Monday, August 31, 2009

OH 18: YO Coach did you sleep through the town hall

Congressman Zack Space held a Town hall meeting in Zanesville this morning yet, as I drove by his office self promoter Dave Daubenmire remain there plopped in his lawn chair protesting that he wanted a "town hall?"

Guess he missed it, enjoy the attention Dave, you sure are giving most of Zanesville a lot of laughs in the meantime.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

OH 18: Jeanette Moll off to Embarrasing Start

Mark McCutchan who had volunteered to be a Co Chairman for Moll's campaign against Zack Space in the 18th district, very publicly and with good reason resigned. Her campaign that is nothing more then old tired GOP talking points being spewed by another puppet, similar to Steve Austria in the 7th District, went too far for McCutchan to stay on.

Her position in line with the GOP on ignoring climate change in lieu of supporting Big Oil and the Coal Companies was too much for him to take. I don't know why this is a surprise to him as her website could be that of almost any right wing, gun toting, gay hating, religious right puppet you see nightly on Faux News.

One thing for sure she will get the NRA endorsement, probably Lou Dobb's too since she apparently has issues with immigrants as well.

From reading her website, it seems her primary qualifications are she has a concealed carry permit and really likes to shoot ducks. Must be really smart ducks.

Regardless, McCutchan made this announcement in a letter to the editor of the Chillicothe Gazette, ouch Moll. Way to start.

source: Chillicothe Gazette

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Friday, August 28, 2009

We have not forgotten

4 years later we still hear "justifications" for the lack of action by Bush and the Federal Government in Katrina. 4 years later though some progress has been made, it is woefully inadequate. 4 years later they still tell us how Bush kept us safe. 4 years later we have never fogotten or forgiven.

The following is my post from August 2006 on the first anniversary of Katrina.

We must never forget:

The sadness as we saw a city of great history and culture fall victim to the wrath of Katrina.

The frustration as Bush and other administration people patted each other on the back while our screens showed people begging for help with little results.

The anger as we watched people dying in the streets. Meanwhile the government that had based their existence on their ability to protect us, proved how inept they were.

The embarrassment as people around the world saw how our government was unable to protect its own.

The dismay as Bush still today makes unfulfilled promises sandwiching it in between deflecting blame.

Many have different ideas of what role government should play in our lives. But protecting its people has not ever been a role that has been debated. The Bush administration has proven they do not have the ability or will to perform this task.

We will never forget.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good Old Georgia

As we have watched as angry mobs shout lies and insults. We listen to them call people Nazi's, Hilter, Socialists and Communists. We have watched their implicent threats, and their brandishing weapons. Then we hear this justified as free speech.

But yesterday when a man objected to a astroturf tea party group blocking the sidewalk to his local post office in Brunswick, Georgia and expressed his opinion in opposition, he was told he needed a permit.


Tea Party Protest in Brunswick Results in Arrest

I guess only white right wingers are allowed free speech in Georgia.

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OH 18:Who is Coach Dave?

Faux News and the Right Wing Bloggers are jumping all over a story in the Zanesville Times Recorder about a man named Coach Dave Daubenmire who is holding a vigil outside Congressman Space's Zanesville Office.

A few facts about this "protest". First off Space has held a number of telephone town halls with thousands of the citizens in his district in the last few weeks. In addition Congressman Space has met with a number of citizens without an appointment as reported in the Zanesville Times Recorder. Finally Space has offered to meet with this man but Daubenmire refuses to do so unless its held in a public rally where he can grandstand.

Now a few facts about Daubenmire himself. A search of google gives you a great deal of scary facts about this man and his positions. His blog is full of gay hating propaganda. Here are a few highlights.

He once called for Dick Cheney to resign because his daughter is a lesbian.

He wrote a piece saying Joe McCarthy was right in his investigations of communists in the 50's

He came out in support of a suspended Ohio Teacher who among other things was being sued for allegedly branding 8th grade student's arm with a cross, using an electrical device.

He constantly claims he is being targeted by such "liberal" sources as Faux News, the Columbus Dispatch and the police for arresting his son on pornography charges for which he was convicted for.

As long as the right keeps pinning their hopes on men like this, they will alienate more and more Americans.

