Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why the President will be re-elected.

1. The auto bailout- 2 million jobs and the economy of at least 8 states have been improved dramatically by this one action of the President. Romney will regret the headline “let the Detroit go bankrupt” for the rest of his life. Even though he is trying to distort his record on this at the last minute, the headline and the video of him confirming this stance is haunting him.

2. Are we better off then 4 years ago- To most Americans the answer is clearly yes. If you have investments, wall street has doubled. If you are on Medicare the prescription loop hole closing is saving you money. Though too many are still unemployed, people are forgetting the millions that now have jobs that either they didn’t have or were at risk of losing 4 years ago.

3. Casual Voters-The vast majority of American voters are not as plugged into the day to day world of politics. Though it is often easy for misinformation and changing ones positions to work, Romney has done it at such a pace that even the most casual have seen it and recognized it for what it is. A man who will say anything and believes apparently nothing.

4. The country is evolving- Attitudes are changing. The vast majority of young people do not have the same beliefs on race, and homosexuality that even their parents had. Hate, fear and division not only doesn’t work with casual voters it causes a backlash.

5. Women- Too many Republicans have sad out loud what they really think of women. The fact that Romney hasn’t distanced himself from the comments of Aiken and Murdock that it will be very hard for most women to pull that level for any Republican.

6. Voter Suppression-This is perhaps the biggest backfire in the history of Presidential politics. 4 years ago there was “history” there was “change” there was major excitement and motivation that helped Barack Obama get elected. There was genuine concern that would not be there at the same levels this time. Then came voter suppression efforts and people began to believe someone was taking away their vote. This caused the biggest change in mobilization and motivation perhaps in history. The lines at the early voting venues have been unbelievable. By trying to stop these people from voting the Republican party instead increased the numbers likely to vote by a significant margin.

7. Likeability- The sleaziness and the dishonesty of the Romney campaign has not gone unnoticed. It makes many voters ill just to see his face. Compare that to President Obama and people genuinely can’t help but to like the man personally even if they don’t always agree with him.

The polls have been consistent in one thing. President Obama will win this election. Yes there has been a blip here or there but never has Romney been in the lead in the Electoral college. Romney’s side of course isn’t going to say that, they need to keep their base motivated to vote, The Obama campaign doesn’t want to say that because they don’t want their voters not showing up because it’s a done deal. The media surely won’t say that because they want you to keep watching the news and they want the advertising revenue. Of course it’s important to still vote. But there will be no surprise on election day. President Obama will get 4 more years.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Honesty Matters

I am frankly disgusted by dishonesty. We don’t put up with it from our friends, our families, or coworkers or anyone else in our lives yet when it comes to politics Americans repeatedly ignore dishonesty.

There are so many excuses for this none of which are valid. The most often one is “all politicians lie.” Do they, in actuality? They all put their own spin on things, they put their record in the best light possible. But to outright lie is completely different and has much worse consequences. For example on a resume most of us have tried to find the right words to make our experiences and abilities sound as good as possible, but if we cross the line and make up job experience and knowledge, the chances of disaster should we get that job are quite high. When we ignore the lies of politicians vote for them anyway, we are rewarding them for doing so thus encouraging others to do so in the future.

Another excuse is “people don’t want to know the truth, they want to hear what they want to hear.” This is often used as a reason for the existence of Fox News. Clearly this organizations ratings are too high to believe that everyone that watches it is stupid enough to believe it is actually “fair and balanced” Hundreds if not thousands of times Fox News has been caught blatantly reporting falsehoods, yet people still watch it, every day excusing them for the lies they have reported. Not wanting to believe the truth. This rewards Fox News for acting as they do.

This nation reelected a President who either by his own fault or the fault of those around him told the country and the world we must go into a war because of weapons of mass destruction. The vast majority of the country knew by the time of his reelection that wasn’t true. But they ignored it they didn’t want to know. The consequences, over 4000 American service men and women killed. 10’s of thousands wounded. Lack of trust by basically the entire world including our allies. Yet we ignore these consequences because “we didn’t want to know?”

Now we come to this election. We have a man Mitt Romney that has been documented by every independent fact checking organization to be out right lying again and again. He was once pro choice, he is now pro life, he has spoken again and again of a 20% tax cut across the board which is 5 trillion, yet in a debate he stood their with a straight face and repeated he proposed no such tax cut. He claims he worked across the aisle as a Republican Governor with a democratic legislature when the reality is he vetoed that Legislature 800 times and was overridden 800 times. He claims he is against Obama Care when in fact he passed about almost the exact same legislation as Governor. He claims he is pro coal when he stood in front of a coal plant bragging that he shut it down.

You can say all you want about President Obama, you can be disappointed in the speed of the recovery, you can even disagree with some of his policies, but what no one with an eye for the truth can say, is that he has ever been dishonest with the American people and the world in any way. He has stood by his convictions and his beliefs.

You cannot say that about Mitt Romney.

Vote for Mitt Romney if you choose to, but know this, because of his dishonesty frankly you a voting based on “wanting to believe” rather then any actual facts on how he stands on any issue. Because what he says changes depending on what he feels he needs to say to win that day, that week.

Our nation survived 8 years of a dishonest Administration at great cost. Do you really want to take that risk again?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Making political hay out of tragedy.

Did Democrats use 9/11 against Bush?

Did Democrats attack Reagan for the 200 Marines killed in Lebanon?

The answer is of course a resounding No!

But Republicans are not like Democrats they will use any tragedy and twist it to criticize, accuse, and try to make political gain.

FACT: What happened in Benghazi is a tragedy. Fact: 4 Americans were killed. Fact: It happened on a very confusing day where demonstrations were taking place all over the world over a video. Fact: The President did call it a Terrorist attack the next day. Fact: Unlike wannabe Presidents the actual Commander in Chief has to base decisions and take action based on the facts, not emotion, not what is politically easier or what sounds good.

Fact: This President has a record that is unmatched by ANY President when it comes to bringing terrorists to justice. This President has in fact sought out, captured and or killed more Terrorist leaders in 3 years than any other President did in 8.

Fact: the world trusts America again under President Obama’s leadership. Fact: While other Presidents pounded their chest and threatened, with no results. Dictatorships decades old have fallen under this President’s watch.

Fact: People cheer this President and America in places they used to burn our flag.

Fact: President Obama ended a war that the world was lied to by President Bush to start.

Fact: President Obama is ending the longest war in our History.

Fact: This man is truly the leader of the Free World. Others are bad arm chair coaches.

Republicans should start acting like Americans again and stand by our President to help bring the culprits to justice instead of your sniveling over how and when the word “terrorist” was used.