Friday, November 20, 2009

OH 18: Moll shows her ignorance once again

Jeanette Moll once again shows her ignorance on twitter. She tries to twist today's study on PAP tests to mean something that it doesn't.. She states "pouring salt on an open wound, panel suggests that fewer pap smears should be done. Wives/mothers not worth the cost of preventative care?? " Wives and Mothers? Did she not even read the news reports on this study? This was simply a recommendation for women under 20.

Again spouting off without knowing what she is talking about.

Oh and apparently me calling out her ignorance is annoying her as she blocked me from following her in twitter.

Ok I'll stop as one comment on my blog suggested, we want her to be the Republican Candidate for the 18th District kinda like we want Palin to get the nomination in 2012. Can you say landslide?

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Voinovich: Spouting Republican Lies to cover absence

Ohio Senator Voinovich is trying to explain his lack of even showing up to vote to discuss the bill by spouting RepubLIECan lies about the bill. He claims the bill hurts seniors despite the fact AARP endorses it and the cuts to medicare in actuality only cutting subsidies to the Insurance industry.

He says the bill is too expensive even though the non partisan Congressional Budget Office has found the bill actually cuts the deficit. He also tries to tie the health care bill to unemployment which is like tying the outcome of the Ohio State Michigan game tomorrow to the price of milk.

The biggest lie he tells is implying that it will cost most Americans a tax increase when again the reality is no one that makes under $250,000 a year will ever seen their taxes go up in this bill or any bill under the Obama Administration.

Why does he lie? Well besides the fact he is a RepubLIEcan, he also wants to justify the fact he doesn't even plan to show up to vote tomorrow in order to attend a party with old cronies from his mayoral days in Cleveland.

Despicable Voinovich, Americans go bankrupt and die while you lie and party on.

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Voinovich: Going to a Party more Important then your Health Care.

The Senate has been working hard on a compromise Health Care Bill. Ohioans overwhelming want health care reform. A Harvard study has shown 14,000 Americans lose their insurance every single day, 1998 go bankrupt and 123 die. Senator Voinovich will not only not vote to even allow the health care reform bill to go to debate Saturday, he won't even be there.

Whats more important? A party in Cleveland with his old Mayoral Staff.

This is more of a slap in the face to Ohioans then voting no.

Senator if your done representing Ohioans perhaps you should resign now and let a replacement be named that will show up for one of the most important votes in decades.

Call Senator Voinovich to let him now how you feel. 202-370-7861

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

OH 18: Moll tries to remain relevant with false mammogram claims

Republican Candidate for Congress continues to try to remain relevant by quoting false Rupurt Murdoch (Faux News and Wall Street Journal) statements.

Her latest is the ignorant wacko conspiracy theory that the recent Task Force Study on Mammograms is some evil plan to deny women health care in health care reform

The actual facts are, this was an independent study that has absolutely nothing to do with the Health Care bill. Second of all this study did not say women under 50 should not get mammograms it did say that individual decisions should be made based on other factors, health history and family history for example, rather then just basing it on age.

No one is suggesting they should not be covered by private insurance or any insurance for that matter.

If Jeanette Moll is going to try to win a seat on congress by using Faux newsisms as her platform, she will find herself the queen of the ignorant vote but defeated badly in any election. Perhaps she could try writing a book to make some bucks and draw crowds at tea parties. But no one is going to believe that she is even slightly qualified to have a seat in Congress.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Boycotting Bob Evans

The Other Paper has reported that Bob Evans Restaurants in a pilot program has installed flat screen televisions at two Columbus Area Locations, Graceland and Canal Winchester. In the evening even when requested by Customers they have refused to change the channel from Fox News.

I am a frequent Customer of Bob Evans. Luckily the ones I attend have yet to install Televisions. But I have already contacted them informing them that I will walk out the door if I ever see Fox News Channel on a TV screen in their or any business.

I will spend my money where hate and lies are not forced on the customers of the establishment.

I recommend other Customers contact Bob Evans to inform them of your concern, to nip this in the bud.

UPDATE: Bob Evans Corporation has Replied, see comment attached

Contact Bob Evans

Source: The Other Paper

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Does the Right Even Know What Our Constitution Says?

