Monday, March 31, 2008

Progressive Radio, It's up to us.

For decades the radio talk show world was completly controlled by Conservative right wing blowhards like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. As they continued to spin their mistatements, lies and twisted logic on the American People, there were no voices to offest them.

Several years ago Air America was born, around the same time the Jones Broadcasting Network promoted Stephanie Miller and Ed Schultz nationwide. Air American in particular had a rocky start. In addition a number of the stations that carried Air America and JBN were owned by Clear Channel.

There was an immediate attack from the right wing. There were boycotts of advertisers, there were constant stories on right wing radio perdicting the demise of Progressive Radio. Then in 2007 Clear Channel pulled the plug seeming to be a death blow.

It failed. Air America still survives, The Jones Broadcasting Network grows every day. Today Ed Schultz was added to the lineup of WWRL in New York City.

The bottom line remains that radio is in business to make a profit. Progressive Radio will not grow, in fact cannot survive without advertising dollars. It is up to us to support not only the stations carrying the Progressive talk, but to support its advertisers. While doing so to let the advertisers know we are giving them business because of their support for Progressive Radio.

In Columbus we have WVKO 1580 on the air. It has a growing listenership and list of advertisers. I urge you all to go to the web site below and make a point to patronize some of these businesses. Let's keep our views on the air.

WVKO Advertisers

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Real Battle in the Democratic Party

On the surface the battle appears to be one between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. But that is just the surface battle. The real battle is much deeper much more entrenched and has gone on for decades.

The Democratic Party has not been an organization run by the rank and file voter for decades if ever. It is a party of the powerful elite who in many cases pre determine who the candidates will be all the way from city councils to President. It is a party of the Democratic Leadership Council that include people like Hillary Clinton who decide for the voters the direction of the party and the candidates that will be supported.

The candidates that are chosen get the money, the support, and the favors and are expected to return the favors. The ones on the outside have to fight scratch and try to raise money on their own and most often fail. To be chosen by the elite to run for an office, you tow the line, suck up to the power brokers to do their bidding. They tell the candidates when and if its their turn to run for an office and what office they can run for.

A great example of this was Paul Hackett’s attempt to run for Senate. Paul, a party outsider suddenly rose from nowhere on the scene. He got massive support. He became very popular not only among voters but in the national media. One problem, the party had decided it was Sherrod Brown’s turn to run for Senate. So did the voters get to choose our nominee, no. The party elite went to the money donors and got them to cut Hackett off. No money, no campaign. Suddenly Sherrod Brown is running unopposed.

Since the 80’s when the Clinton group took power, this control of the party has only increased. They have led this party from totally controlling the government to losing the House and the Senate. The numbers of registered Democrats continued to go lower and lower as they became less happy with the same poor choices in candidates year after year. The number of voters who considered themselves democrats but were dissatisfied grew and often defected to vote for Republicans. The only good news has been George W. Bush, who’s total incompetence along with the rabid criminal behavior by Republican officials in places like Ohio, led to some gains of what the party lost in seats and offices.

Now today the party is at a new place. The elite, the Democratic Leadership council and the big donors ordained Hillary Clinton as their candidate. She had paid her dues to the party, given the favors and the support. Thus it was her turn to be the Presidential nominee.

Something unexpected happened, Barack Obama. All those democrats disgruntled with the party returned. 10’s of thousands of new Democrats became active in politics and the party for the first time. The most amazing thing of all, they opened their checkbooks and built up the campaign war chest of Obama to dwarf the one the big money elite had and was building for Hillary.

“How rude of these new democrats how dare they not follow the chosen one” they think. They now see their power being diminished. They are circling the wagons, calling in favors, threatening party leaders who dare to defect from their side and twisting arms of super delegates. They fight to use their control to change the rules so that they can prevail over these rude upstarts.

What they have failed to see is that it is too late. They have lost the liberal media. People like Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz have joined the upstarts. Congressmen, Senators, Governors and Mayors are ignoring the threats and intimidation of the elite and are joining the groundswell of change. The most amazing thing of all is the big money donors are being outspent badly by the rank and file democrats making their power more of a nostalgic memory then current reality.

All that remain on the other side are the Clintons, the DLC, the party hacks who are the only group of Super Delegates still giving Clinton the lead among them. Half of the elected officials that are Super Delegates and have committed, have already gone to Obama.

They will not give up their control easily as has been evidenced by their threats to Nancy Pelosi. But they cannot win without destroying this party. It is time for them to realize they have lost the party and a new generation of Democrats has taken over.

If you want to send a message to the party elite that the voters control this party, sign this petition

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Voter Fraud Must be Prosecuted

Jennifer Brunner was elected on a platform of cleaning up elections in Ohio and she has made great strides in that effort. However, all cases of election fraud must be pursued with vigor. This includes the clear Voter Fraud that occurred in the primary led by Rush Limbaugh.

The question is not whether it was enough to change the overall results. The fact is it is clear voter fraud did in fact occur. There are other questions that remain. One such question is why were there not more voters challenged when changing parties despite the numerous reports of people stating the reason was to mess up Obama. Regardless there were voters challenged. There were voters that signed the form. There were voters who just with what they wrote on the form admitted fraud. Rush Limbaugh has not only admitted his complicity in this fraud but has bragged about it and now openly challenges the Ohio officials to do something about it.

Excuses such as this is up to the county prosecutors or the Attorney General is not sufficient. It is you Jennifer Brunner that is responsible for the conduction of fair elections in this state. You must make sure that the entities that must investigate and prosecute do so.

It is not an excuse Marc Dann that it would be hard to prosecute. The law is clear. The fraud is clear. It must be prosecuted, difficult or not.

Rush Limbaugh has a habit of accusing people of being “un-American.” Yet he openly advocates the fraudulent manipulation of elections. The electoral process is the very foundation our country rests. For him to encourage listeners to manipulate elections and take glee in doing so is the very definition of “un-American.”

Jennifer Brunner and Marc Dann its time for you to do the job the voters elected you to do.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Clinton Myth: “They do it too.”

Like the pathological liar that is the first person to accuse everyone else of lying, since the Clinton Campaign has begun their “kitchen sink” strategy, every time they get called on anything their response is “Obama does it too.”

