Friday, August 24, 2012

Why I Care About Politics.

Often I hear things like, “I don’t follow politics”….”I ignore all the political posts”,.. “all politicians are the same” “It doesn’t matter” … In short “I don’t care. “

But I do care.

I care because I love my country. The country that exists now, the country as it was in the past and the country that will exist in the future.

I care because I believe in truth, honesty, commitment and leadership.

I care because I cannot stand by while others lie, distort and just make things up for political gain.

I care because I listen to the words of Jesus Christ, "'Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.'"

I care because I believe our country is greatest when its not controlled by greed.

I care because I believe the richest country on earth should have equal opportunity for all.

I care because in that wealthiest of countries I believe that health care is in fact a right rather then a method to enrich people while others choose between food and medicine.

I care because I have seen what happens when all the wealth goes to the few and 99% are left out.

I care because I have seen a war based on lies told by a President and his administration, leading to the deaths of over 4000 young American Men and women and 10’s of thousands of Iraqi’s

I care because I have seen that cowboy diplomacy of the past leads to our country being less safe, building up more hate and mistrust around the world.

I care because I have seen the world celebrate strong leadership by American Presidents such as FDR, JFK and yes Barack Obama. That leads to a better world not only for American’s but the world.

I care because I don’t think our elections should be up for sale to the highest corporate bidder who can spend millions in secret spreading lies and mistruths and we allow them to do so.

I care because I don’t think our elected leaders should do things to prevent citizens from voting thus helping one side win.

I care because ignorance, hate and racisim must not prevail.

I care because I believe in the United States of America, Liberty and Justice for all and the Constitution.

So yes I am passionate. Yes I will annoy people with my frequent posts. No I do not believe that masses will suddenly wake up and change their vote. But if one person understands the facts that they didn’t before, If one person votes that wouldn’t have before, if one person even takes the time to listen and find the facts rather then ignoring all sides, then it has all been worth it to me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What does Romney Really Believe?

It's hard to say since he has taken just about every side on just about every issue depending on what he thought benefited him at the time.

There is only one thing consistent   about Mitt Romney and that is finding a way to pad his own pockets no matter how many lies he needs to tell, people he needs to step on, livelihoods he has to destroy..  This is the kind of man that should lead our country? 

So you support Romney, which one?

Since Mitt Romney will say anything, take any side on any issue to get elected to whatever office he is running for, it is hard to determine if he actually believes in anything? 

So many are supporting him because he is pro-life.  Is he now?

There is only one thing Mitt has been consistant on over the years and that is padding his own pockets.

Who does he represent?  Not you.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Romney:We did everything required by law

Mitt just doesn't get it.  No one is saying he did anything illegal.  We know for example the following:

Releasing only 2 years of tax returns is legal.

Him paying less then 15%  in taxes when most Americans pay over 30% is legal.

Hiding funds in Cayman islands and Swiss Bank accounts is legal.

Billionaire oil barons dumping millions into campaign ads for him, legal.

Changing laws to make it easier for Republicans to vote and harder for Democrats. legal. (for now)

Taking over companies closing them, tossing workers on the unemployment line and him getting rich in the process

Not only are all these things legal but he feels he is entitled to them.

Most Americans are sick and tired of the deck being stacked against them, in favor of people like Mitt Romney. They are tired of politicians like him who want to stack the deck even more.

He wants to give more tax breaks to the top 1%. He wants to take away the few regulations that the RepubLIEcan congress allowed through to prevent the banks from gambling with Americans savings, mortgages and retirement.  He wants to reduce regulations on business that provide safety, clean air, water to the rest of us. All because he and his rich cronies are entitled?

And his running mate Ryan, he is worse. He wants to take away funding for students, the poor, the disabled. the elderly to give more tax breaks to the entitled rich.

It is clear who these men represent and its not you or me.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Romney Playing Victim Now?

Aww poor Mitt. Having unlimited funds from Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers running smear ads based on no fact whatsoever apparently isn’t enough. The RNC running a “welfare” ad that has been called blatantly false by every independent fact check organization there is, not enough. Romney himself running ad after ad not one yet that doesn’t have at least one glaring lie and they all end with the words “I am Mitt Romney and I approved this message,” not enough.

Now he wants to be poor Mitt. The President is desperate he says, he is being mean, whine on Mitt whine on. After all the lies, the distortions, the veiled racist attacks and the complete disrespect shown to the President of the United States by Republicans, Tea Parties and the supporters of Romney. Along with the Birthers, those questioning the Presidents religion and more. Has the President ever once whined, or complained or given even seemed to give any attention to these attacks?