"The Whig party was once a powerful political force in our country, they were replaced. I wonder what will replace the Republican Party?" Fundamental Truths

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The Torch has been Passed

The reason I am a Democrat is and has always been inspired by the men of the Kennedy family. This is why the "torch being passed" at the Democratic National Convention last year was such an emotional moment for me.

This is the video of that event. It is long but worth seeing if you haven't.

"The Dream Lives On!"

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

He Bore Our Burdens

He the youngest of 4 brothers of a family that were groomed to lead a nation. One lost to war, two lost to assassin's bullets. The heavy burden of expectations, of talent, of the dreams of a Father, of a Mother, of sisters, of nieces and nephews fell on his shoulders. He without hesitation took up that heavy load, a load unlike any family has ever placed on one man. For 40 years he carried it, without hesitation, without complaint. He bore that burden of patriarch with honor, with hope. Never missing the importance of his role in that great family.

As the body of the esteemed Senate moved through a period of history, where statesmanship and true debate seemed to get lost in a sea of partisan muck, he refused to to give up on the values, the honor and the skills of true leadership. He bore the burden as the "Lion of the Senate." Never hesitating to reach out to anyone on either side, to discuss, to find common ground, to work to achieve great things. To gain the respect of those with him and against him on any issue.

In an era where entertainers filled the airways with lies, dishonor, with character assassinations. Where the word "liberal" was turned into a dirty word by those with only personal ambition in mind. He bore the burden of the liberal cause. To fight to make things better for his country. He fought for civil rights, for health care for all. He shows the scars of unfair and partisan attacks, of the hate, of the vileness many have turned our political world into. Yet he never wavered. He did not lower himself to their level. He trudged forward up that hill bearing that burden of progressives each and every day, even when sometimes those of us for which he bore that burden didn't recognize how important he was, he knew his role, he never wavered from it.

His burdens were heavy, yes he stumbled along the way, but he never dropped the burden. He never gave up, He never quit. Only a truly great man would have made it through half the things he has. He never complained, he never stopped, he never blamed. He carried it, another and another and another step, never stopping until death.

Rest well Senator Edward M. Kennedy. No one person can bear those burdens you have. There will be others in your family that will share the burden you once bore for them. They will do so using your example, and your lead. I hope many Senators take up portions of the burden you carried there, showing integrity, vision and never failing to work with all for the good of a nation not just political advantage. Many will pick up the burden for the liberal causes you carried, our President is just one, but all those you have inspired, your brothers have inspired will carry it on from here.

Yes rest well Senator, you earned this rest, you earned this day, to join your brothers, your sisters, your father and your mother in heaven, to look down on the results of the dreams of your family.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

AARP Membership Increases

Despite the wide reporting that AARP is losing members because of their support for Health Care Reform once again Fox and CNN are reporting a half truth. They fail to mention they are gaining more members then they are losing.

Ok I can't believe I'm gonna do this but here is a video from Faux News showing the Reporter using an inaccurate statement in the form of a question and getting it thrown back at him.

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Ohio Right Wing Blogger King Makes Fool of Himself

The right wing blog King's Right Site out of Cleveland today is pushing and ancient quilt by association story about something called the New Party in Illinois.

I know very little about the New Party but it doesn't matter. What I do know is that Barack Obama has always run as a democrat in every race he has ever run. He has never had an association or sought endorsement from the New Party.

This story originated from a Right Wing Nut Job called Stanley Kurtz. The Chicago Tribune had this to say about this wacko:

"WGN-AM 720 host Milt Rosenberg erred Wednesday night when he had partisan attack dog Stanley Kurtz as his only guest for a two-hour show….Rosenberg, who is himself quite the partisan, tut-tutted right along with Kurtz. It all disguised that Kurtz really had nothing new to add to the insinuations and innuendo in the guilt-by-association portion of the campaign against Obama in which he’s actively engaged.”

The New Party did endorse Obama in 1995 in a run for state senate, Carol Harwell was Obama’s campaign manager for his 1996 bid for state senator. According to Ms. Harwell the Obama campaign did not solicit or seek the New Party endorsement.