But here are the Facts: Let’s start with the “dirty campaigning” incidents. It was Bill Clinton that made racial remarks by repeatedly bringing up Jesse Jackson during the South Carolina Primary. It was the Clinton Campaign that released the picture of Obama in a Kenyan tribal costume. It was Hillary that made implications concerning Louis Farrakhan. It was Hillary Clinton that purposely and carefully phrased her answers to the “Muslim” question to leave doubt. It was a Clinton staffer Geraldine Ferraro that claimed Obama was “Lucky because he is black.” It was Bill Clinton that carefully and purposely implied that Hillary and McCain were the only two in the race that “loved their country,” then clearly mentioned “other things” once again implying the “race issue.” It was Hillary advisor James Carville that called Bill Richardson “Judas.”

Compare that to the accusations of “Dirty Campaigning” in the Obama campaign. One of the Obama staff called her a “monster.” Ohhhh mean, gasp, how awful. Another local Iowa supporter mentioned the “blue dress.”

Now how did each campaign handle it? Samantha Powers was gone the next day, the blue dress comment was gone off the guys local blog in less then a day. Clinton’s campaign had Ferraro resign almost a week later and everyone else is still with the campaign and no apologies have followed.

What amazes me is the main stream media keeps speaking as if both campaigns have gone dirty, when the fact is, Obama has taken the high road and Hillary has wallowed in the mud on a daily basis.

Lets talk about lies. Hillary has exaggerated her record on everything from SCHIP, to Northern Ireland, lied about her support for NAFTA, and told a fantastic lie about her trip to Bosnia. Her accusations concerning Obama’s honesty?

She claimed his staff gave Canada a wink and no worries on NAFTA, one problem it was her campaign that did that. But today’s was priceless. She claimed he lied about his position as a professor when he was running for State Senate. It’s true his title is lecturer he is not a tenured Professor. When in college did you call the man or woman at the front of the room “lecturer” or “professor?”

The truth is clearly that the Clinton campaign is being called on numerous cheap shots, lies and misstatements. The Obama campaign has been run with class, honesty and integrity. Which traits do you want in a President?

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Clinton joins right wing attack machine.

Hillary Clinton in her desperation over her pattern of misstatements and lies being the lead story, sunk to the level of the right wing media hacks and said the following to the Pittsburgh News Gazette:

"He would not have been my pastor," Clinton said. "You don't choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend."

This of course echos statements by those like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Anne Coulter.

By the way they also asked her about her lie concerning Bosnia. Her response:

"I was sleep-deprived, and I misspoke."

This woman has sunk to a level that defies belief. It’s clear she has no honor or ethics. She will do anything; say anything to keep her ambitions alive. She has lost all credibility.

It is time for the Party Leaders to send her packing and Endorse Obama now.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Hillary: Busted!!

The main stream media picked up Hillary's flat out lie about her trip to Bosnia that was first reported in a number of blogs including this one. Today in an interview with the Philadelphia Daily News Editorial Board she had this to say:

"Now let me tell you what I can remember, OK -- because what I was told was that we had to land a certain way and move quickly because of the threat of sniper fire. So I misspoke -- I didn't say that in my book or other times but if I said something that made it seem as though there was actual fire -- that's not I was told. I was told we had to land a certain way, we had to have our bulletproof stuff on because of the threat of sniper fire. I was also told that the greeting ceremony had been moved away from the tarmac but that there was this 8-year-old girl and, I can't, I can't rush by her, I've got to at least greet her -- so I made a -- I took her stuff and then I left, Now that's my memory of it."

Umm yea. Apparently her staff hasn't told her we all saw the video of what really happened.

Honesty is the most important trait in a President, Hillary is not qualified to be President.

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Bush's War PBS tonight

Tonight and tomorrow night at 9pm eastern on PBS' Frontline the Documentary Bush's War by award winning producer Michael Kirk. I have not seen it as of yet but reports are that it is a must see comprehensive look at the entire history of that war.

The Documentary shows how Bush's Cronies perpetrated this fraud on the American People and the world and kept it going for 5 long years.

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Talk about Desperation

James Carville today actually said that the results of the primaries are invalid because 8% of the electorate has been left out in Florida and Michigan. He went on to suggest that all the primaries and caucuses be considered invalid and let the super delegates decide.

Trying to change the rules because your losing is called cheating.

The desperation of the Clinton camp is truly sad. The Super Delegates need to put her out of her misery, endorse Obama and send her home.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

4000 lives

The 4000th solider died today in Iraq. I can't find the words that are sufficient within my self that are appropriate. Instead I will forward the following poem.

The politicians will
Blame each other.
The generals will
Blame each other.
The politicians will
Accuse the generals.
The generals will accuse
The politicians.

Nothing of this
Will help
The dead.

Gush Shalom

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Truth Trumps Loyalty

Since well before the first vote was cast in this nominating process, the Clinton’s have acted as if Hillary was owed this nomination. They have gone to every contact, every friend, and every party official calling in favors and expecting their support. It has worked with many. Stephanie Tubbs Jones on numerous occasions cited “loyalty” as her reason for supporting Hillary.

Yesterday one man chose truth over loyalty. Bill Richardson the governor of New Mexico, despite his friendship with the Clinton’s, despite the fact that his career was if not made possible but at least greatly enhanced by the Clintons, endorsed Barack Obama. Richardson showed with his endorsement that to him, Truth is more important.

This was not easy for him. He knew the arrogant wrath he would get from the Clinton’s and he has. When he did the honorable thing and called her to inform her of his decision, he received a heated response. Clinton supporters have struck out at him calling him traitor and today James Carville called him “Judas.”

But Richardson chose the truth. He may owe the Clinton’s thanks, and he has given them that. But that is all they are owed. He chose the truth that it is Barack Obama that has the support of the people in every measurable way. The truth that it is Barack Obama that has shown that he is the one that can unite this country and achieve the things we so much need. It is Obama that has shown class and leadership and taken the high road in this race. It is Obama that has spoken the truth consistently and never wavered from his beliefs or principles. It is Barack Obama who has been honest about his experience and record. It is Barack Obama that has the clear ability to win in November.

Perhaps the most important truth is this race is over. There is no way without destroying the Democratic Party that Hillary Clinton can win this nomination. Clinton felt she was owed the nomination. Barack Obama has earned it.

Richardson said yesterday that it was time to stop the fighting and prepare to beat John McCain in November. That was the biggest truth spoken of the day. It is time. It is time for Al Gore, John Edwards, Joe Biden, the party officials and the other super delegates to choose truth as well.

