Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How bad is McCain's Campaign?

With all the mistakes he is making and the horrid strategy of his staff along with the commercials that are even causing the sauntchest Republicans to shake their head, I am actualy starting to feel sorry for him. Laughs, ok well only a little.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

McCain's Desperation Showing

Remember when John McCain said this:

And now we see this:

Apparently lies and distortions are ok. This follows his last ad that blamed Obama for high gas prices that even the most conservative talk show guests found laughable.

Where did he find his campaign staff? His campaign is being run so badly the only reason the polls are close is not enough Americans are paying attention yet.

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Anti Oil Extremists?

That is what Orin Hatch calls those of us that want real solutions to the inflated oil prices that will have a real effect now. Those of us that want to reduce speculation that falsely inflates the value of oil. Those that support assisting low income homeowners heat their homes this winter. Those of us that want the oil companies to actually produce on the 68,000,000 acres of oil rich land that they refuse to because it is more valuable to leave them idle on their balance sheets.

If it is extremist to be opposed to the Oil companies to get wealthier and wealthier while most Americans get poorer and poorer, call me an extremist. To be opposed to policies that have one purpose to increase the profits of those companies and the oil speculators, then yes I'm an extremist. But frankly Orin Hatch, I think the right word is not extremist, a better description would be practical intelligent Americans who want real solutions now.

The real extremists are the RepubOILcans that only propose solutions that make the Oil Companies and thus their contributors wealthier while the rest of us suffer.

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RepubOILcans block measure to lower gas prices

Apparently in an attempt to get more time for the oil speculators on wall street and Big Oil to reap more profits on the backs of American consumers, the RepubOILcans in the Senate blocked Senate Bill 3268 from being voted on.

This bill would be one of the few simple short term solutions to the problem of high oil prices, that would place Oil Commodity trading under the same rules and regulations that are in place for all other such trading.

This loophole that has existed put in place by McCain's economic guru Phil Graham, has allowed speculators to falsely inflate the price of oil on the world markets to gain even more profit for themselves while forcing the price at the pump higher and higher.

Though this is just one step in a multifaceted solution to lowering oil prices, this one corrects a wrong and would have immediate effect and can be done now. Experts have estimated this bill alone would lower oil prices up to 20%.

Seems simple upfront and a correction that could be made immediately. One problem, it negatively effects the profits of big oil and these speculators that back the these RepubOILcans, so they voted to prevent this bill from passing.

The RepubOILcans also today blocked a vote on a bill that would provide energy assistance to low income homeowners. Why, because it did not include any provisions to allow Oil Companies to pad their balance sheets with new idle leases. Since this bill had nothing to do with energy production, the RepubOILcans are proving with clairity, they have one goal, more profits for Big Oil and they will block any attempt to help consumers unless they get this.

Apparently they are stalling for time to give big oil more profits as long as possible until the Democrats have a larger majority in the Congress and take the White House.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

OH-18: Dailey wants more profits for Big Oil

Fred Dailey showed that he is another RepubOILcan, wanting to increase the assets of big oil rather then actually requiring them to produce new supplies from the leases they hold within 68,000,000 acres of drillable area that they now hold idly on their balance sheets.

Yesterday Dailey said, . "Zack Space has done nothing to help Eastern Ohioans during this energy crisis. My approach includes drilling for oil off our coasts and in ANWR." Dailey also came out opposed to the "use it or lose it bill" which actually forces Big Oil to actually drill on the lands they currently lease, that could have an immediate impact on oil prices.

In short, more profits for big oil, no action to increase supply.

Zack Space proposes real solutions that do not have as their litmus test more profits for big oil.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Looking for a Leader (reprise)

In August 2006 I wrote in this blog:

"When was the last time a candidate for President or any office for that matter, inspired us, motivated us, brought out the passion and pride within us. Do these people still exist? Where are the People who lead us to action, purpose and right? People that want to lead us to achieve national and world goals. People who want to accomplish something not just look good or win elections or increase their wealth.

I must believe they exist. I do believe they exist. For the good of our nation and our world we as citizens must find them. We cannot depend on the Party bosses, or the corporate donors to choose whom our candidates will be. We must find them, we must encourage them, and we must get the word out about them.