Stanley Kurtz has espoused many wacko conspiracy theories including that feminism is the cause of the nursing shortage.

Is amazing to me the laziness of King's Right Site to post a year old debunked story now clearly without seeking any facts whatsoever.

If you want to try guilt by association I'm pretty sure the Klu Klux Klan was way more supportive of John McCain then Barack Obama, does that make McCain a member of the Klan? That is of course a ridiculous assertion and so is the post by King.

The title of his post implies that Obama supporters have been duped. The fact is this President has been actually working to implement every single promise he made in his campaign. No one has been duped. The fact is the right can't deal with the fact the majority of Americans have chosen his policies over the rights.

Why does the "Right" always resort to lies? Because when they debate based on fact, they lose.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

GOP Health Care Reform Lie: Death Book

This latest crap was started in an editorial in Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal and promoted by rumored soon to be Rupert Murdoch employee Sarah "stop making stuff up" Palin and Rupert Murdoch's Faux News.

Do I need to say more.


Lies to scare senior citizens now lies to scare veterans, have they no shame. (no need to answer that)

Why does the "Right" always resort to lies? Because when they debate based on fact, they lose.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another GOP Lie: Pelosi and Unamerican

As usual the Republicans love to make up a lie and keep repeating it until lots of people believe it. "Iraq tied to 9/11," "Death Panels," "Government paying for abortions," have all been debunked over and over again. But the one continuing lie is that Pelosi called people "Un-American" because they were against health care.

This is what Pelosi actually said on August 10th in an op-ed in USA Today.

"These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views — but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American. Drowning out the facts is how we failed at this task for decades."

Ok anyone with a brain can understand it is not that they have different political views that she calls un-american it is the shouting down, the threats and the lies that prevents actual political discourse that is un-american.

Once again the right can't be honest about anything, they twist and lie and distort because when they stick to the actual truth they lose.

They attack Pelosi for two reasons. One she is an effective House Majority Leader for the Democrats, and second the good old boys just can't stand to have a woman in charge.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Message to Car Dealers:Stop Whining

How soon they forget. Just weeks ago car dealers were in dire straits. Their sales were non existent, some of them were closing, jobs were being lost, the future of the industry was in doubt.

Then came "cash for clunkers" Sales shot through the roof, inventories are dropping, traffic in their show rooms is like they haven't seen in decades. It was perhaps the most successful government stimulant program in history. It exceeded anyone's expectations.

Now they are whining cause the government isn't processing the millions of requests instantly. You remind me of the homeless man being invited into the rectory to get a free meal and complaining "chicken again?"

Stop your whining, turn in the paperwork, be thrilled you are getting the profits from these sales at all rather then being in financial ruin, where you were heading just a few weeks ago. You will get your reimbursements, and you damn well know it.

My suggestion is that any dealer that whines on tv should have their reimbursements put at the end of the line.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Backlash Against Gun Lobby?

We have had years of loosening gun regulations, that have allowed concealed carry permits, the ownership of semi-automatic weapons and the reduction of the ability of local communities to implement reasonable gun restrictions for the protection of its citizens. Agree or disagree or with those changes or not, to most Americans it has been mostly an abstract or theoretical argument on 2nd amendment rights.

The flaunting of guns at recent Obama town hall rallies has changed that. Whether one supports a particular President or not, seeing guns in close proximity to him causes fear in many Americans. Seeing people standing in crowds angrily chanting or holding protest signs with guns strapped to their leg or in one case a semi automatic weapon slung over a man's shoulder, causes distress and objection.

These images bring fear of violence. They do not make most Americans celebrate 2nd amendment rights. In is a sudden surprise to many Americans that doing what these people are doing is in fact legal.

These people are hurting their own cause by doing what they are doing. They in fact are waking up public opinion to turn in opposition to their gun rights views. Do not be surprised if there is a swing back to more regulation and restrictions on guns as a result. As its been reported often "They were doing nothing illegal." The next response by many is, "Well it should be illegal."

