Thursday, June 17, 2010

GOP The Party of BP

It has never been more obvious who Republicans represent. Throughout the gulf spill tragedy while President Obama and the Administration was worked tirelessly to try to protect the lives, the environment and the way of life of the residents of the gulf human and animal, the Republican's primary talking points are complaints about the temporary moratorium on such drilling that caused this great American tragedy.

The party of "drill baby drill" wants us to again believe this was an isolated incident and take the risk of additional such tragedies in order to protect the profits of the oil companies.

Yesterday President Obama in a remarkable sign of his strength and leadership got BP, a major corporation to put 20 billion dollars in a fund to be administrated by a third party to finally effectively and efficiently get financial help to those harmed by this corporate damage to America. How do the Republicans respond? One calls it a fleecing of BP, one calls it an unprecedented shakedown of a private corporation, another calls it a slush fund.

The President is doing what is right, to work to recover from the effects of this horrible corporate attack on America, to make sure that proper safeguards are in place to prevent it from happening again, and to make sure that the people whose very lives have been destroyed by that are helped financially. And the GOP? Wants us to stop picking on BP.

Seriously? Yes America, Vote Republican, Vote BP.

Perhaps when BP rebrands all their stations so people forget this tragedy they will change the name to GOP stations.

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