I watched the Bush’s press conference today and I see how we as a nation have settled for less then we deserve in leadership. We have allowed our politics to be all about the “game” that wins red or blue. It’s not about the game. It’s about our future. It’s about what we can and should accomplish as the great nation we are. It is about being the shining example to the world once again.

What is different between the speeches of John F. Kennedy and what we hear today, it is summed up by the words of Lord Rosebury when he said “It is not merely the thing that is said but the man who says it that counts, the character that breathes through the sentences.”

Soon we will be looking toward 2008. As the words of Neil Young’s song say. We are “Looking for a Leader.” We must look hard, far and wide, and most of all, we must not settle for less then we the citizens of this country deserve."

He has been found.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I didn't mean the surge I mean't the surge before the surge.


The Straight Talk Express rides again.

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The Manipulation of the Media

It saddens me to watch how easily the main stream media has been able to be manipulated throughout this campaign. It is quite clear their biggest fear is to be accused of bias whether its true or not. I watch a great deal of news probably more then is healthy. (Yes thats my friends nodding profusely as they read that sentence.)

Regardless, other then Keith Olberman and Lou Dobbs, who make no secret of their bias, the majority of the programs on the actual news networks don't appear to have any trend of bias one way or the other. (Note that I said actual news networks thus Faux News Channel is not included in that statement.)

Yet despite that lack of any actual bias whenever the McCain campaign whines the MSM falls over backwards to prove otherwise. Just look back over the last few months. Every single talking point false or not of the McCain campaign gets used by the MSM over and over again. For weeks we keep hearing about "flip flopping" by Obama, on all the stations, yet Barack Obama has been extremely consistant on every issue. If you watch his convention speech in 2004 you will find his stands on issues then are completly consistant with his stands now. Yet while the media lead by the McCain campaign talks again and again about Obama's flip flopping, McCain has changed his position on just about every single issue. Pick an issue, its likely you can find video on You tube showing McCain on both sides. Does the media report this, barely.

Lets talk about gaffs and mistatements. McCain makes them daily, this is not an exageration. Every single day, he messes up names of countries, the factions in Iraq, historical fact, geography, economic facts and on and on. They barely get reported. But almost daily we get to see Michele Obama's mistatement on her pride in her country even though it was made months ago.

Now comes this week. Barack Obama is taking an historic and extremely important trip overseas. Beginning last week, the McCain campaign began screaming about wall to wall coverage of this trip. The fact is it hasn't happened. The MSM has done everything possible to show "equal" time to McCain, even though the news worthiness of Obama in Iraq vs McCain zooming around in a golf cart with George 41, is not exactly level. Yet despite the facts, I have heard the media themselves reference this massive coverage of Obama yet, there has been no such thing.

This manipulation of the media has gone on for decades. Since Rush Limbaugh started using the term the "liberal media" this false impression has continued. The reality is only the right control a significant amount of media. They control the vast majority of talk radio, they own a network that continues to spill propoganda that makes the old Soviet News Agency Tass pale by comparison. Yet they wrap it up in packaging with the words "fair and balanced." In short, they say, only listen to what we say everyone else is "liiiiberrallll".

The MSM needs to stop letting the McCain campaign's talking points of the day be their talking points as well or their biggest fear will be realized, they will be biased, but not the direction McCain is whining about.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

The "Surge" in perspective

John McCain wants to make the discussion on Iraq all about the "surge." It is fantastic that violence is down, its wonderful that causalities are down, but lets put this all in perspective.

On September 11, 2001 we were attacked by terrorists under the orders and training of Osama Bin Laden who was in Afghanistan sheltered by the Taliban.

With the support of the world the United States responded, driving the Taliban out of power and putting al queda on the run. We had the enemy that attacked us cornered.

Then the President of the United States, lied to the citizens of our county, and to the world and unilaterally attacked another country who had not attacked us, nor was a threat to the United States. Senator John McCain voted for and supported this disastrous decision.

This attack created chaos in Iraq, it created an environment for al queda to thrive in a country where they never were able to before. It caused us to lose the trust and the respect of the world. It has cost hundreds of thousands of lives, milions of dollars and has had a serious effect on our economy. It allowed Iran to become more defiant and have justification for pursuing it's nuclear program. It has stressed our armed forces to the breaking point and because of the lack of available sufficient forces, the Taliban has regained power in much of Afghanistan and al queda is as strong as in 2001. Bin Laden, the man who attacked us continues to be at large taunting us with his video and audio tapes, and it remains a matter of time before the next attack. All the while John McCain applauds these policies.