There is wisdom in the principle that if you flaunt something too much your likely to lose it. This could be the case with the lack of gun restrictions

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"I want Health Care Reform but want Obama out"

Hat tip to Progress Ohio for bringing this video to my attention which I find almost humorous. Listen closely to what this woman says. She says we need health care reform, that her husband works 3 jobs but doesn't have health care. That she is biblical yet doesn't believe health care is a right. She says she doesn't want government take over of health care, which of course no one is proposing. She also doesn't want illegal aliens to get health care, "God bless them." Of course no version pays for health care of illegal aliens.

In short she wants Health Care Reform but what she hopes to gain most of all is Obama out of office, why because she wants people out that have been in office two long (8 months?") and those that just want political gain.

Umm isn't saying you want Health care reform but your main goal is to get Obama out of office all about political gain?

Oh this same woman yelled "Hail Hitler" at the rally.


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Our Representative Democracy

Once again a situation has come up in our history that reminds us how much true vision the founders of our nation had. They set up our nation as a representative democracy which means that we elect representatives to make the decisions for us in Congress. We give them the responsibility to get and understand the actual facts and to work in our best interests.

The latest NBC poll shows why this remain so important for our nation. That poll clearly shows that a majority of voters are misinformed on what is and is not in the health care reform bills. They have been manipulated by lies and distortions about death panels, abortion, and government takeover. Luckily we do not make laws by referendum by the uniformed masses. We have a Senate and Congress of men and women we choose to understand the truth, the details and to vote accordingly.

It is true that the uniformed masses can make a lot of noise and put pressure on those representatives. Yet those very same representatives should know that if they are voting based on the facts and reality and that this bill will in fact help their constituents, that time will show their wisdom. They will also know when they go to bed at night, that they did what is right for their country.

Those that vote against their constituents interests, for either selfish political reasons, temporary popularity or for interests of lobbyists or big money donors and corporations, will eventually shown to be for what they are, ineffective representatives that have betrayed the citizens they represent.

It is time for representatives to take a position on health care reform that is based on the truth, that is based on what is right and what is needed and best for our nation. It is time for those representatives to also take note that the very same poll showed that when their constituents were shown a list of items that were actually in the bills, a majority was in favor of those features. It is the distortions and lies they are afraid of, not actual Health Care Reform.

Zack Space doing what is right will get you re-elected. George Voinovich doing so will give you a good legacy to retire on. Steve Austria though I have no hope you would do anything based on anything other then pure political motivation, there is always hope for once you would do what is best for your constituents.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time to Join AARP

Almost 2 years ago I turned 50 years old. I wasn't exactly thrilled about reaching that crossroad in life. It didn't help my mood when on my birthday I received a membership application for AARP. I thought, I'm eligible for senior citizen discounts now? (groans)

Well in my desire to hang on to my "youth" a little longer I avoided joining that esteemed organization. Until now.

It has been all over the news how AARP is losing members because of their support for Health Care Reform. Why are they supporting it? Because they are one advocacy group that actually works for its members not corporate interests. They know that Health Care Reform helps seniors. They know the facts, not the lies being spread.

Well I have gained a great deal of respect for this organization this last month and therefore I am now a proud member.

I urge any of the rest of you that are avoiding acknowledging 50, to go to AARP.ORG and sign up today. Don't hesitate to tell them why.

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Real Health Care Reform HR 676

This bill has been around now for years. We have the White House and the Congress, it is time to bring the United States into the 21st century and give the fundamental right to health care to all its citizens like most of the world enjoys. This bill puts the emphasis on actually providing health care as opposed to making profits for the wealthy CEO's and shareholders of the ProfitFirst-Health Industry

Full Text of HR 676

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Compromise is not working pass HR 676

Ok enough is enough. We have sat back and watched the Right, the insurance companies, the blue dogs, and the Senators in Big Health's pockets like Conrad of North Dakota and Max Baucus gut proposed health care reform legislation turning into nothing more then a give away for the insurance industry.

Up till now we have done all the compromising, we have backed away from a single payer system which is what the rest of the western world has to compromise on a public option. Now they are trying to take that away.

Enough!! There will be no Republicans voting for Health Care Reform period. They have one goal and that is political. To defeat Obama on anything he does. Their goals are not to do what is best for the citizens of America. Their goals are not to improve our weak health care system 37th best in the world. Their goals are not to help the uninsured get insurance. Their goal is not to stop the rising health care costs for those of us that are insured. Their goal is not to stop insurance companies cheating Americans every day in denying coverage while their profits soar. Their goal is to win politically, period, damn what is right or best for America.