Thank the Clinton’s for the past. But prepare for the future with Barack Obama.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

What happened in Bosnia? (Shame on Hillary:7)

This is the story Hillary Clinton told of her trip to Tuzla.

"I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base."

Here is the video of what actually happened.

This was more then exaggeration this is a flat out lie.

Honesty is the most important trait in a President, Hillary is not qualified to be President.

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First poll since the speech: Dead Heat

A number of national polls have shown significant damage to Obama’s numbers since the “Wright” wing attack on him. Prior to the continuous replaying of a few controversial remarks by Obama’s former Pastor, Obama held a 6% Lead nationally. Since then Clinton has moved to a significant lead.

Today the first poll taken after Obama’s speech on race shows a statistical dead heat among democratic voters once again. The Gallup daily tracking poll shows a 2-point lead for Clinton, which is well within the margin of error.

As I expected the leadership and vision Barack Obama showed in that speech has had a very positive effect on the hearts and minds of the American people. That along with the contrasts between taking the high road and Clinton’s win at all cost dirt road strategy, this trend will continue.


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Context is everything.

As much as I am tired of this topic I came across something that I feel is extremely important.

I like many could not fathom how context would make a difference in regards to the offensiveness of some of Jeremiah Wright’s words. I was wrong. How could the context of the “chicken comes home to roost” statement matter? They weren’t his words. He was quoting someone.

Hold on to your hat. He was quoting former U.S Ambassador Edward Peck who also served as deputy director of President Reagan’s terrorism task force. And here is the kicker, Peck said it on Fox News Channel.

Thanks to Roland Martin a Contributor to CNN for pointing this out.

Read the whole story here

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Republicans make me laugh

Today I received an item in the mail from the National Republican Congressional Committee, addressed to me by name with the salutation: “Dear Republican Friend.” Umm apparently their awesome data base has some flaws.

Enclosed with this letter was something entitled “Ohio 7th Congressional District Survey.” It urges that I should be certain to “answer each question carefully and honestly.” (You'll realize why this is funny after you read the survey.) Ok so I read on. The following questions are the actual questions on the survey. The answers of course are my own.

1. Do you feel voters in the Ohio’s 7th District support making all of the Bush tax cuts permanent? “ Tax cut, what tax cut I didn’t get a tax cut.

2. Do you support the House Democrats “slow-bleed” strategy to “choke-off” funding for our troops in Iraq? leading to their withdrawal and perception of American defeat? Hmm no I’m for stopping the bleeding totally and ending an illegal criminal war. Interesting strategy though, regardless of the fact that democrats haven’t proposed it. Besides how can we be defeated. Bush said “Mission Accomplished” years ago, we already won.

3. Should Republicans continue fighting for full implementation of a ballistic missile defense system? Sure lets start the arms race all over again so we not only have terrorists to worry about but all the industrialized nations in the world who no longer trust us because of Bush's lies.

4. Do voters in Ohio’s 7th District agree with the Nancy Pelosi Democrat Majority’s decision to impose massive tax hikes on the American People? Wow, holy crap are there two Nancy Pelosi’s? I’m not sure what the “Democrat Majority” means but the Nancy Pelosi of the Democratic Party that is in the Majority, has never proposed any such thing.

5. Do you think that the House Republicans should continue to push for pro-growth policies that create jobs and oppose tax increases that would add a burden to working families and set back our economy? Oh they are doing such a bang up job helping the economy; sure I always wanted to see a depression to find out if the stories my Grandfather told are true.

6. Do you support Congressional Republicans’ efforts to decrease domestic government spending in order to reduce the national debt? Oh speaking of things in which they have done a GREAT job. Sure I always wanted to be able to be owned by China.

7. Do you support the Democrats efforts to give federal government bureaucrats complete control of your health care costs and choices? No I prefer the health insurance and pharmaceutical companies bleed me dry. They must think Ralph Nader is going to be President since he is the only one proposing single payer health care.

8. Should Republicans’ in Congress make expansion of Veteran’s benefits a priority? Well is about time they do, considering how “patriotic” they all are. But they better hurry cause the Democrats in Congress are way ahead of them on this one. It's understandable though, they got a head start while the Republicans were making sure their flag pins were straight and getting those yellow ribbons placed properly on their cars.

9. Do you support maintaining anti-terrorism laws that give law enforcement and intelligence agencies the far-reaching powers to track, detain and prosecute terrorists and their accomplices? Does this mean we are going to stop shredding the constitution and using fear as a political tool and actually go after Bin Laden and the terrorists?

10. Should Republicans in the House of Representatives make securing our nation’s borders and enforcing our nation’s immigration laws including combating the hiring of illegal workers and ending the catch and release policy a top priority? Top priority, umm no ending the war, stopping poverty, people losing their homes, health care all come way higher. Wait? I have to take my shoes off at the airport and Homeland security lets anyone cross the borders? Catch and release, hmmm how much are all the prisons going to cost to put all these immigrants in or do you just mean the immigrants of color. Are republicans trying to sell Lou Dobbs’ books too?

11. Do you think House Republicans should continue fighting for comprehensive education reform to ensure every child in America receives a first rate education? Ohhh wow, you mean the Republicans are going to push for actually educating our kids instead of teaching them how to pass a test?

12. Do you agree that winning back a Republican majority in the House of Representatives is essential to stopping the Nancy Pelosi Democrats from raising our taxes, destroying our economy and endangering our homeland? Heavens yes because a Democratic Majority might actually result in returning to a fiscally responsible government, restoring the damage to our economy, to make our country safer and restore our respect in the world.

13. Will you support our Party’s campaign to defeat the Pelosi Democrats and elect a Republican House Majority in 2008 by joining the NRCC with a generous financial contribution today? The computer says, "NAWWW"

Oh they follow up with a request that even if I can’t donate now could I send $11 to help pay for this survey. Let me see you send me totally false laughable propaganda and want me to pay for it? I'll ponder this for a moment.....ok done. Not a chance.

If there weren’t people who actually fall for this crap I’d laugh harder then I did.

Time to send at least $11 to Sharen Neuhardt’s campaign.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hillary on Michigan (Shame on Hillary: 6)

Today Hillary went to Detroit to tell the voters of Michigan how important it was their votes counted and to blame Obama for not valuing the voters in Michigan.