The surge did one thing, was to calm the chaos Bush created with McCain's approval. In Afghanistan and Pakistan, where the real enemy is, we are incapable of doing what needs to be done.

McCain and the war mongers like to say, that how we got into the war is old news, it's the success of the surge that matters. I disagree. Having a President lie us into war and making the United States responsible for war crimes, is never old news. We were once the example for the world about honor, truth, and trust. That is all gone. What is even more scary is the thinking that created this disaster, is the same thinking McCain expresses with comments about leaving troops in Iraq for 100 years and shows in his sick humor singing "Bomb, bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran."

Perhaps it's not about the past, it is definitely not about cleaning up some of the mess we created. It is very much about the future and the judgement of the man that will lead our country into it. Shall it be a man that supported every step of Bush's disastrous war and wants to continue similar policies, or the man that opposed it from the beginning and wants to lead our beloved country to a position of respect around the world once again.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

OH-18 Space proposes solutions Dailey sucks up to Oil Companies

While Zack Space actively works to actually do something about gas prices, Fred Dailey marches in lockstep with the other RepubOILcans wanting to increase the assets of Big Oil. Zack Space was a co-sponser this week of a House bill that would have forced big oil to take their idle leases off their balance sheets and actually start producing oil from them.

A spokesman for Fred Dailey, Sean Bartley, called the bill “laughable because it does nothing to promote drilling.” Apparently Dailey and his campaign is clueless about what this bill was, considering it was all about forcing the companies to drill on the leases they currently hold.

It is not a suprise that Dailey takes this approach considering of the meager contributions he has been able to raise, his contributors include the Ohio Oil and Gas association and Knox Energy.

Once again its clear the Oil Companies and the RepubOILcans in their pocket don't actually want to produce more oil they just want to pad their profits with more leases on their balance sheets.

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Obama's trip scares the right

The continuous whining by the right about the coverage of Obama's overseas trip is laughable. Of course when one of the greatest American leaders in decades is traveling overseas where they recognize him as such, it is a media event.

The right is falling all over themselves trying to offset the obvious truth that this trip will show. Pulling out the old false mantra's of liberal bias among their whines.

As our current President is an embarrassment on the world stage, Americans are and will be thrilled to see once again we have a leader that garners the respect of the world for our country once again.

McCain taunted Obama into this trip. It's clear this falls under the "be careful what you ask for" territory.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Their Definiton of Elitist

Ever since some on the right wing have been labeling Barack Obama as an "elitist" I have been baffled. A man born to an immigrant father and white mother in Kansas? Raised by a single Mother after his father left when he was two? A man that put himself through college and worked in a low paying job as a community organizer?

I mean it's not like he was born into a prominent family, got into school because of who his father and grandfather were, spent his first years after school driving around womanizing in a convertible, dumped his disabled wife to marry a younger blond heiress and has never held a job that the check wasn't paid for by taxpayers.

Perhaps its because he is black man that wears a suit, that finished at the top of his class at Harvard Law, is an inspiring speaker, who prefers to shoot hoops then golf at the country club, and dares to dream of being the first African American President.

I understand now, to these racists in suits the word "elitist" is the new politically correct word for uppity n*****.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

House RepubOILcans say no to lower oil prices

Today the House considered a measure HR6515 that would require the oil companies that currently hold leases to drill on federal lands to begin drilling or lose their leases. In addition it required the Buearu of Land Management to actively pursue new leases in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska. This bill also had provisions to assist in the production by adding pipelines. It also required that the oil that is produced in these lands be kept in the United States not sold overseas as is being done currently with Alaskan oil.

This was a real solution that would turn idle assets sitting on the Oil companies spreadsheets into oil producing assets. It would have kept domestic oil home, it would have had a positive impact on oil supplies in a relatively short time as the oil is already known to exist on these lands, leases exist and in some cases test wells have already been drilled.