For the last 6 months we keep hearing people on the right shouting out accusations of unconstitutionality against President Obama and the Democratic Majority Congress. We have even had the Republican Minority Leader in the House and embrarrasment to Ohio, John Boehner quote The Preamble of the Declaration of Independence claiming it was the Constitution.

Yet here is the reality. A majority of American Voters chose Electors to put Barack Obama in office as our President. In addition those same voters choose to give control of the House and Senate to Democrats. Just as the Constitution prescribes. So what does the right do? Try to find every possible way to nullify the results of one the basis of our democracy an election. They have done so by claiming ridiculous things like the birthers or making accusations of election Fraud by Acorn, which by the way not a single case of such has ever been proven in any court of law.

Speaking of Courts of Law, another basis of our Constitution, the "Right" is now screaming that Attorney General Eric Holder plans to use the constitutionally mandated courts and rule of law to try the terrorists behind 9/11. Our court system and rule of law has worked for this country for over 200 years. Should we allow this act of Terrorists lower our constitutional standards?

So why does the right hate the constitution? I for one love it, I trust it and I will not stay silent when those on the right try to use the Constitution when its convenient and ignore it when its not. In fact I have actually read it, unlike most that wave it like a flag at the parties of the ignorant promoted by Faux News.

Keep in mind in the last several decades it is the right that has tried to ammend the constitution for every pet issue that comes up, not the left. Flag burning, Abortion, Gay Marriage are examples. Thank goodness we had wiser men behind creating it and the rules for ammending it in the first place.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Biggest Embarrassment to CNN Dobbs is Gone

After years of damaging CNN's unbiased credibility, Lou Dobbs announced he was leaving the Network last night. I personally began writing and complaining to CNN as long as 2 years ago as Dobbs continued to convert his show into a right wing propaganda hour which primary purpose seem to be to promote his books.

In recent years he has gonna further and further to the right injecting his far right views into almost every story he reported on. This has led to an uprising of viewers that have created sites such as which I link to from this blog.

Though it was clear that Dobbs was damaging CNN not only in credibility but ratings as well, he attempted to spin his exit as his choice to find a way to further push his racist right wing agenda. Apparently the constraints of working for a network that wants unbiased factual coverage was too restraining for him. He of course has his radio program, and of course all know that facts or bias is not a restraint any anchor on Faux News has to concern themselves with. So clearly there are places for him.

When I heard this news this morning at 6 am which is way earlier then I normally get up, I was suddenly wide awake in bed with a huge grin on my face, this is indeed a good day for CNN and America.

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

BSC Michele Bachman leads Ignorant Crowd

Well known bat sh*t crazy Congresswoman Michele Bachman leads a crowd of Faux News inspired tea baggers today at Capital Hill. They of course are trying to reinvigorate the August events by shouting things like "socialism" and "government takeoever" none of which of course has any resemblance to anything in the actual health care reform bill to be voted on.

The Crowd estimate is around 3500. I can be assured who are not there are any of the 14000 that are losing their health insurance today, or any of the 1998 filing bankruptcy today due to health care costs, or any of the 123 Americans that will die today because of lack of insurance.

Keep up the stall tactics and ignorant political games Bachman it keeps getting you more press while more Americans die every day.

Oh on a humorous side note, somewhat BSC Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis just called Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal "main street journalism" while quoting it as proof against health care reform.

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

BSC Conservatives suffer Humilating Defeat

So all the Bat Sh*T Crazy, Faux News Factually challenged, Limbaugh Loving, Palin following, Corporate sponsored "grass roots" screaming right wing wackos, took to the streets to fight for the soul of the RepubLIEcan party in the little upstate 23rd Congressional District in New York. They had Sarah Palin writing on her face book page about it, they had their designated propaganda network promoting it daily, the right wing blowhards shouting over the radio waves. Dick Army and his "grass roots" corporate funded FreedomWorks making 30,000 phone calls. They were so effective that the actual Republican candidate for the seat resigned, leaving them with a proven uninformed on any significant issue "true conservative" to hold the seat.

The result? For the first time in over a century the New York 23rd Congressional District will now be represented by a Democrat. Well done!

Hmm, perhaps I should donate to Freedomworks so they do more of this. Ok maybe not.

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