But on October 10 she said this in and interview on New Hampshire Public Radio concerning the Michigan Primary.

"It's clear, this election they're having is not going to count for anything."

Apparently since Hillary is losing they became a lot more important. Changing the rules of the game because your losing is called cheating.

Honesty is the most important trait in a President. Hillary is not qualified to be President.


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He lied and 1,193,471 have died.

While the media and we put our attention and outrage on the sexual indiscretions of some elected officials, a man sits in the oval office every day that committed the most horrid crime a President can do. He lied to the American people and the world to send us to war.

He told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and were a danger to our safety. He told us Iraq had ties to the terrorists that attacked us. He continues to tie 9/11 to the Iraq war even after the Pentagon has proven after extensive investigation there were no such ties.

We impeached a President for a lie about his private sexual affairs, yet George W Bush’s lie has led to 1,193,471 deaths of human beings. This includes 3,990 brave American men and women of our military, 308 Military personnel from other countries and no less important 1,189,173 Iraqi lives.

There is no disputing the facts, there were no weapons of mass destruction, and there were no ties to terrorism. Today Bush stood with a straight face in the pentagon, the home of our brave military that he has been responsible for damaging beyond belief, and continued to claim ties to terrorism. He tried to rewrite history by tying the arrests of some al qaeda leaders to the start of the Iraq war, when those arrests were made in Pakistan and Afghanistan not Iraq. He trys to justify his lies by changing the reasons for the war. Redefining the definition of success.

He bragged about the success of the surge when the reality is the surge was successful at helping to improve a bad situation that we created. This reminds me of the kid I went to high school with that taunted non-swimmer to jump in the deep end of the pool, then received a Boy Scout badge for saving his life from drowning.

When I was a boy learning about the atrocities done by dictators and leaders in History, I never understood how these men were allowed by the citizens of their countries to succeed in their crimes against humanity. I watch what George W. Bush has done and I still do not understand.

Bush remains in office. We have allowed it. There is no shortage of complicity in his crimes. We have not held those responsible who voted to allow Bush to take us to war. We have not demanded that congress investigate and bring to justice those that lied to the country and the world. We have continued to let them rewrite history, change the facts, eliminate those within the government and military that have opposed Bush.

People like Hillary Clinton and John McCain don’t want to talk about the mistakes that got us here, they want us to look at the future. We cannot do that. We must not do that. We simply can’t just find the best way out of this mess that these lies have created. We must also make sure this can never happen again.

There must be investigations, there must be consequences and yes those that have committed crimes including George W. Bush must be brought to justice. This must be done for our future for the future of the world and to gain justice for the 1,193,471 that have died because this horrendous crime.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tears streaming down my face.

I’m a 50-year-old white guy. I don’t cry often. Yet as I sat here listening to Barack Obama’s speech today, tears streamed down my face. I sat here like a typical man trying to figure out why.

I think it was a combination of both pain and joy. As I heard his words he brought out the realization that has always been inside me of the pain and frustration of not only blacks in America, but whites as well. The things we have seen, been taught, realized and often tried to ignore. The beliefs that have evolved through my experiences as a white man in America. My attitudes towards blacks that have been in my life.

The pain and the frustration I have felt in politics, with the games, the cynicism, the division, the lack of leadership. The false patriotism, the misuse and distortion of religious beliefs. The pain of the frustration with untruths, misstatements and lies by our supposed leaders and by the media. The frustration of win at all costs attitude, while actually believing in something, believing in someone has been so hard to do.

I also cried from the absolute joy of there being a man that truly understands not just the black man but me as well. That there is a man who will stand up and say what he believes. That there is a man who will fight with us, not against us, with all of us, black, white, Latino, rich, poor, middle class.

I cried from the joy I have felt throughout this campaign looking at the youth of America at his rallies, who do not hold the divisions that those of my generation do. That they are excited, they are ready to believe, they are ready to work and unite behind such a man.

This country has needed a true leader for much too long. I cried in joy because as I heard his words I know from deep in my heart, that leader has arrived in Barack Obama.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Space helps fix another Ney mess.

The City of Zanesville dodged a bullet today with the help of Congressman Zack Space. In 2006 a connector road costing 1.5 million dollars was built and opened by the city to connect State Routes 146 and 60. The funding for this was originally secured by Congressman Bob Ney as part of the Route 60 improvement project between Zanesville and Dresden.

When that project was cancelled Bob Ney and the Ohio Department of Transportation of the Taft Administration informed the City of Zanesville, that they could use those funds for the connector road. Turns out Ney never filed a reauthorization for the money.

A month after the road opened the city was informed that the Federal Highway Administration had withdrawn the money. Space worked with Federal officials, the city and ODOT director Jim Beasley to get this money reauthorized.

Space once again saw a problem and got it handled.

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Myth: Hillary is a Victim

The latest spin from the Hillary camp this weekend, and by camp I mean her campaign and the bloggers, is there is some unfair bias and distortion of her record by the Media and Obama supporters.

Now I have no doubt that some bloggers will write what they write, fair or not true or not. But on the more respected liberal blogs that I read that is not what I have seen. I can’t speak for others but I will speak for my blog and myself.

I created my blog to get to the truth, period. It is very important to me that things that I write are based on facts. I rarely post anything that I have not verified by seeing the quotes myself or reading the source myself and verifying the information with a second source.

There has been no distortion of Hillary’s record on this blog. The distortions have been done by Hillary Clinton. If you read through every one of my “shame on Hillary” posts I provide documentation on each misstatement, lie and distortion made by Hillary or her campaign.

Has the media been unfair to Clinton, I say no. They have reported the facts. The facts for the most part have been negative toward her. Hillary and her campaign have done this to themselves. I have pointed out misstatements, lies, and exaggerations one after the other. Anyone who claims the Clinton Campaign has not been race baiting is living in a fantasy world.

Meanwhile the Obama campaign has remained truthful, clear, and consistent. They have not used race in this campaign in anyway whatsoever. Any claim by the Clinton campaign that Obama is playing the race card is a blatant lie. Claims by Geraldine Ferraro that the Obama campaign called her racist are false. I did, other supporters may have, but the campaign itself, no.