This bill failed as the vast majority of RepubOILcans showed their true motives by voting against this bill. It is now clear their mantra of "drill drill drill" means, give more assets to the oil companies but not actually produce any oil.

68 million acres are available for drilling now and the oil companies are choosing not to drill. This bill would have had much faster results in forcing drilling where oil is already known to exist, rather then sepculating in unknown areas as the RepOILcans want.

Once again the Democrats in Congress offered real solutions that will effect all Americans, while the RepubOILcans want gimmicks that only seek to increase the wealth of the Oil men.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Obama Campaign Kicks off Pickerington Area Campaign

I saw first hand the 50 state strategy in person tonight. The Obama campaign is clearly not conceding any state or any county in this campaign. A kickoff event was held tonight in Pickerington formerly expected to be a Republican stronghold. 75 volunteers showed up to meet the Obama staffer, Christian Lund who will be working the northwest Fairfield County area for Obama through the election.

He along with Beth Hughes a volunteer with the campaign laid out the strategy not only for the entire campaign but for the Pickerington area specifically. They will of course be doing voter registration drives, door to door canvasing and phone banks, but what may surprise some is they will be opening an office in Pickerington.

It was discussed that though Kerry lost Fairfield County by 20,000 plus votes in 2004 that after the last primary the ratio of registered Republicans to Democrats is now 50/50.

The importance of Ohio was discussed, and that if Obama can win the same states Kerry won in 2004 plus Ohio, he will win the election.

If you live in the Pickerington area and would like to be involved with the campaign locally go to and join the Pickerington for Obama group. Feel free to email me on this site for additional information.

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Who's Pockets is Steve Austria In?

Looking at the list of contributors to Steve Austria's Congressional Campaign in the Ohio 7th district says much about him. 41% of his Contributions come from PACS, where as his opponent Sharen Neuhardt received only 7% of her contributions from such PACS. The PACS donating to Austria make it clear that he is just another anointed Republican marching in lock step to the same old failed policies of the Bush Administration.

Most concerning is donations from the "Rely on your beliefs PAC" that is best known for having Enron as a past contributor and the Tigua Tribe who gave to the PAC as a favor to Jack Abramoff to get approval for a casino. Austria mentions ethics on his web site and this is the company he keeps.

Within the PACs and individual contributors are many banks and investment companies, including Citigroup, Huntington and Goldman Sachs. At a time of banks leading us into the current mortgage crises and bank failures, do we really want a congressmen tied so closely to that industry?

A right wing blogger actually tried to make the attempt today to imply that contributions to Sharen Neuhardt's campaign were somehow tainted because some came from out of the district, when looking at the truth one finds that Austria's campaign is funded mostly by right wing republican PACS and Washington Lobbyists.

Americans are tired of corporate owned politicians thus why Steve Austria is a bad choice for the 7th district.

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MSNBC's Morning Joe shows disdain for tech savvy left.

I have noticed an increasing disturbing trend showed by the cast of Morning Joe toward bloggers and those that email them to point out inaccuracies and lies in their statements.

Yesterday, Mika Brezinski complained about being called a liar in thousands of emails pointing out her constant statements that Obama has changed his positions are false. Yet rather then stating one single position that he has changed his position on, she simply complains about the emails.

Mike Barnicle made a statement about anonymous emailers and that people should have to have an IQ before getting an email address. The facts being that though I am sure that though they get a sufficient amount of wild emails that are anonymous, I know that many are in fact are signed and simply state the facts, which of course they ignore.

Today, as he has done on a number of occasions Joe Scarborough referred to bloggers as cheeto eating fat guys in the basement. Again trying to lump all negative comments they receive from bloggers into some crazy group that has no credibility.

It's not that they attack detractors like this that bothers me near as much as they continue to make false statements and lies in a matter of fact way that is believed as truth by many of the uninformed. And though they have good fact based guests and contributors on that show they fail as well by not calling them on the lies.

Ignore the informed if you wish Joe and Mika, but it is the informed that will continue to call you on your misstatements and lies. Hopefully then you will learn that those that like the fox news style of facts optional journalism watch fox news not MSNBC and since you are insulting much of the audience that does watch MSNBC, who is left.

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Space's 3 Pronged Approach on Oil Prices.

I listened in on a conference call town meeting last night on oil prices with Congressman Zack Space of the Ohio 18th.