So enough compromise. Lets do what is right period. That is going to a tried and true single payer system that works. Medicare Works, The British National Health System Works, The French Health care system works, The Canadian Health Care system works. This is not an "experiment" this is proven.

So it is time to drop this watered down crap in the House and Senate and to pass HR 676. It is true health care reform. It is expanding health care coverage in a medicare like system to all Americans.

Will it be hard to pass, yes, is it what America needs, yes. That is the only thing that matters.

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Senator Kent Conrad Health Industrys Million Dollar Man

Why has Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota attempted to single handedly scuttle health care reform? $1,099.203. That is the amount of contributions he has received from Insurance, For profit Hospitals, HMO's, Health Professionals and Pharmaceutical companies.

This is why we are the only people in the western world not to have affordable, reliable health care. This is why the will and the needs of the citizens are ignored. This is why thousands lined up in Los Angeles to get a chance to get one free visit from a health professional while yesterday United Health Groups stock soared.

It is Senators like Kent Conrad who take and take and take contributions and put the will of his big profit health benefactors over what is right and what is needed by the citizens of this country.

I am embarrassed that Kent Conrad calls himself a Democrat, he is another Corporate lackey.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

What Republicans are Winning

Recent opinion polls in USA Today and other places show that the right is winning one thing and that is the propaganda war. Despite clear indicators and in the opinion of most economists or economy is in recovery, a majority of polled don't think so. Despite signs and factual information that the stimulus is indeed working, again most polled think otherwise.

Add to that the belief in falsehoods like "pulling the plug on grandma," "health care reform pays for abortions." "health care is causing your taxes to increase," "Cap and trade is increasing electric bills 40%" and even "Obama is was not born in the United States," one can see clearly that misinformation from the right is getting out there and being believed.

Being a man that seeks out facts and real information I find this frustrating as many do. Yet it should not surprise us. For years the right has used propaganda to get Americans to vote against their own interests and believe in things that are just not so.

Just look at the history here. They convinced people that John Kerry who actually was a decorated veteran was somehow not and that a man who went awol was somehow a true patriot. Before that, they convinced voters perhaps one of the most morally driven Presidents in history, Jimmy Carter was a less "christian" candidate then a divorced B movie actor. They convinced us to go to war with a country because of 9/11 that had no role in it whatsoever.

They have gotten people to ignore the clear science of global warming, prevent our nation from lessening its dependence on oil and to not believe in the science of evolution that was proven almost 100 years ago. These things are science and fact its not a matter of opinion. Yet too many have found away to blur the difference much to our worlds peril.

The biggest coup though is that they have convinced many that there is a liberal media bias and that they should ignore dozens of news outlets, hundreds of newspapers, and hundreds of magazines and to trust only them for information. Anyone with a grade school education can see Faux News and Rush Limbaugh are biased yet somehow a scary percentage of Americans believe otherwise or choose to act as if they do.

So what do we progressives do? Throw up our hands in frustration? Laugh at the ignorance of so many people? Those responses are indeed tempting, yet are dangerous. We must continue to use the sledge hammer of truth and facts to break holes in this wall of ignorance. It often takes one little fact here, one word there, perhaps repeating of the same facts and truths again and again to get one person, to think and look and question these false beliefs they are being buried in.

We cannot allow our health care system drive more of us and indeed our country as a whole into economic ruin and allow these lies to prevent reform that would in fact be in the self interest of the vast majority of Americans, those with insurance now and those who do not.

We are at a disadvantage because we must stick to the truth. Often facts are not as interesting or sensational as lies that can be made up at will. Yet the fact we have the truth is also and advantage as sooner or later the truth proves itself.

A good example is our economic situation. For decades since Reagan, the right has blared out its call for conservative economic policies again and again. They managed to incorporate them in our laws. They took away government controls and any checks and balances. They got what they wanted. Then the truth showed its face, the economy crashed, their false polices were shown to be what they are. People knew that on election day. But the propaganda has not stopped and they are now already doubting the truth that is right in front of their face.