Romney I have news for you, the President of the United States Barack Obama is a man of principle he stands by his beliefs and he recognizes the morals of his convictions. He doesn’t have to whine when he is attacked no matter how false the attacks are.

Yes Romney cry all you want that Vice President Biden used the word chains instead of the word shackles your man used. The more you do, the more it shows the American People who the desperate one really is.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Romney-Ryan Lie of the Day

“Obamacare took 700 billion out of Medicare” This lie is being told by basically every RepubLIEcan that gets near a microphone this week. It is featured in a new Romney add that he approved.

Here are the facts. The 700 billion was actually a subsidy to big insurance companies. This program did not work and was being spent by big insurance to pad their stock prices and CEO’s massive salaries. Remember the primary goal of big insurance is not to provide health care but to maximize their profits. This cut did not take one dime from Medicare recipients . In fact the Obama health plan saves Seniors money. Already they are benefiting from lower costs in prescriptions.

Contrast this with Ryan Budget which takes most of the Medicare money and gives it to the profit hungry insurance companies the rest goes for a tax cut to the rich.  In addition the Congressional budget office has calculated that the Ryan plan will cost seniors over $6000 more per year for the same coverage they have now.

Once again RepubLIEcans lie, because when they debate the facts, they lose.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Does this Sound Like America?

There is a Country where laws are being passed that makes is harder for the elderly, minorities, and students to vote. They are requiring them to obtain government issued identification which many don’t have. To obtain that identification they must obtain legal papers at their expense and sometimes traveling significant distances. In some cases those papers cannot be obtained in time to register to vote. They have passed laws making it harder to register to vote. Limiting the places you can go do so. They have passed laws to limit early voting in many places. In one part of this country they have allowed extended voting hours in areas that traditionally vote for one party and have a low percentage of minorities while limiting voting hours in areas that lean toward the other party or have significant minorities. The chief voting official in one territory of this country, has personally voted for early voting in areas leaning to his party and against in the other areas. They claim they are trying to fight voter fraud with these measures taking away the votes of 10’s of thousands. But here is the thing, there have been less then 1 case of voter fraud per state in last 10 years and very few of those would be prevented by any of these new measures. Their real motivation behind these laws is clear it is to cheat, rig, manipulate the voting to ensure their own political party wins. The only fraud is the fraud this party is pulling on the citizens of their country. What country does this sound like? The Soviet Union? China? North Korea? The sad reality this is happening in the United States of America. It is being done in Ohio and other states. Done by Republicans who wrap themselves in the flag and claim they stand for the constitution when in fact they are trying to purposely destroy our democracy as we know it. What is even sadder is today this is all happening on the 40th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act. How different things were then.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney's Choice for VP confirms what we knew all along.

Romney's entire career has been about lining his pockets and the pockets of the rich on the backs of everyone else. His choice of Paul Ryan, the author of the "Ryan Budget" is absolute confirmation of this. The choice we have is a man, President Obama who has fought the RepubLIEcans every step of the way to get affordable health care for all, invest in the middle class, saving jobs like the auto industry, and making a college education affordable for all versus Romney/Ryan that want to take away health care from the segment of the population that has health care now, make college more unaffordable, and cut jobs in infrastructure spending all to pay for tax cuts for the rich. If you know your history things like Medicare, education and investing in infrastructure is how FDR got this country out of the depression. Ryan and Romeny want to do the oppisite. This video makes it clear even for those with the IQ of the typical FAUX News watchers.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

There you go again Mitt

Why can't this man do just one ad that is actually based in fact. Apparently he, his campaign and his pacs are not capable of actually discussing issues without lieing. The latest is the welfare reform commercial. This ad claims that President Obama changed the rules to eliminate the work requirment for welfare. The actual truth is the Federal Government at the request of Republican Governors gave more power to the states on how to distrubute welfare. More power to the states? Yes Republicans you would think would be all for that, but no. But wait, which republican governors actually signed a letter asking for this? Ones like Huckabee, Jindal, Pawlenty. Barbour, Perry and more. Here is the most hipocritical aspect of all this. When welfare reform was first enacted another Republican Govenor wrote then President Bill Clinton asking for this very same thing. His name: Mitt Romney. The next time you see a Romney add with statements in it that your gut tells you are not true, listen to the words carefully at the end. "I am Mitt Romney and I approved this message." Then hold him accountable. Why can't repubLIEcans stay with facts? Because with the truth, they will lose.