He detailed a 3 pronged approach to expand domestic supply, reduce demand and to rectify problems in the oil market such as speculation, the lowering dollar and price gauging.

There were over 12,000 participants in this call and though various issues were discussed the primary focus was gas prices.

On the subject of drilling, Space commented that additional drilling must be part of it but it must be teamed with conservation and finding additional sources of energy. Space said, "Anyone that suggests all we do is drill and our problems just go away is misguided."

Other comments related to oil prices included a need for international leadership as the problem is a world wide issue that is effected by many factors outside the United States, as well as it will require bi partisan cooperation in this country.

Space also discussed a proposal for a rural commuters tax credit that would assist those living in the rural communities of places like eastern Ohio that have to commute 30 miles or more to their jobs.

There was discussion on the stress on food banks and Space mentioned that he as sought to increase funding for those organizations.

On other issues Space discussed the Renew Ohio project that strives to make Ohio part of the changes in industries and the economy rather then victims of it, by promoting job growth in technology and environmental and alternative energy.

There was also a question on the 2nd amendment. Space made it clear that he was a member of the NRA he supported the recent Supreme Court decision on the Washington DC gun ban. He stated that he felt gun ownership was a basic right and part of our culture and that law abiding citizens should not be restricted from owning guns. He said,"I am an advocate for rights of gun owners and will do so as long as I am here."

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

8 years divided by 2 oil men = $4 gas

This was the chart shown on the Senate floor this afternoon by Senator Barbara Boxer. While George W. Bush and the Repuboilcans repeat the mantra "drill drill drill" the Democrats in Congress are proposing real solutions to the oil prices that are bringing this nation to its knees.

McCain proposes fake solutions along with George W that will do one thing increase the assets of the oil companies. It will not have any effect on the amount of domestic oil on the market or the cost of gas at the pump. The fact is the Oil Companies have leases on 68 million acres of oil reserve they can drill now but choose not to. Instead they wish to hold on to these assets and add to them to line their pockets.

Barbara Boxer detailed a number of solutions that can and must be done to actually solve the problem. First "Use it or lose it" If the Oil companies that currently hold the leases to the 68 million acres that can be drilled now choose not to, then they shall lose the leases on that land and it will be given to companies that will drill.

Another point Boxer made was that the oil that is drilled domestically should remain in this country not sold overseas for higher profits as is the case now with much of the oil obtained in Alaska.

She also discussed higher CAFE standards which by bringing them up to 40 mpg which hybrid cars can exceed now, would by itself eliminante the demand for all foriegn oil in this country.

Finally to regulate the oil speculators that are a major cause of the current oil prices that are creating a false value for a barrel of oil that is making the oil men like Bush and Cheney richer and 90% of Americans poorer.

Repubiolcans like to accuse Democrats of wanting to "transfer wealth." The fact is the energy policies of Bush, Cheney, McCain and the repuboilcans are causing the biggest transfer of wealth in human history, from our pockets to theirs, the CEO's of the oil companies and the Oil Sheiks abroad.

It is time for America to wake up, and say no to 4 soon 5 dollar per gallon gas. To say no to wars fought over oil, to say no to record profits for the oil companies and to say NO to false policies like "drill drill drill." Instead we must support the Democrats in the Congress who are looking for real solutions for all Americans not just the oil men.

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Ohio 07 in play

The clearly gerrymandered district the 7th Congressional District in Ohio created to make a safe district for Dennis Hobson may in fact not be so safe after all for the repuboilcans.

Though the DCCC and the party elders have not targeted this district polls have shown it tightening. In addition Sherrod Brown won this district against Mike Dewine in 2006 raising many eyebrows.

Recent developments in this race is that Steve Austria the repuboilcan candidate for this office has had pitful results in fundraising efforts. Roll Call reports that he only has $49,000 cash on hand.

The good news is that the Democratic candidate Sharen Neuhardt is a well known community leader and succesful attorney. Her challenge will be getting known in the remote areas of this district that stretches from Clark County and Springfield through Canal Winchester and Lancaster in Fairfield county.

I urge you to not overlook the possibilities of a picking up this seat and to contribute to Sharen's campaign. The link to her website is on my links list.

source:Roll Call

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