For the good of our nation we cannot sit back and wait for us to be proven right with another and another disaster. We must fight to get the truth out now before its too late. We must talk to our friends and family. We must blog, We must twitter, we must write our elected officials. Pass on the truths wherever you find them to whoever will listen even for a moment. Then and only then can we prevent continuing damage to our nation by the lies of the right.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Health Care Reform Could Reduce Abortions

The Pro-Life forces have gotten off on a uniformed rant about Health Care Reform using Federal Tax money for abortions. The reality is, there is nothing in any version of the Health Care Bill in either the House or Senate that overturns the existing federal law to make that happen. Rather then knee jerk fear mongering against reform perhaps they should look at the fact that it would very likely reduce the number of abortions in this country.

A Study by the March of Dimes in 2004 showed the average cost of maternity care is $8,802 per child. That fact is consistent with a unsurprising study that found the single biggest reason stated for having an abortion in a 1988 Study was the inability to afford the child. How many who cannot afford health insurance now, can afford to pay out of their pockets the maternity costs. An abortion though perhaps not their first choice may indeed by the far easier one financially.

In addition those without health insurance are much less likely to have check ups, well care appointments and discussions with a doctor that would help prevent unwanted pregnancy in the first place.

Facts and common sense lead to the conclusion that Health Care Reform would not pay for abortions but would in fact lower the number of them.

sources: March of Dimes Study

Why Do Women Have Abortions

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Republicans Have Become Irrelevant

Despite the fact that Barack Obama was elected in a landslide, despite the fact that the voters gave huge majorities in Congress to the Democrats, despite the fact people did both based on the issues and policies they want to see implemented and finally despite the fact those policies are being implemented as promised, the Republicans continue to fight the will of the American people.

Why? Is it about doing what is best for America? Is it based on real issues and facts? Is it about doing what their constituents want? No. Their actions and even their words are clear. They are doing it because they want Obama to fail.

Just look at what has happened. Obama has bent over backwards to reach out in a bi partisan way, yet again and again the Republicans spit in his face. Then after voting en mass for solely political reason then blame him for not being bi-partisan.

Other evidence of their motives have been their constant spouting of distortions and lies. Several weeks ago they shouted to anyone that would listen that the stimulus bill was a failure. Now that all economic indicators and most economists prove otherwise we hear nothing but the sound of crickets on that topic. The few things we do hear is "well it cost too much." Well I have news for the Republicans, when someone pokes holes in the roof of your house as George W Bush and the Republican polices have done to the house of our economy, you have to spend money to fix it to save the house. That is what Barack Obama and the Democrats have done.

Now comes the health care debate, instead of working toward improving a seriously flawed system that is the cause of 1/3 of the bankruptcies in the United States, that has lead to us having the most expensive health costs in the world to get a mediocre 37th best in the world care, they fight it with lies and distortions.

They scare the elderly and others with absolute lies about Death Panels and Abortion. Things that no one, that is NO ONE, would put in the health care bill. They create fear with repeats of the lies over and over that only the most uninformed or blindly partisan believe. They are stirring up racial hate and violence with words, with tone, with actions.

How does this help America?

In fact it is not only hurting our country but it is ultimately destroying what is left of the Republican Party. It is causing informed citizens to ignore more and more the rabble of nonsense coming from the right. It is causing those that have been fooled once, even twice or three times with misinformation to feel embarrassed they may have repeated such nonsense. As in the old quote that everyone but George W. Bush knows, "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me." There is a lot of shame going around to those that have been listening to the right.

Since their lack of votes on the Supreme Court Nomination, and the Stimulus Package have proven, the Republicans have no intention of ever voting for anything the President proposes, whether it is whats best for the country or not. So sooner or later, hopefully sooner, the Democrats will stop wasting time listening to Republican lip service and do the work that America needs and wants.

The Whig party was once a very powerful force in this nation. So were the Republicans. I wonder what party will rise to replace them.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OH 07: Steve Austria's Op-Ed Lie

Once again Congressman Steve Austria can't tell the truth. In an op-ed he wrote for the Lancaster Eagle Gazette on August 8th. He makes the following statement:

"The House plan is about 1,000 pages long and according to the Lewin Group, a nonpartisan actuarial group, it could cause as many as 114 million individuals to lose their current health care insurance due to the government-run plan reimbursing at Medicare rates in the legislation. The House bill also could mean 4.7 million people will lose their jobs as a result of taxes on businesses that are not able to offer employees health insurance."