Why is practically every progressive media pundent that we all love most of the time seemed to be supporting Obama? Because the facts have led them to that. Keith Olbermann has always been a man of facts, Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller, Rachel Maddow, Randi Rhodes, all clearly support Barrack Obama. Why because he has earned it. Hillary has lost it.

Looking for those that clearly spin in Hillary’s direction? Try, Tucker Carlson, Pat Buchanan, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Joe Scarborough. They are all conservative pundits who believe John McCain can beat Hillary.

Perhaps the reason the Hillary camp feels they are being picked on is because they are losing. It is time to realize that truth is more important then loyalty and move on.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Shame on Hillary: Part 5

In my ongoing passion for truth and exposing the dishonesty of Hillary Clinton and her Campaign, this is the 5th in a series pointing out lies, misstatements and exaggerations made by her and her campaign.

S-Chip: Hillary has stated a number of times that she “Helped to start” and “in 1997, I joined forces with members of Congress and we passed the State Children's Health Insurance Program.” Turns out that this is another Clinton exaggeration at best a complete lie at worst.

The Boston Globe reported today that a number of members of Congress who were actually involved in the bill are fuming over her “exaggerations.” The bill in reality was introduced by Senator Ted Kennedy and was met with resistance from the Clinton White House not support.

Senator Orin Hatch said, "We all care about children. But does she deserve credit for SCHIP? No - Teddy does, but she doesn't."

Henry Waxman of California said, “It was a bipartisan bill. I don't remember the role of the White House…It did not originate at the White House.”

Johnathan Alter of Newsweek and MSNBC commented that, the Globe story is consistent with what he has been told privately by lawmakers who are quite upset by her exaggerations on her role in S-Chip.

Once again proof she has a falsified resume. Most companies consider this grounds for firing.

Honesty is the most important trait in a President, Hillary is not qualified to be President.

Source: The Boston Globe and MSNBC

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Space votes with Democrats on FISA

Yesterday I was very harsh on Zack Space, Ohio's Congressman from the 18th district, when it appeared he was wavering on the FISA bill. Today he voted yes to a democratic version, which does not give the Bush Crime family the tools to cover up their wrong doings nor does it give immunity to the telecom companies.

Good job Zack for sticking to your principles despite the pressure.

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Jeremiah Wright isn’t running for President

The right wing whackos wrap themselves in the flag while embracing Conservative Ministers that preach hate for gays, Catholics and Muslims. They accept those that stand up for the “Christian Values” of War and the Death Penalty. They even accept those that claim 9/11, AIDS and Katrina were “God’s Wrath on America.”

Now they want to attack Barack Obama for attending a church that had a Fiery Pastor who spoke out forcefully about the plight of being a black man in America. Yes he uses words and phrases that are shocking and in my opinion over the line, but his basic points were the truth whether we in the white community want to believe it or not.

Rev. Wright is not running for President. Barack Obama is. Barack Obama has stated clearly he does not agree with everything this Pastor says, nor does he approve of the use of divisive language. The right wing radio hosts want to appeal to the racial fears of many white citizens by bringing out these tapes of the sermons. I have news for my fellow Caucasians; there are black churches in your town preaching in similar ways every Sunday. Why, because they have been in a struggle. Rev. Wright is 70 years old. Think back to what he has seen and experienced as a black man in his long life. He gets angry, wouldn’t you?

Barack Obama can change many of these attitudes and beliefs not only within the black community but in all communities. The belief expressed by Rev. Wright that rich white men control this country will no longer be the case when the President of the United States is black. The feeling of hopelessness by many growing up black will be offset by looking to the white house and seeing that a man grew up much like them, used his education, worked hard and was successful in achieving the pinnacle of success.

It's time to get back to focusing on who and what Barack Obama is. He is the one running for President.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Space to assist in Bush Cover-up?

Since 2001 George W. Bush has used the fear of terrorism as justification for a myriad of crimes against the American people and the world, leaving the constitution in shreds. The last several years he along with the complicity of Congress he has methodically worked to either attempt to make his crimes legal by changing the laws retroactively or by covering them up.

The current FISA bill has as its core purpose to prevent legal action that will lead to investigations and thus expose crimes committed by the Bush administration. There is no other reason for this bill. The existing FISA law allows wiretapping quickly and easily. But it requires a court review and a warrant after the fact.

There is only one reason the Bush administration doesn’t want court review. That is they are wiretapping people for reasons having nothing to do with terrorism. There is only one reason they want immunity for telecom companies, it’s because crimes were committed and would come out in such legal action.

The American people voted in a Democratic congress to put a stop to Bush and his crimes. But since then they have done little. Now word has it that Zack Space 18th District Congressmen is considering voting for this bill. If he does he will be a conspirator in the Bush cover-up. More and more it is appearing that Zack Space is willing to give up his values to keep the Republicans in his district happy. That is not leadership that is selling out.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Shame on Hillary: Part 4

Ferraro Gate: Geraldine Ferraro after her outrageous repeated comments, resigned today not because she thought she did anything wrong, but in defiance claiming the Obama campaign called her a racist. One problem, no one in the Obama campaign called her a racist. In fact they were about the only people in the country who didn’t. Did Hillary apologize for this Ferraro mess? Of course not.

Michigan and Florida: Hillary today said, “those primaries were fair and the votes should count.” Fair to whom? Surely not to the voters of Michigan and Florida who were told in advance that those primaries were beauty contests and wouldn’t count. Not to the many who didn’t bother to vote because of that reason. Not to the candidates that did not even campaign there. The Michigan primary didn’t even have Obama on the ballot. Changing the rules because your losing is called, cheating.

Honesty is the most important trait in a President. Hillary is not qualified to be President.

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Shame on Hillary: Part 3

This is the 3rd in a series of articles pointing out the complete disregard for the truth by Hillary Clinton and her campaign. After George W. Bush we cannot have another dishonest President.

Obama and the Energy bill in 2005: Hillary yesterday in Pennsylvania stated that Obama voted for “Dick Cheney’s” energy bill in 2005. She went on to state this gave tax breaks to Oil companies and stifled the research and development in renewable energy.

The characterization of this bill is totally false. First it raised taxes on oil companies and was the best legislation ever passed by the Congress to increase the investment and research into renewable energy.

