is a way for you to keep Air America on the air ... through a
generous donation to the station. By clicking on your choice of PayPal
buttons on our Contribution page
, your contribution will go directly toward keeping Air America on

This show of support from Progressives like you will keep the station
on the air, and will enable WVKO management to pay off current debts.
Salespeople will be assured that the station will remain on the air,
enabling them to make sales calls with confidence.

Please make your contribution now:

For more information, and to track the Grand Total of contributions,
go here:

If you have any comments or suggestions for the station, please fill
out our online comment form here:

Thanks very much for your support!

WVKO Management


Ohio Majority Radio

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hillary is not "owed" the VP nomination

In recent weeks there has been this ongoing drumbeat by the media and by Clintonites that somehow Hillary is owed the Vice Presidential nomination. I find this both laughable, ignorant and in some cases blackmail like.

Hillary and her supporters have acted throughout this entire process like she was owed the nomination. That is exactly why she has lost it. She expected the Democratic minions to line up and crown her the nominee because it was her turn. The voters said otherwise.

She lost this nomination through running a horrid inneffective campaign, full of lies, distortions, mistatements, mud throwing and whining. She has tried to change the rules, say one thing one day and another the next, she has proved she will say or do anything to keep her personal ambitions alive at the expense of the party and the country.

Her supporters claim she is needed on the ticket to win women or "the white working class." That is complete bunk. First to women, those that are voting for her just because she is a woman and claim they would vote for McCain if she doesnt get the nod show a level of ignorance and lack of understanding what a McCain presidency would do for women's issues. Those women that are whining that there was some sexist undertone as to why Hillary is losing are again not listening in anyway whatsoever. Are there a few sexists out there, of course, is this the reason she has lost, absolutly not. The fact is most Americans including me have voted for women in many cases for many offices and would not hesitate to do so for President, however just as Jesse Jackson wasn't the right Black Man to run for president, Hillary is simply the wrong woman.

The white working class argument is also just not based on facts. Throughout the country Barack Obama has done remarkably well among white voters. The only place that there has been an obvious demographic racial divide is among the uneducated racists in appalachia. I have news for you folks, these people voted for Bush in the last two elections and in the General election they won't vote for Hillary either. These are the fox news watching, Rush Limbaugh koolaid drinking dolts that do not either take the time nor care to obtain actual facts to make their choices in the voting booth.

The single most important factor in choosing a running mate is are they qualified to be President, that fact I have shown in my numerous "Shame on Hillary" posts are that because of her dishonesty she is not qualified to be President and thus not qualified to be Vice President.

So I urge Barack Obama to ignore the "blackmail" attempts by those such as Diane Fienstien and pick a running mate that is honest, honorable and will be good for the country as a whole.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Edwards says "It's Barack Obama!"

John Edwards fantastic speech endorsing Barack Obama to a delighted crowd in Grand Rapids Michigan. To some a bit late but the timing worked out perfectly. Despite the West Virginia primary it is clear the momentum remains with Obama and he is the presumptive nominee.

If Obama wants to remain consistant in his message of change not only in this country but in politics as a whole including within the democratic party, John Edwards is the perfect choice for a running mate.

It will not be pulling one of the party cronies like Ted Strickland in, it will not be cow towing to Hillary. It will be a bold, successful move that will be good for the campaign and the country.

I am thrilled by this endorsement as a former Edwards supporter in this campaign but more so I am thrilled as an American.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

I am done with the Ohio Democratic Party

Because of the hypocritical actions against Marc Dann today by the Ohio Democratic Party despite the fact he has committed no crime whatsoever. It is clear they have joined in a morals witch hunt which I will have no part of.

I will immediatly have my email address removed from their mailing lists and will no longer contribute to the state party in any way whatsover.

I have called for Redfern's resignation before for such other unwise management of the party and I do so again. I will also not support Ted Strickland for reelection and will lobby vigourously with the Obama campaign to not seriously consider such a hypocrite for the Vice Presidential nomination.

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Stop the Scapegoating of Marc Dann

Since the rise of the Moral Majority in 1980 one of my main political goals has been to stop these people along with the Rod Parsleys and Pat Robertsons of the world from hijacking our country and enforcing their religion and moral beliefs on us all.

This recent "moral police" attack on Marc Dann must be stopped. I expect this type of thing from republicans but it disgusts me that people like Sherrod Brown and Ted Strickland have jumped on board. What a hypocrite Strickland is to feign such outrage at Marc Dann's affair while he stands there as the best friend of the Clinton's who were involved in the most celebrated marital infidelity in history.

As for you lefty bloggers, did you scream and shout for Bill Clinton to resign or to be impeached? Why not, didn't he have a sexual liasion with someone in his office? Perhaps before you all continue this witch hunt you should read "The Crucible" again.

Marc Dann did NOT commit a crime, he did not break any laws. He is not even accused of doing so. Whether or not you think cheating on your spouse is wrong or not, which frankly I do, the fact is, it is not illegal. The only person that has the right to hold him accountable is his wife period. The only accusation of a sexual harrasment crime was of another in his office not Dann.

So get off your moral high horses hypocrites or start demanding that every person in the state that has ever committed infidelity immediately resign from the jobs.

This frankly is just outrageous. What's next, demanding the impeachment of anyone that watches Cinemax?

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It's official Hillary is delusional

I have not written much in my blog as of late waiting for the silliness of this campaign to pass. This race was over a month ago and by every way of doing math that anyone with a brain uses, Obama has won this nomination.

Tonight as Obama trounces Hillary in North Carolina and as of this hour its still a dead heat in Indiana I'm sitting here watching Hillary give a victory speech. Someone needs to teach her simple mathmatics. It's over it's done. Go home Hillary.

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