The Lewin Group? A non partisan actuarial group? The Lewin Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Health Group, one of the profit gouging insurance companies getting rich denying coverage to Americans .

Though perhaps we can't hold Austria totally responsible for this lie, considering his history of plagiarism he probably didn't write this op-ed anyway.

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The Constitution of the United States of America

For those blowhards that like to scream things like "restore the Constitution" or "I want my country back" perhaps first you should actually read the Constitution.

The facts are per the Constitution and due to a vote of the People, Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States. In addition those same people used their Constitutional rights to elect repesentatives to the Congress and Senate.

Americans chose our leaders, if you don't like it tough. Making false accusations, showing outrage and intimidation to try to overturn the will of the people is the only thing going on that is Un-American.

Feel free to debate the facts but make sure you get the facts before you open your mouth. As Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said. "Everyone has the right to your own opinion, just not your own facts."

When you find your opinion is in the minority, get over it, someday it may not be. But for now the majority of the American people consitutionaly chose our nation's path that is how America works.

What is perhaps most surprising, these elected officials are actually are working to do what they promised in their campaigns.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

1 out of $700 Spent on Health Care Goes to One Man

This is why we need health care reform now.

source:Brave New Films,

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Murdoch's Wall Street Journal Commits Treason

Treason:the crime of giving aid or comfort to the enemies of one's government.
Every since Rupert Murdoch purchased the once proud Wall Street Journal, it like all his tabloid rags has moved further and further away from journalism and more toward right wing propaganda. Today they went so far they have crossed the line into Treason against the Government of the United States.

Apparently to avoid allowing Americans to see the string of foreign policy and anti-terrorism's successes, they choose to falsely quote an American General to imply the Taliban are winning in Afghanistan. They ignore the fact that the head of the Taliban was successfully killed in Pakistan recently, by giving aid and comfort to the enemy by telling them falsely that they are winning.

Today the misquoted General Stanley McChrystal and the Pentagon made it clear that the Wall Street Journal completely and utterly mis-characterized his statements thus propagating this lie and treason against our country.

How much longer will Rupert Murdoch be permitted to damage our country, put our service men and women at risk all to promote his right wing agenda.

It's time this Australian tabloid hack be sent back to the outback.

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Unemployment Rate Drops-Thank you President Obama

Today despite all the naysayers, all the Republican claims the stimulus plan has been a failure, and predictions of over 10% unemployment rates, the June unemployment numbers dropped .1% to 9.4%.This is the first drop in unemployment since August of 2008.

This is another in a series of positive economic signs to show that President Obama's actions have put our economy on the path to recovery. Housing starts, automobile sales, the stock market, bank solvency and now unemployment are all moving in the right direction.

Thank God we have a President who has had the vision, strength and ability to take the action that was required to get us out of the mess we found ourselves in after decades of voodoo economic policies that practically brought not only our nation's but the world's economy to its knees. Thank God as well that the Republicans short visioned, political games were not successful in preventing it.

By no means is this a "mission accomplished" moment. It is however a clear indication we are heading the right direction.

Thank you to President Obama, his Administration, and the Democrats in the Congress. Thank you to the American people for putting such people in office.

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Desperate and Dangerous

Throughout our history whenever some people found themselves on the wrong side of the facts, history, public opinion and morality, hate and violence has resulted.

In 1837 a Pro-Slavery Mob burned a newspaper building in Alton Illinois. "Blame the Media." Sound familiar?

Throughout the civil rights movement these "patriotic Americans" waved their flags high.

In the 90's frustration and irrational fear of "government takeover" lead to the growth of the militia movement. One member let out his frustration in Oklahoma City.

During the campaign the fear of a Black man with an unusual name being elected President, made McCain rallies appear more like mob riots then campaign events. "Obama is an Arab!" No ma'am.

And now this is what we are seeing.

What will they resort to next in their desperation? Who will we hold responsible?

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