Repeats false charges on NAFTA/Canada gate: She continues to repeat the lie in the George Bush style of say a lie often enough perhaps people will believe it. Neither Obama nor any advisor told the Canadian Government anything that has been inconsistent with his position as expressed repeatedly. It was the Clinton campaign that contacted the Canadian government to tell them to take the political rhetoric with “a grain of salt.” It was Hillary who has been completely inconsistent on this issue. Her husband signed NAFTA. She spoke out for it you can see the video for yourself in my post “the Truth on NAFTA” of March 3rd.

“In on the Discussions” in Northern Ireland: Hillary has claimed she was “In on the Discussions” in Northern Island. Lord David Trimble who shared the Nobel Peace Prize for actually being an important negotiator in bringing peace to Northern Island said, “I think it’s a wee bit silly for exaggerating the part she played…..Being a Cheerleader for something is slightly different then being a principle player…..She had no direct role in bringing peace to Northern Ireland.” Once again falsification of her resume.

Diplomatic mission to Bosnia: Hillary has listed her mission to Bosnia as foreign policy experience. She did go to Bosnia her “diplomatic” team included Sinbad and Sheryl Crow. Since when is a USO show a diplomatic mission.

Hillary “Huckabee” Clinton continues to repeat lies, half-truths and misinformation in a desperate attempt to keep her personal ambitions alive. This country cannot afford another dishonest President. For the good of the country and the party, it’s time for the super-delegates and the party leaders to send her the message that it is over.

Honesty is the most important quality in a President; Hillary is not qualified to be President.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hillary Crushed in Mississippi

Mississippi has joined the vast majority of other states and said yes to Obama. It appears at this point he is going to win by a huge margin in another southern state. This is now 16 of the last 19 states that have gone for Obama by huge margins in every part of the country. Though Hillary eked out wins in two states on March 4th, Texas now appears to be a draw with Obama receiving more delegates from that state then Clinton.

With only 10 maybe 12 contests left, depending on redos in Florida and Michigan, Hillary has no chance to win this nomination. Add this to the increasingly sewer tactics of her campaign drawing the ire of Super Delegates and her own supporters, it is time for her to wake up and smell the coffee.

Obama leads by an insurmountable margin in delegates, states won and the popular vote. Polls show he has a significant lead nationally and show almost double the margin over McCain then Clinton.

Hillary is too stubborn to decide on her own to drop out, it's up to the Super Delegates and her other supporters to say, enough is enough.

The voters have and continue to speak clearly; we want Barrack Obama as President.

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Clinton goes Racist

Shame on Hillary: Part 2

Yesterday a Member of the Finance Committee on the Clinton Campaign, Geraldine Ferraro said, “If he was a black man he wouldn’t be in this position today.” One would think after making such a ridiculous and racist statement Hillary Clinton would ask for her immediate resignation. After all Clinton demanded an advisor to the Obama campaign be fired for calling her a “Monster.”

But Clinton reacted in a much different way. She said she “disagreed.” Then proceeded to try to claim that both campaigns have made personal attacks and they should get back to issues.

Today Geraldine Ferraro spoke again, “I really think they are attacking me because I’m white.”

The Clinton response? Maggie Williams of the Clinton campaign proceeds to criticize Obama for responding to this racial personal attack.

It is clear the Clinton Campaign and Hillary herself by her lack of strong response, have decided to attack Barrack Obama based on his race. This is a new low for her win at all cost strategy. This is showing the total lack of ethics, and once again that her personal ambition outweighs the good of her party and the country.

The leaders of the Party must come down on Clinton now. The super delegates must show they will not allow this outrage to continue and throw their support behind Obama and force her out of the race. Truth must outweigh loyalty.

Honesty is the most important trait in a president. Hillary is not qualified to be President.

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Prostitution a Federal Crime?

First let me say that I am not justifying Governor Spitzer’s actions. My biggest issue however is not that he got caught doing business with a prostitute but rather his hypocrisy in doing so. He was active in prosecuting others for prostitution thus engaging in the activity itself is the very definition of hypocrisy. This follows a similar test that I applied to Bill Clinton. I couldn’t have cared less what he did with an intern yet the fact he lied about it not only to the American people but under oath, was what I had an issue with.

Regardless of my opinion of Spitzer’s actions, my concern is why is the FBI investigating this and why is this a Federal Crime. There is no evidence whatsoever that the prostitute in this case was a victim in any way. Once again we have the government enforcing morals upon apparently two consenting adults. Face it prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, it is not going away. I believe that it should not be illegal at all. But for the federal government to be involved in prosecuting such a case is a travesty.

Reports are that the Feds are involved because of the Mann act. Which prevents the transporting of others for an “immoral” act. The Mann act was passed in 1910. Since 1910 this interpretation of this law has become even more concerning. In 1917 the Court ruled that this law applied not only to prostitution but also to other “consensual sexual liaisons.” This defined consensual extramarital sex as an “immoral liaison,” thus covered under this law. As recently as 1946 the court ruled that the Mann act applies even when married to the person transported if the marriage was polygamous.

A number of people have been prosecuted under the Mann act, including; Charlie Chaplin, Frank Lloyd Wright and Chuck Berry. This is clearly a morals law that gives the federal government power over its citizens that is clearly not intended by the constitution. The Mann act should be repealed.

With that being said, the one positive use of the Mann act has been in fighting human trafficing and non-consentual prostitution. There should be laws to fight this ongoing crime as there are very definitly victims.

I was always taught as a child that living in a “free country” means that you can do whatever you want as long as your not harming anyone else. That remains my belief as an adult.


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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Obama trounces Hillary in Wyoming

With 96% of the totals it clearly appears Barrack Obama has beaten Clinton by a huge margin of 19%. This is typical of the margins in which he has been winning in 15 of the last 18 states, whereas in the 3 states Clinton has won the margins were much tighter. 10% in the Texas primary and 4% in Ohio.

Hillary attempted to mislead people to say her voters can't make it to caucuses because they "have jobs," implying Obama supporters don't? Regardless this caucus took place on a Saturday and had huge turnouts like all of the caucuses to date.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Shame on Hillary: Part 1

I have been a Democrat my entire life and the single most important thing to me is truth. That is why I named this blog Fundamental Truths. It is why I get so passionate when anyone shows dishonesty or lack of integrity. If you look through my past blogs you will see consistency on that theme as I have called out anyone that I felt has lied, misled or showed a lack of integrity in anyway. Most of the time it has been Republicans unfortunately now it’s a Democrat.

