Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thoughts from an Edwards Supporter

I began my support for John Edwards for President quite some time ago as is clear by looking at past posts in my blog. I made that choice based on issues, background, substance and his ideas that I found very much in line with mine.

Though it saddens me that the cards have not fallen in John’s favor, I am happy that he had to opportunity to champion some issues, such as poverty, health care and the control of special interests.

I know that John will not stop fighting for these issues. I know I will not stop fighting for these issues.

To the other Edwards supporters I urge you to stay involved and to put enthusiastic support behind Senator Obama. He is real, he is a leader, he is inspirational, and his stands on many issues are similar to John’s.

We supported John because we wanted change from the politics as usual. Obama stands with us. It is time for us to stand with him.