Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Time for a Boycott of NewsCorp

Because of years of lies, moral and ethical irresponsibility, mongering hate, and the lowering of the collective intelligence of the American People, it is time to boycott all the holdings of Rupurt Murdoch's NewsCorp.

Do not watch, read or support them in any way. If you must, take note of the advertisers and write them and express your dissatisfaction for advertising on those outlets.

Some of the NewsCorp Holdings are:

Fox Network
Fox Sportsnet
Fox News Channel
The New York Post
The Wall Street Journal

In addition boycott any radio station that uses Fox News as its hourly news report, that in Columbus includes WTVN.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Why the surprise at the New York Post Cartoon?

Of course the cartoon depicting the police shooting the dead chimp, implying it was the writer of the stimulus package was despicable. But why are people surprised. The New York Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch. This is the same dude that owns tabloid rags all over the world and now most disgustingly he is destroying the Wall Street Journal. Add that to his ownership of the complete farce of journalism Faux News Channel this cartoon was just par for the course.

His news outlets have a long history of being fact optional, and incredibly biased. Yet all the while claiming the opposite. Not only do they have no credibility among anyone with a triple digit IQ, but under his ownership there is not even a hint of social, moral or ethical responsibility.

I for one will not watch, read or buy anything owned by this man. When I am aware of any company that advertises with them I won't buy from them. Though I do have to admit I don't know too many of the advertisers because I never see the ads. Spike Lee today also suggested that any Political Figure, Actor, Athlete or anyone that the New York Post attempts to interview should refuse to speak to them. My only question is why has this not happened before on all the Murdoch outlets. I get incensed when I hear a Democrat gave an interview to Faux News as if they were a real news organization. They aren't. None of his properties are, with the possible exception of the Wall Street Journal, but give it time. They are entertainment no better then the National Enquirer. Few will give an interview to that rag and Murdoch's properties should be treated the same way.

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Class Warfare at its Worst

If you listen to the right, the stimulus package and the housing package is all about the government taking money from "responsible" people and giving it to "losers." Crap! By the right I mean Republicans in Congress, talking heads on cable news, Faux news especially and of course the blowhards on right wing radio.

The biggest problem with their argument is, as usual its not based in fact in anyway whatsoever. If you listen to them, the entire economic crises has been caused by irresponsible people getting loans they didn't deserve or couldn't afford. That any help for people for those having a mortgage crises is just throwing money to dead beats.

Dead beats? Let's look at the bad mortgages for a moment. Yes there are a few that took loans that they could not afford, knew they couldn't afford it and never expected to afford them. Very few. The vast majority of these loans in trouble were in fact given to people that made reasonable careful decisions based on history. They expected, like has been the case for many years, that two things were a given. Those things being that they would have more income in the future, and the value of their home would increase. Until the last year very few people in this country did not operate with that belief. I myself was told more times then I have hairs on my head that it was stupid to rent that its just throwing money away. That I should get into a mortgage any mortgage because I can't lose. Luckily for me I didn't listen. But how many did? Millions. Meanwhile the mortgage brokers, the Realtors, the developers, the banks, the security traders all got rich off these loans with little risk. They used policies not forced on them, not demanded by anyone, but because they could make money. Period. Yet if you listen to the right it's the homeowners at fault, and not the greed of these people.

They love to blame of all things the "community reinvestment act." Let's talk about that act for a moment. It is not as the right would have you believe, an act that forced banks to give loans to poor jobless black people. In fact the purpose of that act few disagreed with. At the time of major bank acquisitions, when the local banks were being gobbled up by major banks, there was genuine concern that money invested in your local bank would be invested no where near where its depositors were. Instead of building homes and businesses in your community, it would be building casino's in Vegas, High rises in New York City, or retirement communities in Florida. The community reinvestment act simply required Banks to invest in the communities they served, where their deposits came from. Period. The use of this as a scape goat by the right is only one of a series of thinly veiled racist accusations.

Another huge group of mortgages in trouble are refinanced mortgages. These are not homes for the poor or the barely solvent. These were to provide additional funds to build pools, take vacations, pay for college, open businesses. Some of these yes were taken out by the unwise without thinking, the vast majority seemed a good risk at the time based on history of property values and income.

The stimulus nor the mortgage recovery plan has a single thing to do with redistributing wealth. It is to stem a tide that began in the Reagen era. A belief that if you allow the wealthy to get wealthier the benefits would trickle down. Instead what happened is that greed led to more greed, false wealth was created, many got rich, yet heaven forbid we blame them as they have money now and are "winners", it's the losers that are losing their homes at "fault". Again I say, Crap!

Before you are quick to blame all these "losers", you better take a quick look at the value of your house. What position would you be in if either you or your spouse lost your job? How quickly can you be suddenly jump from the "winner" category to the "loser" group.