The tactics and words of Hillary Clinton and her campaign have shown that she is dishonest and cares only about one thing her ambitions. She has shown she will say or do anything to achieve them, whether it is good for the party or the country. People were excited about this election like you haven’t seen in years, and now because of the dishonest tactics and smears many are becoming disillusioned once again. Even her own supporters are emailing the campaign asking her to stop these things.

I stand for truth and honesty before any other issue. I will not sit quietly while someone smears and twists and lies to us. I will point it out with the hope that we will not have another dishonest President.

The following are the reasons Hillary should be ashamed:

NAFTA gate: Her campaign making a huge deal out of a non story involving Canada and NAFTA, claiming Obama was sending a different message to Canada then to the voters of Ohio. The fact was, he did not. Now we learn it was actually the Clinton Campaign that contacted the Prime Minister’s office to tell them exactly what they claimed Obama did.

Race Baiting: Bill Clintons comments during the South Carolina Primary, The release of the picture of Obama wearing a Kenyan tribal outfit, the darkening of his face on literature to make him look “blacker,” are just a few of the examples of this.

The Muslim question: Hillary purposely and deliberately answered the “Muslim” question about Obama on 60 minutes in a way to show she had doubt. It was carefully crafted, with pauses and phrases like “as far as I know,” to leave doubt.

Rezco: The Clinton campaign brings up the Rezco trial in absolutely every appearance on television or radio. Obama has NOTHING to do with this trial whatsoever and they know it, you would think after years of accusations involving the shady deals around Whitewater, the Clintons would never sink to such depths.

Louis Farrakhan: Hillary’s implications in the debate concerning ties to Louis Farrakhan were silly and frankly again an attempt at race baiting.

Shame on you: Hillary’s Fake outrage at mailers sent out by the Obama campaign like she just saw them was dishonest at best. First of all there was nothing false in those mailers. Secondly they had been out for months.

John McCain: Hillary’s statements that she and John McCain are qualified to be commander in chief and she debases Obama’s 20 years of experience by calling it “giving a speech” proves completely she is about one thing, her ambitions. She would rather a risk a McCain Presidency to try to reach her ambitions.

35 years of Experience: Is a lie. She does not have 35 years of experience in public service period. She has much less experience then Obama. She has held one elected office.

Unfair Press: Her whining about the Press was disingenuous. For one the Conservative press clearly has been negative on Obama they want Hillary to win so they can beat her. There were more positive Facts about Obama and Negative Facts to report about Hillary. The facts are the facts, Positive or Negative.

Michigan and Florida: These two states were warned not to move their primaries. ALL candidates agreed. These Primaries did not happen. No one campaigned there, voters knew it didn’t count and in Michigan Hillary was the only one on the Ballot. She agreed to these rules, trying to change the rules in the middle of the game because your losing is called cheating.

I called this Part 1 because Hillary and her cohorts show no sign of stopping their tactics. Each and every lie, half-truth, smear, and false implication will be pointed out in this blog.

The most important trait in a President is Honesty. Hillary Clinton has proven she is not qualified to be President.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Perfect Storm Benefits Clinton

I’m not referring to the weather in Cleveland and elsewhere in the state, as my guess is that was pretty much a wash. But there were several factors that all came together that at least aided Hillary Clinton in her Victory.

1) The NAFTA memo. The timing of this memo and the confusion surrounding it was a factor. Though it is clear that no inconsistency existed between what an Advisor said to Canadian officials and what Obama had said all along, all most voters heard was there was some memo that may lead to some doubt on Obama’s position on NAFTA. The Obama campaign did not react fast enough or clear enough to fix this damage regardless of the non-issue it is.

2) Bloody Obama: Rush Limbaugh did in fact have an impact and help manipulate this election. There were Republicans that asked for Democratic Ballots to vote for Hillary to “bloody up Obama.” Despite the fact this is illegal in Ohio there is evidence many did just that.

3) Hillary’s whining about press coverage: Amazingly it worked. It became a press story and got a number of news outlets to not only report stories on the fairness of the coverage but in my opinion make an effort to over compensate for the perceived unbalance. There was no doubt a very clear change in tone the last week in the coverage of Obama.

4) The Red Phone ad. This didn’t even run in Ohio yet the news media played it over and over and over and over. This was the best free airtime the Clinton campaign could get.

5) Racism: Obama has never used race as an issue in this campaign and I applaud him for that. And though it is a fact he has gotten a very high percentage of the black vote there has not been a significant vote against him because of his race. That was not the case in Ohio. Exit polls showed that those that considered race an important factor went to Clinton 62%.

6) Sexism: Hillary has used her sex as an issue in this campaign. There were a number of commercials aimed clearly at women; there were many statements in her speeches aimed at women. The exit polls showed she gained a very high percentage of women.

7) Smears: Hillary successfully got coverage complaining about unfair campaign tactics, making herself the victim when in reality it was her campaign and she herself tossing the smears one after the other. The NAFTA memo, The Kenya garb picture, the red phone Ad, some attempt at claiming Obama voting with oil companies, and her clear attempt to leave doubt on Obama’s Christianity. Obama attempted to run his campaign with class and stay out of such silliness. Unfortunately some of the silliness worked.

Was all of this enough to have changed the out come? It’s hard to say but it could have meant 1 or 2 delegates. The good news is this storm looked nasty but in the morning we see little damage. Other then bragging rights, the score remains the same.

These factors are unlikely to combine in the way they did this week again. The rumors will be clearly debunked; Obama will handle new ones with more speed and forcefulness. Pennsylvania is a closed primary so Rush will not be a factor, The racial attitudes of southeast Ohio are becoming less evident in most other parts of the country, and I suspect Obama will not be such a nice guy when it comes to attacking Hillary as he has been. Get ready to hear about tax returns.

Within a week Obama will win 2 more states in a row. Thats 14 out of 17 since Super Tuesday. This storm will be long forgotten.

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OH-7 Neuhardt and OH-18 Space gain wins

Sharen Neuhardt won the nomination over a field of 5 others to go on to challenge Steve Austria the Republican Nominee for Dennis Hobson's seat in the 7th Congressional District. Sharen brought in 37% of the vote while her nearest challenger Bill Conner brought in 34%.

Zack Space brings in a huge win in the 18th District, garnering a whopping 85% of the vote. He will be facing Republican Fred Dailey who pulled out a narrow win over Jeannette Moll.

Its nice to see a strong Incumbent in the 18th a district that has been controlled by the Republicans for years as well as a great candidate in Ohio's 7th. Sharon will be the first viable Democratic Challenge in this district in decades.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Strickland Burns More Bridges

Today on the nationally aired Ed Schultz show Ted Strickland took another step toward assuring John Kasick will replace him in 2 years, by showing what type of politician he is. With only hours left remaining in Hillary's campaign, Strickland was throwing out the Clinton smears on Barrack Obama.

He cited the famous “1300 word memo” concerning NAFTA and claimed that Obama was sending different messages to Canadian officials then the voters of Ohio. Anyone who has actually read the text in that memo knows it is first of all a characterization not a statement by any one involved with the Obama campaign. In addition the Canadian government has said repeatedly that there was no inconsistency in anything that was said to them from what Obama has been saying in his speeches.

In addition Strickland insulted Tim Ryan by claiming he and Obama were similar, good looking with good speeches but no experience.

Strickland has cashed checks he cannot cover in this campaign. He better hope he is getting major donations from the Clintons for his next run for office because many Democrats including me won’t give him a dime.

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Yes We Can!

If you needed any final inspiration:

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Rush Limbaugh Encourages Voter Fraud

Today on his radio show right ring blow hard Rush Limbaugh encouraged Republicans in Texas and Ohio to ask for Democratic Ballots and vote for Hillary. He said he wanted to keep the fight going and Bloody up Obama. Major problem though. This would be election fraud in Ohio.

Ohio’s Primary is not a true open primary. If a voter has a history of voting Republican in primaries, by law they must have a desire to be affiliated with and supports the principles of the political party whose ballot the person desires to vote. If they do so for any other reason they are committing “election falsification."

Since voter fraud isn't new to republicans, I encourage observers at the polls to challenge ever voter that switches from Republican to Democrat. So that criminal action can be taken against those following Rush’s orders.

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It has been a great year for Obama in Ohio

The Truth on NAFTA

In a last minute sad attempt to smear Obama, the Clintonites are touting some supposed "smoking gun" concerning NAFTA and Barack Obama that is barely a water pistol. The Associated Press is reporting that a Canadian official wrote a memo about his "impressions" of a meeting that took place with a Man that happens to be a senior economic adviser to the Obama campaign. They will tell you the memo means this and that. But read what it actually says. It is not a quote from anyone in the Obama campaign. It is not a statement from Barack Obama or anyone else to tell them not to worry about campaign rhetoric on NAFTA.

People use your brains here. Obama wants to improve protections concerning environmental and labor issues. Canada is NOT the problem on either of those issues. They have stricter laws then the United States. So yes, there truly isn't anything for Canada to worry about.

On the other hand we have it direct from Hillary's own mouth what she said about NAFTA.

any questions?

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Stephanie Miller!!

Mama was in the house at the WVKO1580 Democratic “Party” in Hilliard tonight. About 1000 progressives packed the house at the Makoy Center.

When I arrived Donna Mogavero was entertaining the crowd with her alternative acoustic original music. She was followed by various WVKO personalities such as Michael Cole and Michale Alwood. Various Democratic Candidates were introduced to say a few words, including Mary Jo Kilroy running for the 15th congressional district, John O’Grady who is running for Franklin County Commissioner, Cindy Lazarus and Kelly Wenzlaff among others.

Stephanie then took the stage and got the crowd going with her brand of unique political humor she is famous for on her radio show and in appearances on CNN such as Friday night on Larry King. She spent a good deal of time handling questions from the audience which brought a lot of laughs and biting attacks on the Bush administration, John McCain, Bill Cunningham and of course Jean Schmidt.

Stephanie shared with us that Columbus was her “first love” as it was the first major market her show was on the air. In 2007 the Clear Channel station that carried the show dropped progressive radio and switched to a conservative radio format like so many others. Just recently WVKO switched to a progressive format and brought Stephanie Miller along with Ed Schultz and Air America back to Columbus. She also let us know that in the most recent ratings, the station that dropped progressive radio is now dead last in the Columbus Market. She commented “good luck selling that!”

The size of the crowd showed a real need and appreciation for progressive radio in Columbus. It is important that we support this station and show America that we deserve a voice on the airwaves as well.

If you live in the Columbus market be sure to tune in to 1580AM. If you don’t you can listen to it on the net at Tell your friends about it. And most of all support the advertisers that make progressive radio possible.

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Clinton: A lifetime of experience?

Today on the press plane once again Hillary Clinton touted her “life time of experience.”

These are the facts: 1 year sitting on a board of the Children’s Defense fund does not equal a lifetime. Speaking out for the welfare reform bill her husband passed that has lead to significant increases in poverty in this country is not working to eradicate poverty.

Years as a corporate lawyer with the Rose Law firm on shady land deals and increasing her personal wealth do not count as public service. Sitting on the board of Wal-mart does not demonstrate a commitment to fair wages and health benefits for the middle class.

Photo ops around the world as a first lady do not count as foreign policy experience. She never negotiated a treaty; she never had the authority to make any decisions whatsoever. This certainly doesnt count as national security experience.

She stated today she was “in on some of the discussions when her Husband was President.” Does this mean Laura and Barbara Bush are qualified to be President? Was Hillary “in” on the discussions on NAFTA too?

She has been elected to one public office, ever. Held it for 8 years. 8 does not equal 35. In the most important vote of that 8 years a President lied to the country and the world to start a war. She said yes, Barack Obama said no.

Barack Obama tells it like it is. He doesn’t claim to be anything he isn’t. He has worked his entire lifetime to help the poor and the middle class, improve the plight of the jobless. Actually got laws passed to improve access to health care, the death penalty, ethics in government, care for returning Veterans. He actually lived and went to school in a 3rd world country, his father was born in and his grandparents live in Kenya. These experiences give him way more insight then any photo op.

Barack Obama knows its about what we can accomplish. One of the most obvious differences between Hillary and he are that she uses the word "I" over and over and over, I did this I did that, I will do that, in her constant self promoting. Obama says "we." He doesnt believe he is superman he knows it took many to accomplish the bills he got into law and he knows it will take all of us to make the changes this country needs. She talks about fighting, he talks about working together. One is the politics of division and one the politics of hope.

Experience? I will take real experience over a padded resume every time.

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