The fact is the stimulus package and the mortgage relief packages as proposed by our President will help everyone winners and losers. It will stem the tide that is leading all of us, yes all of us, toward economic ruin. So put your racist finger pointing in check and realise this is what America needs, and that includes us all.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Austria and Tiberi put politics before jobs and education

As expected Congressmen Steve Austria and Pat Tiberi walked in lock step with fellow loser Republicans to maintain their course of putting politics above the citizens of their districts. The voted no on the stimulus package despite the fact it was the policies and their party that lead this country down this path.

Thank goodness the voters of the this country in most districts have put men like this in the minority in congress and our country can move forward on improving the economy and the lives of Americans despite them.

The whining of the republicans on this bill has been laughable. Tiberi complained it did nothing about the mortgage crisis. Well genius does it address it directly, no this is a jobs stimulus package. The mortgage crises is being dealt with in various other ways and in other bills and he knows this. Regardless Americans losing their jobs by the 10's of thousands is not helping the mortgage crises either. So this will in fact in a indirect way have a positive effect on that.

The other bogus claim is they didn't have time to read the bill. Bull pucky. This bill has been debated and discussed for weeks. They manage to find little pieces of it to take out of context and twist to complain about but somehow don't know whats in the bill? The bill as passed had only a few changes. Each and every congressman and Senator has a huge staff, this is what they are for, to read, analyze and provide the information to their bosses.

President Obama was unbelievably gracious and understanding when it came to getting the input from the Republicans on this bill. The bill was changed in ways not for the good, in my opinion, based on this input. The President reached out and acted in a bi partisan manner as he promised he would. The Republicans chose to still turn their backs on him and the country.

Quite clearly the Republicans didn't learn from their blistering defeat at the polls in November. Perhaps they will learn in 2 years when their numbers decrease even further. American has chosen leadership over partisan political games. Leadership will win.

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Voinovich and GOP holds America Hostage

600,000 workers lost their jobs last week, that makes it the worst month for jobs in 35 years. Yet republicans like George Voinovich are holding America hostage to try to force on us more of their failed economic policies that have lead our economy to the brink of ruin.

While they bicker and fight for real stimulus they push for tax cuts for corporations and the rich. While people lose their homes, their livelihood and ways to even feed their families, they push for cuts in food stamp programs. They have demanded we cut provisions spending on schools, on health care for the unemployed, to give the rich more tax cuts. They cut aid to states to provide services to its citizens so that to keep colleges, roads, health care, and other vital services solvent the states will have to raise taxes.

While companies lay off, close doors, struggle to survive, the republicans try to rewrite history by denying the stimulus spending by FDR is what saved this country in the 30's despite all historical and evidence proving otherwise. They try to blame democrats for the mess our country is in while it was a Republican administration and Republican congress that took a surplus and a vibrant economy and turned it in the biggest deficit and the most crippled economy in 70 years.

People like George Voinovich have the chance to negotiate and work out real solutions and a real stimulus package but instead he walks out fighting to keep the failed republican policies in place that led to this mess.

We need action now, we need real stimulus now, not a bill so watered down because of republican blackmail that will do little but just pay off corporate interests with their tax cuts. 42% of the bill is now republican tax bribes to their corporate interests. More money thrown away that has proven to do nothing to stimulate this economy.

Democrats must lead, they must pass a bill that works, despite the blackmail of the republicans. When we lead, when we do what works, it is them that will suffer in the polls in two years. If we let them prevent them from allowing us to lead and take real action then it will be democrats that suffer. That is their strategy, keep hold America and its economy hostage so they can have any chance of winning seats in 2 years.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

How Dare They

I have had enough of listening to the Republicans spewing their partisan crap about the stimulus bill.

Republicans lecuturing on increasing the deficit? These are the morons that took our country from a surplus to the largest deficit in history, but now suddenly when democrats are in charge and are left with an economic mess created by republican leadership they have found the anti deficet religion? Spare me.

The President, even though he does not have to, has been trying to reach out to republicans to come up with a true bi partisan bill with lots of ideas involved. What do the republicans do, the same old crap, cut taxes for corporations, blame democrats for TARP, which EXCUSE ME was Bush's bill. Pushed for, and mismanaged by HIS people, NOT DEMOCRATS.

Republicans have had 8 years to test out their economic theories, they have failed miserably. This is not theory, this is not ideology, this is fact. Their theories have lead us to the worse recession in 25 years. People are losing jobs at incredible rates, homes are being lost, lives are being ruined.

These fools complain about spending in the stimulus package increasing funding for unemployment, state and local needs, education, and other help programs. Well NO KIDDING, your policies threw hundreds of thousands out of work, your policies are bankrupting our cities, our states our schools. Your policies who have made only the rich richer and corporations thrive on false wealth, have created real hardship in this country. So yes there is spending, because there is a republican created mess that has to be cleaned up.

Bi partisan ship means sharing good ideas, not holding the country hostage to continue your worn out failed policies.

Despite the attempt the rewrite history buy claiming FDR's policies failed to restore the economy, the fact is he did save our economy. Democratic ideas and programs saved this country that was left in a mess by the Republican Hoover, and once again it will be democrats and democratic ideals and programs that will fix your mess again.

So frankly Republicans, shut up and get out of the way, its time for the country to be fixed by Democrats once again.

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